We Are What We Think – Boost Your Self Confidence

May 23, 2012

The adage “We are what we think” has been coined by wise men quite thoughtfully. Self image is crucial for the success or failure of any individual. What a person thinks of himself? Whether he likes himself? Whether he believes in his own abilities, whether he thinks he is worthwhile? Whether he is a accomplisher of whatever he chooses, big or small? Whether he is responsible and decisive? All these make a deep impact on how and what we achieve.
Where are these self-value skills gained? The first step is your own thoughts. Every person has some negativity about themselves. Thoughts like I am fat, I cannot change, I am helpless, I am not good enough and others nurtures in the minds of every person. And repeating this over and over again becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Personal power comes from a strong healthy sense of self and that comes from within.

A famous computer expression would be apt in this regard – Garbage in, garbage out. When you think negatively about yourself, everything in life will reflect the same negative energy. Only you can limit this “garbage” from entering your mind and limiting you, so it is important that you first decide to toss out this garbage. Once the first step is taken, you can start creating self-esteem, self-confidence and success in place of the garbage. This will need you to think of yourself in an entirely new way.
Start by listing your best traits, positive thoughts and abilities. List at least 20 of them and if you run out of ideas, write down the traits you wish to have. You can also take the help of your family and friends for this purpose. This is actually something that is done at most self development workshops and training sessions.
Some of the possible ideal qualities you may want to put in are kind, considerate, smart, intelligent, thoughtful, optimistic, objective, loving, compassionate, affectionate, honest, bright, expressive, educated etc. However big or small you think the thought or ability is, right it down.
Once you have finished writing the 20 points, ask yourself:

  • How long did you take to write the 20 points?
  • Did the thoughts come easily or did you stop / think a long time / take help before you reached 20?
  • Would writing negative points or things you dislike about you be easier?
  • How were you feeling as you wrote your positive thoughts and abilities?

This exercise helps you assess your self-esteem level. To enjoy life fully you need to realize your true potential which can only be recognized by harboring positive traits. So stop hating yourself, accept your strengths rather than disowning them, say to yourself – I am not weak, I am not inadequate, I am not inferior, and that these are false beliefs which you should never entertain. Create self confidence by disciplining your mind and focusing only on your positive thoughts and abilities.