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Catalysts To Attract Positive Events In Your Life

Every human being emanates vibrations from their body. Some are stronger and comparable to the human aura, some vibrations emanate from specific points of the body like their physical, mental or spiritual aspect and in some these vibrations are almost negligible but they do exist anyway
These vibrations attract ‘events’ and depending on the nature of their vibrations these can be positive or negative. In other words these act as catalysts

How to make affirmation a part of you?

Affirmation for me is a positive thought that helps me reach my goal. By continuously repeating the affirmation I believe in it and it pushes me to achieve my goal.

To begin with I first need to ascertain the affirmation I want my subconscious mind to assimilate

Once I know what affirmation I need to believe I write it at least 15 times, like for instance if my affirmation is “I am a lovable person, people like me for what I am”, I write it down several times a day for many days

Positive Thinking Exercises – For Self And Team Members

It is easy to get team members to comprehend things positively and there are discussions and exercises aimed at this

These exercises will help the team members understand that they can view content, statement or happening in a positive or a negative way and it is in their own power to do so
To begin the exercise ask the team members to come up with negative happenings and this need not be personal, it could be a famous tragedy

If they are unable to come up with one, you can pick up the Columbia Space Shuttle tragedy as an example:

Unleash Your Unlimited Creativity Through Affirmations

I can tap my subconscious mind to manifest my desires and unleash unlimited creativity through appropriately worded affirmations and those that are emotionally charged.
I do understand that not all affirmations will have the same effect and some are better than others. Examining the power affirmations that are effective will help me create affirmations that work for specific purposes

Reacting To Unforeseen Situations In Life

The milkman as usual knocked on the old woman’s apartment door and found that it was open. He pushed it slightly and took a step in calling out for the lady. And then he stood there fixed to the earth, his eyes wide open in shock, his open mouth unable to utter a single word. The woman lay in a pool of blood, she had been murdered. The natural reaction in such a situation is to scream or run with fright. Numerous thoughts run through the mind – “The blame for this will come on me”, “The police will interrogate me” and so on.

Prepare Yourself For The Paradigm Shift

One meaning of paradigm is belief system – a belief system held by an individual or a group of people or all the people in the world. This belief system becomes so established in our mind that we never question its authenticity. And this is the reason we never ever think that we should update this paradigm. And one fine day comes that man or woman who dares to think beyond the common thought and challenges beliefs that have been held to for long.

Make rejection your feedback – an ally not an enemy

Irrespective of whether you are good looking or not, doesn’t matter if you are successful or not, it doesn’t even matter how good hearted you are, how giving you are – people still tend to reject you. You may think that if you become nicer or become spiritually aware they will accept you, but that is not true – people will still reject you. It is actually a pointless battle you will fight if you want to win every one.

Make way for yourself

Accept responsibility for your actions – this has become clichéd isn’t it and yet it is so true. It is indeed high time that we took responsibility for our own actions. The blame game may be fun to play but definitely does not help in anyway apart from may be covering up your shortcomings. You need to nip it in the bud for the betterment of your own mental health.
To begin with you need to fully understand and acknowledge the fact:

  • that your emotions and feelings are triggered by your thoughts,
Hone your skills and attitude in the face of adversity

Do you start sweating at the thought of that presentation you need to give this weekend and the only reason for this is you know that the group you are going to face is hostile? You have heard from others that the crowd this time is going to be critical and aggressive

Survive The Minor And Major Changes In Your Life With Elegance

The very word change brings forth the feeling of fear, anxiousness and discomfort. But if there is one thing that’s permanent in our life that is - change. The trouble with change is irrespective of how many times you would have experienced it, it never seems easier. The key to adapt to these changes is to understand how to be creative and productive and also be flexible at the same time. This helps you not only in your own life but with helping out others too.
The following 10 steps should help you cope with the changes in life

The Power Of Positive Thinking In Handling Anxiety And Panic

When you suffer from anxiety and panic disorders all that you seem to be engulfed with are negative thoughts and negative feelings. You answer to a simple question like how your day was would be answered with bad, crap, damn and so on. All that comes to your mind is negativism like hard, bad, pain, torture, sickness, death etc, and those words that send out a negative vibe.

Learn To Re-Tape The Negative Thoughts In Your Mind With Positive Ones

Do you find berating yourself when something goes wrong in your life? You may be generous and courteous enough to forgive others but when it comes to self you become savage and brutal in your judgment.

Positioning Your Head The Right Way To Flood Your Body With Positive Energy

Did you know that the way your head is positioned and the manner in which you are breathing could make you subconsciously sabotage and inhibit your inner potential to cultivate positive emotions? Health experts say this is true.
Here is a small exercise you can do to find the truth for yourself.
Hold your chin down on your chest, so that your head is bent forward. Think of a negative thought or emotion that you are always troubled with, focus on this thought holding your chin down

Balancing External Uncertainty With Inner Stability

When the outside world seems uncertain, seek help from within. There are many uncertainties in life – new energies emerging, new feelings and new paths to choose from. When you listen to your inner self, you are bound to take the right decision.
The uncertainty that you feel in the outer world is actually a reflection of the expression from within us. Our internal uncertainty mirrors back to us through external events, which is why when you look within you seeking answers for the external uncertainty you will find a pattern, a common theme between the two.

How To Unlock Your Full Potential?

Idolizing a big person in your life may appeal to some of you. There are also the few who read about them but do not worship them but there are some things which appeals. But you don’t do it yourself in your life to achieve those things. This could be because of lack of self confidence or you would have thought that it isn’t right for you.
First thing you have to be clear in your mind - what you want in life. You should also take into consideration the outcome of it. It is about your whole life and not a day to day matter.