Download Positive Affirmations App For Your Android, iPhone and iPad Devices

Affirmations now available on Android, iPhone iPad and Kindle: 
We are delighted to present our affirmations in an app format for your convenient access and sharing while on the go. 

Want to change your life?  Want a more positive outlook on Life?  Do you wish your life was more positive and fulfilling?  Look no further.  This app gives you access to a set of resources that will jump start you daily and help you live a more empowered and positive lifestyle. 

The positive resources provided will re-program the mind in a manner similar to that of computer software programs and scripts.   Positive words help you to re-focus, re-train and re-tune your mind.  They aid you in revisiting your perspective and approach to life and renewing your mind.  Thinking right will change your attitude, affecting your subconscious mind.  This will result in a change in your habits, lifestyle, mental attitude / perspective, and reactions, and finally transform your entire lifestyle.  Our mind is one of the most powerful influences in our lives and this will help you set a positive course for your mind each and every day.

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Daily Psychological and Spiritual Multi-vitamin and Antidote Booster Shots
: Reading and meditation on a few positive affirmations each day and throughout the day will help you start and continue your days with a much more positive approach to life.  We recommend you read it several times or throughout the day for a quick boost or lift.  Stop several times a day for just 30 seconds and take a quick booster shot.  This will help completely root out wrong and destructive thinking patterns and establish / replace them with uplifting, energizing and empowering perspectives on life.  It is like taking medicine each and every day.

Conveniently organized Into Easy to Find Categories: The affirmations are organized into categories.  This makes it easy for you to find, go to and meditate on affirmations for specific areas.  As you read and meditate on specific affirmations you will experience a shift and renewal in your attitude.  The affirmations cover just about every category - such as Attitude, Abundance, Family, Goals, Health, Positivity, Self-Image, Success etc.
Give Yourself, Your Family and Friends The Priceless Gift of Positivity:  These affirmations are great because they help you build up and give the gift of positivity to yourself.  Focusing on the positive things in life truly lifts the spirit.
Life Changing:  These booster shots are sure to uplift and turbo-charge your life.  A comment from one of our users reads: “The use of these positive affirmations have helped me change my attitude and improved my entire life.”   

Replacing Negativity With Positivity:  The resources will help you renew your perspective.  By becoming familiar on a daily basis with a positive perspective, you will be increasingly aware of (and reject) all the negative words that you hear throughout the day.  You will find yourself replacing them verbally or quietly with positive affirmations.  Dwelling on and repeating these sentences are sure to help your attitude and reinforce your positive perspectives.
Refreshing and Rejuvenating: Reading and meditating on these affirmations are like taking a long, relaxing soak in a refreshing and rejuvenating bubble bath.   

Here’s a quick bullet list of just some of the amazing features waiting for you in Live Positively (iPhone, iPod Touch) & Positive Living (iPad):

* Beautiful, refreshing and intuitive interface
* Very easy to use
* Able to see a list of affirmations organized by date
* Receive strength from one new affirmation published each day – giving you fresh fuel and inspiration
* Offers several ways of getting your multi-vitamin boost for the day
* Blog posts provide a more complete perspective, discussing positivity from different angles and in more depth
* Photo album creatively presents affirmations and quotes set in uplifting backgrounds and scenery
* “Categories” feature helps you to quickly find and receive inspiration for specific areas of life – total of over 85
* Random feature provides on each refresh a new random set of affirmations to turbo-boost your moment and day.
* Email or text affirmations to friends and family
* Linked with a website where you can create an account and book mark your favorite affirmations
* App versions available for iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android.
* Available at the reasonable price of only $0.99 (USD)

You’re going to love this indispensable tool!  It has great resources to you need to help you start living a more positive and empowering lifestyle.


Q.  Where can I download the Positive Affirmations app?
iPhone App - Positive Affirmations
App Name: Live Positively

Its available on the app store- here -

You can also search within iTunes for Positive Affirmations and look for a blue icon that looks like the one on the right

Android App - Positive Affirmations
App Name: Positive Living

Its available on the Google Play store here -

You can also search within store for Positive Affirmations and look for a blue icon that looks like the one on the right

Positive Affirmations on iPad
App Name: Positive Living
You can also search within iTunes for Positive Affirmations and look for a blue icon that looks like the one on the right

Kindle Fire

  Kindle app

Kindle Fire
App Name: Positive Living


Positive Affirmations on iTunes

Q.  Where can I see screenshots of the app?
A.  Screenshots are available here.

Q. Do you plan to release a free version of this app?
A. Yes - This will hopefully come out in 1-2 months time.  This will be supported by ads.  We will also will keep the affirmations on-going with a new one every day - new photos every month etc.

Q.  Will the content in this app be updated?
A.  Assuming on-going interest - we will add content on an on-going basis. 

  • Affirmations - 1 daily
  • Blog Posts - 1-2 weekly
  • Positive Images - 3-7 weekly

Q.  Can I contribute to the content on the app / website?
Yes - definitely.  Feel free to do so through the app's site.  There is a "submit" button link at the top. We will personally review each submission and if appropriate schedule it for addition to both the app and website.  You can submit photos and text - affirmations, blog, an eBook chapter posts etc.

Q.  I have some suggestions on what you can do to improve.  Can I send them in?
A.  Absolutely.  Would love to receive your feedback. The app and the website have room for improvement.  Please click on the "Contact us" button at the top.

Q.  I love this.  How can I help promote this?
A. You can share the link the app on Facebook (see download FAQ above), download a copy and then submit a review on iTunes. A positive review of course!  You can support development of other projects by making a donation.


Other Questions

Q.  I have a question that is not covered in this FAQ?  Can I ask you?
A. Sure - click on the contact us button at the top and fill out the form.  We will respond and might add the response to this page for the benefit of others

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