Stop Clenching To Your Worries - Let Go, Be Happy.

June 20, 2012

Assess yourself – is something holding you back from doing your best or living your life fully, do you always feel like quitting or feel helpless?
We all hold on to something that we feel is important. And most of the times it is a belief about someone, something or about oneself that affects our whole lives. Most of these beliefs we hold on to start when we are kids and as we grow we nurture this within ourselves through actions and words. We believe in this “belief” very strongly and keep repeating it to ourselves and then this becomes our cares or worries. For instance if we believe we are stupid, we would like to avoid things that people say smart people would do, if we feel we are ugly we try and hide from others. As we grow into adults we may be little more watchful on what we believe but the older beliefs are there to stay. While being watchful is good we also need to be sure that what we believe now is the truth.

The only eternal truth is God. He loves us all, he helps us all be better, perform better and live better. As quoted in the bible, He wants you to give Him all your cares because He cares for you (1Peter 5:7).
When we say give your cares to Him, it does mean mentally. But to physically “feel” the giving away try this – clench your fingers into a fist and hold the top part (where your fingers have joined) over your mouth and breath into it at the same time thinking that you have “given away” your worries or cares to Him. Now pull your hand away from your mouth and open the fist holding your palm side up. As you do so imagine that you are letting go of your troubles, worries and cares, for He has taken all your cares and will care for you.
Letting go of your cares may be difficult but only that will help you. Remember God said He would provide for all our needs (Philippians 4:19). He said if we ask for anything that is according to His will He will hear us, Believe that He hears and you will get what you asked Him (1John 5:14,15).
So stop clenching to your worries and cares, let go and be happy.