Self Talk Your Way To Success

May 17, 2012

I have learned that self talk affects the results I want to achieve quite powerfully. Whatever I dwell on, positive or negative thoughts, my mind manifests it deep within.
Going one step further I can supercharge my self talk with affirmations.
I can use a powerful technique of mental programming called “affirmation” to “make firm” my desires. After all I will only reap what I sow in my subconscious mind and so I have to ensure that they are positive affirmations

Affirmations always work for me, it helps me improve and achieve success just the way I desire it.
My affirmations are always in the present tense and always start with “I” – I am good at my work and people trust me and respect me for that, I am doing important work as the manager of my division.
I have to tell my mind exactly what I want and that is when I will get good results.
I have to keep my affirmations short and sweet that is when I can remember and apply it
I keep my affirmations emotionally charged with words like “I believe” or “I will do it”. I make my mind believe my affirmations by writing it down a couple of times every day