Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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Whenever I feel some tiredness, hopelessness or losing sight of my way, I just search for the sign along the road.  This is my cue on where to turn, for as long as there is a pathway, there is surely a way to find the success I am looking for.

The true measure of my happiness is my ability to share life’s blessings with others. I am thankful for my understanding of the true meaning of happiness. I do not seek riches to make a comfortable life on earth. I work towards the goal of wealth that awaits me in eternal life

Today I allow happiness to enter my world. Nothing shall interfere with my joy. I welcome strangers as new friends. I seek to share joy and love with others. Everything happens for a reason, which we may not immediately understand. I am always receptive to the love of God, and remember that he is with me always. I am thankful for this beautiful day filled with the happiness I feel.

I do not turn my attention to temptation on the right. I do not turn my gaze to the easier way of doing things on the left. I keep my focus straight ahead on the right road that I choose to tread upon. I see the prize at the end of this road and keep it clearly focused in my mind as I work to achieve all my goals.

I keep away from bad companions, for they will corrupt me. I forgive them their transgressions but model my own behaviors after God.

The cells of my body are in the process of rejuvenation.  I can sense the healing of each and know they are acting in perfect harmony with each other. I thank God for my recovery.

I am a person with an active mind. I always think of new innovative ways of doing things. I can make a difficult task easier by exercising my mental powers. I keep my body healthy in the same way. I exercise physically by walking, jogging and spending time on the treadmill each day. I do these exercises six days a week. I enjoy having an active mind in an active body.

I know what I want to achieve during my life. I keep every detail in mind as I work towards my goals. I believe in my ability to gain those things that are important to me and am thankful for the strength to do so.

I dedicate my days to being the source of assistance for those who may need a helping hand. I do not wait for them to seek me out. I go out and find them so I can provide what they need for their sustenance.

Today I celebrate my family.  I rejoice that we are all part of God's family and that love is everywhere. I try to be tolerant and patient and not allow small annoyances to affect me. Friends, family and pets bring great happiness to my life. Today I will smile and pay compliments to them. I will lift them up with my exuberant spirit. I take joy in loving myself and knowing than others love me.

When I see the accomplishments of others I take pride in having helped them to achieve. I give them the generous praise they deserve. I am enthusiastic about their good work and the fact that I was instrumental in inspiring them to succeed.

I shall seek the unfortunate and give to them out of kindness and love. I will nourish the needy, their bodies with food and their souls with faith. I will trust in God to turn my thoughts from my own problems and use my talents to improve the days for others. I am invincible in these endeavors.

I am pleased with my own appearance. Each day I make certain that I am
well-groomed, get enough exercise and consume well-balanced meals.
My physician confirms that my weight correlates with my height and
frame. I am proud of my body.

I respect all the brave men and women who fight for freedom. I do not argue about politics with friends or family. When others begin to argue, I mediate their differences. Although I have strong beliefs, I do not denigrate the preferences of others. I present my ideas in a pleasant manner and am willing to listen to the other person’s views.

I remain calm and controlled. I know that all the people love me in my life and I constantly feel the warmth from that love. My optimistic perspective lifts my mood even in the most difficult scenarios. I share my abundance with those who need it and see it come back to me ten fold! Sharing with other brings such joy to be and enhances me life. God sees my generosity and he is proud of me for it!

I can summon hope and confidence whenever the situation demands. I have a firm and sturdy stance to set an example for people who lean on me for support. My actions are deliberate and certain. My mind is calm and open. I refuse to dwell on my churning emotions. I am strong.

Some days present more of a challenge than others. I face problems with the thought that I am capable of resolving them. Each obstacle to success in any part of my life is surmountable. Each difficulty that I make smoother increases my own capabilities and makes me a better person. I am strong and will turn my life into a success story with a happy ending.

I will not let anyone trample on my dreams. I will use my faith to sustain my journey to life's end. I will continue to try to realize my ambition. I know I will have a happy life because I shall never stop dreaming and reaching out for my star.

I am eager and competent to perform my duties each day. My goals are being met after completing my education in the career of my choosing. All the clients I serve are pleased with the way I take care of my responsibilities. I am proud of myself for all I have achieved so far, and all I know I am capable of achieving. I love the life I lead.

My eyes are filled with the beauty of the lilies in the field and my ears with the joyous chirp of the birds. The wide expanse of green meadow leaves me overcome with emotion. Who can contain their joy in the midst of such natural beauty? I am content to be one with mother earth. I am filled with love and wonder.

I patiently explain everything there is to learn about the work I delegate to others. I give encouragement to each worker by making my presence felt whenever guidance is needed.

I rejoice in the clarity of my thoughts. I open my hands to receive this day's graces in exultation. My mind is swept clean of the cobwebs of doubt and confusion. My heart swells with courage and pure enthusiasm. What a fitting day to start a mission of hope. My whole being radiates with anticipation and pure energy.

I communicate with other people in a gentle and persuasive way. I have tremendous patience and confidence that people will see the good ways that our Lord has set for us. I provide a pleasant conversation that the group may dwell upon the kind words.

I give thanks to God for keeping watch over me. He prevents unclean thoughts from entering the crevices of my mind. He provides me with everything that I need. Food sustains my body and faith my soul. With Him, everything falls into its proper place. I have no anxiety for what to eat, or what to drink for each day that comes along. He has opened wide the doors of opportunity. Thoughts of repayment are not enough.  I will repay Him with deeds.  In action I will show how much appreciation is within me for all the good things that happen in my life.  Praise be to You oh Lord.

I create confidence by rehearsing my aspirations in my mind and visualizing the results I yearn to achieve. As I contemplate my ambitions, I work to develop the required skills. I display certainty in the presence of others. My voice conveys power, courage and poise. I am an exceptional leader who commands attention. My faith in God prepares me for the tasks He sets before me.

I take extra time and effort to elaborate on the things that I wish someone to complete. It makes the job less complicated and easier for them to perform when they understand fully what the requirements for successfully doing the job entail.

I have floated like a leaf stirred by the wind, drifting in solitude. When I found God, He filled my life with purpose. My days are now enriched with the joy of waking to realize a dream.

I do my part to make my country safe for the future. I support plans for security and preventing those who would harm it from carrying out their nefarious plots. I approve of all immigrants who apply for entrance in the legally accepted way. I encourage them to work hard and assure their own success.

I have made a commitment to constantly perform at the highest possible level. I will follow the path to success and deliver exemplary   results. I find fulfillment when I perform well and I am going to reach the pinnacle of my success.

I shall not take the easy way out by escaping my troubles. Rather I will face them bravely. My heart is strong and my spirit unyielding. I shall not let sin overwhelm me, but move beyond it to reach the safety of eternal life.

I do not seek riches for their sake alone. I seek to acquire enough to care for my family responsibilities. I do not seek riches for personal advantage. I am fortified by the riches that come from self-satisfaction and doing for others. In that sense, I count myself among the richest men in the world.

I am someone who possesses strength, vitality and a zest for life. All of
my days present me with new hills to climb and new rivers to cross. I
will conquer each metaphorical obstacle to success one by one.

I am one of God’s children and He has granted me great favor. I have been gifted with a clear mind and a strong body. I shall use both to achieve position and wealth here on earth. I vow to work hard and put my talents to good use. When I have gained all I mean to achieve, I shall use a portion to give charity to those who are in want and need.

I act when my intuition tells me to grab an opportunity.  It is like a current that makes me float at sea, if I do not take it, I am bound to the shallows of life.  I should not stop to think, lest I miss the venture offered.  My goal is to find it, to keep me afloat in the voyage of my life.

I will cheerfully work to end the inequalities of life endured by those in need. I will use my strength to lift them up from abject poverty and suffering. I take pride in helping them accomplish some improvement in their lives.

Often my thoughts take me back to the places I visited with my
grandparents. A simple walk in the park and being pushed high on the
swings was significantly special. Exploring the exhibits in a museum and
having them tell me about ancient history was thrilling. I am left with
warm memories of the good times we had together.

I picture a tomorrow where there is great love and harmony among men. This is a future where no peril or disaster exists to threaten those on earth. This beautiful hope for the future will shield me and my loved ones from harm and distress.

I am a good cook and use my culinary talents to keep myself and my family satisfied. I am mindful of calories and which foods promote good taste and good health. I enjoy gathering around the table and sharing conversation along with the meals I prepare. I include an occasional treat, such as cake and ice cream to celebrate a birthday. I know that we do not need a rich dessert after every meal.

My anxiety is dissolved as I place my faith and trust in the Lord. He shall provide the strength I need to encounter all circumstances that may arise. I need only to place my hand in His and follow the path on which He leads. I reject all negativity with the certainty that I am strong enough to stay on the right path. No worries or problems can detract from my good intentions and love for others. I can hurdle all obstacles that would keep me from leading a good and useful life. God walks with me as I successfully traverse the road that takes me to success and happiness.

I know that I can plant a tree. I know that I can nurture it and watch it grow. Yet I know that I am only the humble landscape architect and custodian of the tree. For the tree and all beautiful gifts of nature are creations crafted by the hand of God.

I strengthen my bond with the Lord and spread His holy promise of eternal life. From this day forward, I shall spread the words of faith and hope to the multitudes. I follow Your laws and encourage others to do the same. Let my enthusiasm draw others into the circle of goodness that will bring them to the Lord. The truth I speak of has the power to save the world.

I am so gifted with many riches. I do not use them all up quickly, but, set some aside for leaner times. The feast before me should not be consumed all at one time. I appreciate today’s abundance and prepare for tomorrow. I store enough because I have the wisdom to consider my future. God teaches me to prepare for all circumstances to ensure a steady supply of all his wonderful gifts for survival.

I say my power affirmations daily and continuously gain strength, courage, and firmness of character.  Repeating these affirmations make positive things materialize from the seemingly bleak situations I encounter.  The power of my subconscious mind is being utilized to its full capacity.  This well of positive thoughts is allowing me to conduct my daily business with confidence and hope.  I could never fall into ominous circumstances when I turn to the positive thoughts that lighten my load.

I am proud of being strong enough to overcome bad habits. I have achieved freedom from smoking, freedom from excessive drinking and do not gamble. My lungs are clear and I can jog and enjoy the fresh air. I take care to maintain freedom from illness and addiction. I practice good health habits to keep my body flexible and strong.

I am thankful for each favor granted by the Lord. I have family to love and cherish me. I have good physical health. I have a clear mind to study and absorb the knowledge I need to achieve riches. I shall repay each favor by passing it on to another. This is how I choose to serve God, by my kind acts to others among His flock.

I take up the ways of the Lord out of desire, not force. I have the freedom to do so, or decline. I have the freedom to worship in any church, synagogue, mosque or amphitheater. I have the freedom to decline worship in any prescribed place. I can commune with God in a grassy meadow or my own living room if I so choose. I am thankful these freedoms are mine.

I am willingly engulfed in every new challenge that surfaces. I am confident in my ability to live up to the high standards I set for myself each day. I take pride in my ability to untangle puzzling matters and solve difficult problems.

I value each person and show them how significant I consider them. It is gratifying to know that you are appreciated. I take joy in others considering me a significant person as well.

On the day that I stand before the altar with my chosen marriage partner, I will have taken the time to know and understand him. We will share like desires that will keep us close throughout our entire lives. We will share our faith and raise our children in that faith. We will build a strong family and remain together until eternity.

My strong faith will fuel the flame of hope inside me. I entice the wind to blow and build this flame into a fire.  This will sustain as I pursue my desires. I know success will be mine. I shall not be deterred and will stay on the right path. I am sensing my closeness to the sweet taste of success. I thank the Lord for making me strong.