Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I find the intrinsic good in everything. I enjoy the challenges faced in fulfilling my desires and goals in life.

I am well-suited for the business I am interested in. I know I have the talent and perseverance to complete my higher education and present myself as thoroughly prepared to fill a position of responsibility.  I get along well with others and consider myself a competent potential employee who will benefit the company that hires me.

I dedicate myself to God with daily affirmations. I follow the path my faith directs me to walk. Though I know not what each day may bring, I am filled with hope for good things to happen. I place all my trust in the Lord.

I shall stay calm in the face of adversity and turmoil. I shall find humor and use it as a way to enjoy life. I will be strong and courageous for myself and others. I shall take great joy in navigating the earthly journey and take pleasure in the good things it offers. I will remain strong through difficult times. I will share my strength with others who are dealing with troubles of their own.

I will learn to love my body starting today, this is the only one I got and I can never replace it with a new one should it bog down.  I will evaluate its condition, seek help and medication when necessary.  I will contrive to be healthy always as my healthy body is the only true wealth I possess.

I desire that my brothers be saved from the perils of the storm. I pray that thoughts of wealth and material gains are not the goal. Let their faith keep them safe from all harm as my faith keeps me. I am grateful for all my blessings.

I set out to earn His favor each day. I work diligently at my chosen career. I pray and meditate on His greatness, morning and night. I care for my fellow man, both with caring emotions and material goods, if he be in want or distress.

My faith does not waver when I am full of daily affirmations. I confront challenges, create victories and shape my goals. I pride myself in being a winner in any kind of situation.

All the hours of creating designs from fabulous concepts, all the energies spent to transform them and the passionate love for completing the work are now rewarding me. They provide wealth for me and all the people involved in the project.

Each night as I drift off to sleep, I review the abundance of advantages I have enjoyed during the day. I have an abundance of talents to be thankful for. I shall not waste them, but put them to good use in affecting the world in a positive way. Each small contribution I make gives me satisfaction. When I have had the opportunity to extend a helping hand to someone in need, I fall asleep knowing my efforts have been rewarded.

The beauty of my soul radiates from within me to manifest in my daily activities. I offer my ardor and ingenuity as a contribution to the community. I will start today, not waiting for tomorrow, or the day after or for any major event to compel me to action.

I understand that miracles I pray for may sometimes be granted. I shall be happy and grateful when they are. I also understand that miracles I pray for may not come to pass. The reasons are beyond human understanding and I shall pray for the strength to accept what is to be.

I have inherited my good character from God and He opened my eyes to the truth of life. I will build on this strong foundation because it will survive the end of my life on earth. I shall enter eternal life with my goodness intact.

The business world is a complex place. Some are impatient at the thought of another’s success. I believe my ability to be a good team player has developed my leadership qualities. I strive to bring people together to facilitate success of the entire group. I do not need individualized recognition to know I have done well.

I take immense pride in my son who listens to rebuke and imparts the lesson to others. He is a delight to both his earthly father and his heavenly Father.

Today I begin to accept myself for who I am. I surrender insecurities and cast out jealousy and envy. I  am comfortable in the body God gave to me. I shall not allow the judgment of other people to cause me dismay. I am secure in myself. I was created in the image of God and am confident in my own appearance.

I have been successful at accumulating enough wealth to take good care of my family. Rather than spending carelessly, I focus on saving for my children’s education and other necessities. I do give a portion of my riches to the poor. It is an expression of my concern for people less fortunate than me and my family.

My heart is filled with all the positive emotions that make me a happy person. I smile at others as I welcome them into my life. I am glad to meet new people and am open to forming new friendships. I am touched by one person’s kindness towards another, whether it is me or someone else. I am proud that I give willingly to others, of both my time and my money. When I see someone in need it arouses the emotion of empathy in me.

Marriage is intended to be one of life’s major relationships. It is romance, it is joining through religious vows and it is having a shoulder to lean on in all times of need. It is a binding union that ads to the joyfulness of the journey through this life.

My heart is at peace and my spirit is whole and alive. My soul is filled with hope. I know that everything is right within me. I am recovering from the illness that has besieged me and I can feel that my body is restored and healed.

I go where my heart leads me and am prepared to do great things. I can overcome the most daunting of obstacles. No more am I shackled by uncertainty. My energy makes me eager to begin the journey to achieve the goals I have set. No fear resides in my heart because I am protected by Your love.  You have prepared me for the battles I shall face. I know I am worthy of realizing the dream and victory is close at hand.

I give my family the gift of unconditional love. Personal concerns are set aside to accommodate their interests first. My family is the center of my universe. My toil is dedicated to their wellbeing.  I work to provide material comforts so they may live in dignity among men. The reward for my efforts shall be granted in eternity. The Lord will know of the way I conduct myself and bestow His grace upon me. There is no reward greater than pleasing God and gaining entrance through the gates of heaven.

I know Jesus is the source of my salvation. I am a believer and try to
show kindness to other people who share my world. I am a caretaker of
both the wildlife and the plants that provide us with sustenance. I do my
best to use all resources sparingly that there may be enough left for the
generations that come after mine.

I will laugh out loud and drown myself in the joys of living. I will dance and lose myself to the pleasure of the rhythm. I will love like there is no tomorrow.

I shall stay calm in the face of adversity and turmoil. I shall find humor and use it as a way to enjoy life. I will be strong and courageous for myself and others. I shall take great joy in navigating the earthly journey and take pleasure in the good things it offers. I will remain strong through difficult times. I will share my strength with others who are dealing with troubles of their own.

When I talk with people, I concentrate on their ideas and respond easily. It is like enriching my own thoughts and gaining additional knowledge on some of my unexplored concepts.

My life is worthy of the eternal light. The present bears witness to my good deeds. How would I succeed without having faith and pure content. My enlightenment is suffused with love, joy and hope. I can attain any level of achievement for I will carry the torch that lights the path to eternity.

When morning light breaks the darkness of the night, I will arise without hesitation to begin a day of work. I gain satisfaction from achievements I can make in my chosen profession. I am thankful to have work that gives me pleasure each day. I shall take pride in reaching the goals I set for myself. As the light of day fades, I find satisfaction in knowing I have done my best.

My memory serves me well in matching people's faces and their names.  It is a gift that I am thankful for.  People are highly appreciative to know that I remember them.

I am vibrant and filled with the energy that empowers me. It fires my being and lifts me to heights untold. I am one with the earth and sky. I take action to make my decisions count. I have the confidence to make a significant difference, which is my contribution to the world around us.

I am thankful for all the good things in my life. I have a loving spouse, healthy children and all our material needs are met. I have been gifted with an abundance of talent to make my living. My surplus of material gains shall be offered to those who are not as fortunate.

I do not worship money and hoard it away. Rather I invest it in ways that will make it grow. That growth is security for the future of my loved ones. I remember to save a share of my earnings in preparation for an unexpected need. Of the dividends, I can enjoy luxuries such as a vacation trip.

I look forward with anticipation and eagerness to each new day that dawns. I am ready to be amazed and awed by the good things and surprises that come my way. Life has many rewards for me as I work to help others each day.

I measure success by the amount of happiness it has brought into my life, not by how much money I have gained from it. Success is not about acquiring wealth but finding inner satisfaction in what I want to accomplish in my life. I could be living in a grandiose house, and have a host of servants to do my wishes, yet still find emptiness within me.  My success is centered on my family, and fulfilling my dreams for them.  Home is where we are together, no matter how simple our lives may be.

I am pleased to have the freedom to vote for leaders of my choice. I can speak my mind freely, whether praising or criticizing their actions. My ambitions on a political level can be developed providing I have the energy and dedication for travel and public speaking.

I am strong and will not let my hope suffer. I am pressing on to achieve the goals I have envisioned for myself. My life is devoted to these tasks. I know I can rise and proclaim my glorious success over adversity. My hope continues to be strong.

He said that when I am not with Him, therefore I am against Him. So I repent my sins and ask Him to take me in His arms and give me the grace of His forgiveness.

I no longer shall walk along the corridors of uncertainty. Today, uncertainty is halted. No more shall I walk with doubt or ill will within my heart. I have purified my intentions and brought them to the altar of God. I gather all my faith, my hope and my joy in life to keep me strong and warm. I have the desire to make the journey to the divine life. I shall follow God's words. I am strengthened by the sheer power of His glory. Thus, I am confident that I shall follow my desired path, to which, the end boasts of a rainbow of colors. Such is eternal life, and I yearn to be enfolded in that sweet serenity.

Under some circumstances, I recognize fear as an ally that serves to alert me to possible danger. One example is the stormy night when the temperature makes roads icy. Fear of sliding off the road and into a ditch is a good thing because it may prevent me from driving under dangerous conditions. If I see a vicious dog tied to a tree, fear keeps me from petting it. Logical fear is a useful deterrent, which keeps me from putting myself in harm’s way.

I take joy in surmounting the greatest difficulties in my life. I beat despair and conquer the darkness of hopelessness. I am the sturdy ship navigating the tumultuous waves towards safety on the shores of heaven.

I shall survey the wondrous creations spread out before me. They will inspire the creativity I carry within my soul. Taking from what creations have been made by the Lord and seeking new possibilities within myself, I shall blend something from both into a co-creation to enrich the lives of all my fellow citizens of the world.

I patiently explain everything there is to learn about the work I delegate to others. I give encouragement to each worker by making my presence felt whenever guidance is needed.

I draw my brow in retrospection. I realize how I care for all the people in my life. My being is alight with love and joy. I am so grateful for this realization.  Now I can make them see my appreciation. I am overflowing with gratitude and glory. What an endless well of opportunities and triumphs the future has in store.

There are seasons in my life as with the earth. Now is the season of prosperity and wellness. I will make this season the most productive of all. I can feel the bounties flowing. I turn my back on all negativity. I embrace success.

I love and care for my parents as I watch them growing older. It is now
time for me to return some of the love and care they willingly gave to me
during my childhood. If mistakes were made, now is the time to forgive
because carrying feelings of resentment will only diminish me as a person.

I sow more that I can reap. I do my work not sparingly, or even under compulsion. I have confidence that God will enrich me in every way for great generosity. So when I reap, I reap abundantly. God always increases the harvest of my good work.

I welcome each busy day with a smile. I smile for myself and the benefit of those I work with. I believe there is a place for pleasant interaction and kind words within a business environment. An entire company benefits when the lowest employee is encouraged to perform his job well and complimented for doing so.

Today I acknowledge the beautiful body and face the Lord gave to me. He chose to create me as I am and it makes me proud. I am beautiful inside and out. I have been blessed with grace and charm. I am a unique individual, special in His eyes. I look for the beauty in others. I keep in mind that beauty in me and others has no importance compared to the beauty of a faithful soul.

The Lord has infused spiritual strength into my withered body. I shall rise from the depth of disease without despair. I thank Him for my recovery and pray for continuing good health. I am thankful for this miraculous gift and cherish each additional day spent on this earth until my time comes to join Him in eternity.

Let me reap abundant crops from the hard toil of my working hands. My zealousness pushes me to work heartily that I may be richly supplied. My daily achievements are rewarded with bread and great profits.  I can see how the world benefits from my efforts. I am inspired to attain all that I aim for. I labor quietly and in honesty so that I may share with those who are in need. Such is the purpose of my existence.