Think What You Want To Happen

September 04, 2012

How good or how bad are you at assessing and reacting to a situation?

 Let me tell you a short story, but of course this is a true incident that happened to a friend of mine.

One evening I walked into his office. He was busy speaking on the phone with full energy, passion and confidence. My eyes rowed around the room (because I knew what had been happening in his life). There were a few removal men in his office removing all his furniture and putting it in the van that was parked outside. And before I could even say done, the office was empty save some files, a small picture frame, a parched plant and some knick-knacks which were all that was left for my friend.

At this moment another gentleman walked into the office, he waited till my friend finished his conversation, his voice echoing in the empty room. My friend hung up the phone, put it back in his shirt pocket and reached out into his trousers pocket. Taking out the keyring he singled out the car key, took it out of the bunch and gave it to the gentleman (slightly reluctant in his actions).

The gentleman took the key without any remorse or feeling, walked outside, got into the car and sped off without looking back.

And I stood there seeing all this happen, my friend still the same - relaxed and confident as ever. I was surprised, given the circumstances he was in, to see him still smiling and cheerful. You see my friend had just gone bankrupt – his business had fallen through, the bank had taken all the furniture and stock to reclaim their mortgage, and the car was taken back by the car leasing firm after their payments did not come through. And I stood there seeing my friend smile as usual and could not help wonder just how could he do it.
This is what he said to me

Life’s biggest secret is how you train your mind. You must teach your mind to only think about what you want to happen. Try not to think of what you don’t want to happen. Even after having lost the business, the car, the office and nearly everything, he had just finished negotiating a business deal. He said always picture in your mind what you want to happen, think where you want to be, not where you are or not what’s happening now. The biggest secret was stress sets in when you focus your attention on wrong happenings. Had he been sulking about his loss he would have never been in the right frame of mind to negotiate the deal and may have lost what could have been the biggest deal in his life.
The moral of the story is – most of us live in a trance. We hardly notice the thoughts that keep coming in and out of our mind all day long. Spend a little time each day, focus on what you are thinking in the moment, you will most likely realize that you are often thinking of things that might go wrong or thinking of situations that may be just okay.

When you are at it, think of a recent event when you were under some kind of pressure, how did you manage in that unresourceful state. What were you thinking as you tried to handle the situation?

The most likely scenario is you thought of how things were going wrong, probably even why and who should you blame for it.

Whatever the thoughts were, try to keep it aside, this exercise was just to make you realize how your thinking process is.

To improve your life make a habit of thinking – things will work out. Try picturing a more smoothly running life, troubles will come and go but with when you start thinking on what you want rather than what is, you will make a conscious effort to find a way out of the situation. You will not only feel confident but also see that people are responding to you differently – the end result is you will get a better result.

Before long you recognize this as a self-fulfilling prophecy.