Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I strive to reach the optimal physical form through healthy eating and exercise. I treat my body with respect and work to maintain good health.

When morning light breaks the darkness of the night, I will arise without hesitation to begin a day of work. I gain satisfaction from achievements I can make in my chosen profession. I am thankful to have work that gives me pleasure each day. I shall take pride in reaching the goals I set for myself. As the light of day fades, I find satisfaction in knowing I have done my best.

I have defined my goal, now my purpose is to reach them.  I have learned how to achieve them, and I believe it is possible.  I can tell where exactly I plan to go, what to do along the way, and how to develop the best parts of myself for the purpose I have in my life.  I intend to make this search the greatest adventure ever.

I know I can put my agitation to rest. I will not let it destroy my composure. I will take a deep breath and then release my anxiety. I will focus on attaining success in this venture. So I shall muster my calm and courage, say my silent prayer to You and leave anxiety behind. The power to make good things happen lies in Your hands. I trust with all my heart and soul that You will let us achieve this triumph, Lord.

I shall not take the easy way out by escaping my troubles. Rather I will face them bravely. My heart is strong and my spirit unyielding. I shall not let sin overwhelm me, but move beyond it to reach the safety of eternal life.

I am pleased for the success of others and trust that my own rewards shall come. The future is bright and I take pride in working towards my goals here on earth. I am proud to do God’s work and look forward to the joy of reaching my goals.

The universe is vast and I contemplate all that it holds. It arouses my curiosity as I think of the possible numbers of planets swirling in the expanse of space. Each star may center a planetary system as our sun does. I am thankful for having an intelligent and curious mind. I shall use it to analyze and add to human understanding of the universe.

I shall stay calm in the face of adversity and turmoil. I shall find humor and use it as a way to enjoy life. I will be strong and courageous for myself and others. I shall take great joy in navigating the earthly journey and take pleasure in the good things it offers. I will remain strong through difficult times. I will share my strength with others who are dealing with troubles of their own.

I am constantly giving off positive energy to my surroundings. I demonstrate pure concern and kindness to the people I know. I have the power within me to save people from harm and to heal people. My happiness shines through like a beacon, my face glows and my body vibrates with joy. I feel honored to be a part of the world, and I know that I have a very important role to play in the future.

I have grown in all ways without feeling as if I have aged. My mind is youthful and I am alert enough to meet the challenges I encounter every day.

I gracefully surrender myself to the Lord in anticipation of receiving His eternal love. I make sure to work for all things possible knowing He will take care of the impossible. I cast my fears and worry aside. I rejoice in His joy and strength knowing He will set me safely on His rock.

Wealthy or not, I feel confident when I am face to face with people. It has a positive effect on the opinion they have of me. I love the feeling of self-esteem. It is my wealth to have that sense of accomplishment.

I call people by their names, for it is music to their ears. I go out of my way to remember new acquaintances' names and faces. I make this effort because it gives me pleasure to provide them with recognition and amaze them by showing how much I value them.

My senses are alert to the gusts of the wind. My ears hear the sounds of thunder. The raging storm is the symphony of nature collecting notes. It causes me no fear as I submit my being to the Lord.

I am grateful for escaping the shadows of darkness. Yesterday I was in great need but would not give up my quest to improve my life. It was my faith that lifted me up to the light. Now I am safe and secure and free of the shackles of sin that bound me. Now I find my joy in anticipation of the eternal life that awaits me.

Both my personality and way of life attract quality people and I easily hold them in my life. New doorways to opportunity open to me every day.

I shall be overwhelmed by the sharing of our special day when we declare our love before friends and family at the altar of God. As we speak our vows, we remain mindful that they are for today and every other day of our time on earth. I will stay true to my words and remain faithful to my spouse for all of our days.

Today I resolve to be more adventurous. My spontaneity will inspire and excite others and drive them to better things. I am a fun, joyous being who can derive pleasure from even the simplest of things. God wants me to be happy and I am here to serve him. I will take self-assured risks and not be frightened of diving into the unknown. I will be careful not to be reckless or make unwise decisions. I will be confident and certain in all that do. I am an exciting and enthusiastic person.

I feel good about myself when I can share my riches with deserving
people in need through no fault of their own. Natural disasters, fires and
loss of employment can affect any one of us. I share out of empathy for
their unlucky circumstances.

I face daily challenges with my head held high. I do not avoid difficult situations. Instead, I seek solutions to existing problems. I will discover the answers to puzzling questions. God’s plan has a reason for everything that transpires in this world. If a complex situation arises that seems beyond my capability to resolve today, I will ponder it until tomorrow. When I awake with a rested mind, I shall be successful in finding answers and viable solutions to the problem at hand.

Although life may be stormy I will prevail till the end, No hill will stop me from climbing and no valley will force me to lie down in defeat. My strength is in my faith in God. I trust that I will continue towards the final reward, which is eternal life. I take satisfaction in being able to achieve those things that must be accomplished before I can rest in the arms of the Lord.

My vision may be hazy but I know I will be able to see the way. I may stumble but shall never stray from the path. I have the certainty of His hands catching me if I fall and returning me to that correct path.

I show a happy face to the outside world, keeping unpleasant thoughts to myself. When I bestow a smile on someone, I get a happy smile in return. I try to think of good things when I am with other people. I can influence the mood of the group in a positive way.

I instantly create a pleasant   atmosphere when I meet new people. My new acquaintances like me the moment I start to speak. My aura is one of genuine caring. I have an air of graciousness and my words come from the heart.

I fix my gaze on the unseen.  I am filled with the richness of life and power. I learn endurance from tests and trials. My life is made perfect and complete by following those tests of time and faith.

I am confident all my hard work will be rewarded. I put forth my best efforts without giving in to defeat. Jesus never gave up hope and neither shall I. In my friendship with others I remain true and compassionate, never wavering in my faith. I know that all earthly trials will pass and I shall achieve my final destiny through hard work and sharing with others. Eternal life with the Lord shall be my most rewarding achievement.

I have invested in the grace and spirit of God. The blessings given to me are amazing. I will share my profits with others in the name of God who bestowed them on me.

I have developed a flair for making good friends easily.  I am more relaxed and open in approaching life.  Gone are the stiff, cold, and calculating manners.  I look at people as creatures of God.  These are my brothers, my colleagues, my peers, my friends.  Most of all, I look within a person’s characteristics and find what is the innate good in him.  I refrain from judging anybody or taking a harsh look at him.  I justify what seem to be mistakes committed by others.  I try to be more understanding and compassionate to them.

I am but one person and cannot achieve as much as two people or a
dozen. But, I am blessed with the ability to motivate a crowd to assist me
in accomplishing a larger task. I recognize that vitality en masse can
cause mountains to crumble while one individual can move but a
single pebble.

I will dedicate myself to any task that is required of me, although it may not be a pleasant one. I will seek to understand the value of my efforts. I will be rewarded for my diligence.

I believe in myself and my capacity. As the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, I will strive to apply my talents and skills. I believe in miracles, and it is my mission to promote them. I shall not challenge my destiny, but work towards achieving it. My mind and heart hold nothing but the clarity and beauty of my thoughts.

I respect the other person's point of view. I listen and hear what they want to convey. I interact freely with others and respect their beliefs while expressing my own and sharing my own stories.

I am transformed into a new self who is confident, assertive and has valuable opinions on relevant matters. I can now make a good decision based on my own evaluation of any circumstances.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful array of good things in my life. I welcome the opportunities to prove my worth. I can overcome all challenges, struggle through the difficulties for they will soon pass and look ahead to the wonderful array of blessings I know will come. I ask the Lord to guide me and grant me strength when I need it and patience when I want events to happen too quickly.

I will work tirelessly to assure that my loved one will enjoy the love and companionship of his family during his time on earth. If he is taken to eternity at what I perceive as an inopportune time, I will pray for the strength to accept Your will. The pain of loss will be eased by the knowledge that it is a temporary parting. I will take comfort in the time we shared.

What I see at the end of the road is the outcome of my carrying the heavy load. No matter how long the road, I see the reward waiting at the finish. I walk in wisdom and do not take refuge from the sand and storm because my steps will bring me closer to my goal.  For every step I take, I praise the Lord.  He gives me the strength to carry on.

I am filled with joy at the prospect of a successful and fulfilling future. This does not mean I will neglect to take time to enjoy what is given me today. A pleasant exchange with a neighbor, a phone call to cheer a shut-in friend or a dinner with family shall all be appreciated and enjoyed. I love my life and will treasure it all including the memories of the past, the hope for the future and the wonderful things that happen to me today.

To spread Your word is to lay the mantle of righteousness. I sow the seeds of abundance and shall reap the fruit of the harvest. For indeed, it is the good things I do unto others that will raise my confidence that I may bring greater love to my fellow man. Love nourishes my spirit as food nourishes my body. I breathe easily when I am in the midst of crowds, for my fellow human beings are as the air and the sea to my life here on earth.

I want to help create World Peace, and I will make sure that I only add positivity to the Earth. This beautiful planet was created my God and I must play my part in taking care of it. I am willing to change to become a better, wiser person. Today I resolve to step out of my normal routine and BE the change I want to see in the Earth. If everyone thought as positively as I do, the world would be a place of peace and harmony.

I remind myself to meet every person in the shadow of God's goodness and love.  As He created all men equal so I am to speak no evil of anyone. I strive to be gentle and show perfect courtesy towards all people.

To be able to forgive is a lesson in humility. From this day forth I shall strive to forgive and mend broken relationships. I have faith in my abilities and will acquire that power. I shall have a heart filled with love and a spirit filled with faith. My whole being will radiate with the inner glow of repentance and forgiveness.

I shall find the hidden path to follow that will preserve my soul. I may face obstacles but will persist and overcome them. Each step I take brings me closer to my destiny, which is eternal life.

I shall not sit idly by, counting my money, while others do without. Let me serve as the conduit of my wealth. Let it flow through me and reach those who can most benefit by the necessary food and shelter it can purchase on their behalf.

I have defined my goal, now my purpose is to reach them.  I have learned how to achieve them, and I believe it is possible.  I can tell where exactly I plan to go, what to do along the way, and how to develop the best parts of myself for the purpose I have in my life.  I intend to make this search the greatest adventure ever.

This day I intend to finish the journey I have begun. I purify my thoughts and cleanse myself of worldly baggage. I am brimming with excitement for the future.

My needs are simple and few. I am awed by the   riches bestowed upon me. I choose not to exploit them but wish to share them with others around me. I will not selfishly keep material gains to myself. My happiness lies in spreading riches to those who are in need. What better way to disburse richness than by giving it away?

I shall be immune to the shadows of fear that threaten to overcome me. I shall go about accomplishing my intended tasks in spite of all obstacles. Nothing can keep me from the path that leads to my success. I do not walk that path alone, for the hand of God is there to guide me and He will dispel all fear.

I am careful not to live beyond my means. The amount of money I earn dictates the size of my home and the type of car that I drive. I avoid the temptation of having everything I want at the risk of being plunged into credit card debt. I save for things I want and use credit sparingly.

Today I will value my body and consume only healthy, organic foods. My body is a temple, a gift from God, and I should be wholly respectful of it. I will be fully nourished by the foods that I eat, and eat only what my body requires. I will protect my health from excess weight, stress and depression. My body is amazing and average portions will suffice. I will exercise and strive to stay on the path to attaining the optimal weight for my height.

I am proud of all I have worked to accomplish. There is no need to minimize my achievements. All I have done is for the benefit of others and I want my light to shine bright to show them the rewards of living a good life.