Tapping Goodness From Within

May 30, 2012

When life becomes challenging, difficult, exasperating and burdensome, try tapping the goodness within you to change it.  Life can really be the way you want it, with a little help from you. There probably were some ups and some downs in your life, and at some point you must have felt happiness is always out of reach. And from then on you must have felt that life just kept proving this point. You probably are also surrounded by people who think that life is just as awful as you think, reiterating your thinking. 
One fine day you hear the wake up call, say enough is enough and that you will take no more of this crap – you start on a new journey to cure yourself. You join a seminar or a course on life coaching. Here you are introduced to “positive coaching” and “holographic re-patterning of your mind.” You hear the coaches speaking of your inner greatness and brilliance with such fervor that you actually believe it’s true. You are excited as your body is flooded with endorphins and catechlomines – you now believe anything is possible. You carry home this excitement along with a manual on how to train your mind, on how to believe that anything and everything is possible, on how to change your life, how to build or better your business and personal relationships – and you start believing that everything is actually possible.

But the path will not be easy, there is a battle going on inside you. All the negative conditioning you had till then will not let you believe in the new concept of “everything is possible,” everyone around you will pull you back to the “old you” as that is their comfort level too, your whole environment will force you to conform to the old standards.
People committed to changing their lives break free from this bondage, win the batter and live really great lives. They show to the world that personal development and changes is actually possible and inspire the next group of aspirants to take up the battle.
So what is it that makes such changes possible – magic or just plain positivism?
The seminars and personality development coaching is based on self empowerment techniques. They have workshops that espouse an entirely different philosophy and a new world view, but as a matter of fact they are not providing you with new or unknown information.
The changes that these seminars and coaching made possible could as well be gotten by training yourself, by understanding the fact that for a good life you have to tap the goodness within you. And to bring forth this inner goodness, you have to believe in self love and complete self acceptance. You need to appreciate your inner positive attitude and this will evoke gratitude. And as this positive energy begins to circulate and escalate, you have to take the next step of possibility thinking. When you understand that something is possible, you head in that direction and any inhibitions hindering the path will disappear. . .
This will lead to small successes and eventually bigger ones. You will suddenly realize that you have the mastered the game called “life” and with its many “magical turns” you are living life on your terms. And coming to think of it, the first step to this fabulous journey was tapping the goodness within you.