Three Steps to Creating A Positive Mental Attitude

June 12, 2012

There are two ways of seeing a half filled glass – half full or half empty. It is up to you to decide how you would like to see it – positive way or the negative way. Same is the case for everything in life. There is a positive side to everything, every one and every situation. It would be a different, a rather unique way of seeing the world - finding the positive side. For some this may come naturally, but most people will have to try harder.
Initially trying to find the positive side in a bad situation may be difficult, but if you keep digging at it, it will show up. And when you do this for every situation that comes up or every person you meet, then this will start coming automatically to you and eventually you will see only the good side and undermine the negative side.

These three steps of creating a positive mental attitude should help you:

  1. Whatever the situation, however big or small it is try to keep your cool. Examine the situation as coolly as possible. Turn it in all possible ways – upside down, downside up, inside out and outside in


  1. Then think of how worse the situation could have gotten. This will automatically tell you that the situation you are in is much better and it could have actually been worse.


  1. The good side will just appear to you – this could happen in a flash or could happen gradually depending on how well you are able to train your mind. Eventually you will learn to see the positive in everything and everyone.

For instance failure in something can be taken as failure only and never try again or can be taken as a chance for a new opportunity, as a stepping stone to success or better still, a way to learn how you cannot succeed and learn from that experience.
You will notice that rich people get loans easily compared to poor people – that is money begets money. Similarly happiness begets happiness, as Theodore Roethke the great American poet said: "The right things happen to the happy man"