Seek Out The Inner Fears – Change For Better

July 11, 2012

Every person has this little corner in themselves that they are scared to confront and seek out. These are the fears and the hopes that lie deep inside you. It is easier to hang on to them rather than go forward and seek them out and tackle the fears head on or raise the hopes to realistic levels.

It is time to go seeking these inner corners and following are just some of the benefits you may well gain.

Personal Growth – With changes comes great moments for it is these changes that allow self development, personal growth etc. Most people are afraid of change because they feel there is already enough going on in their lives. But try viewing it this way – changes will help you think out of the box and changes even if only imposed, force you to move forward. So aren’t changes a big welcome then!
Involving others – As you change yourself you will find that you are creating newer relationships. For managers and team leaders this is a great chance to get others into confidence and develop their network.
Adventure – Changes however big or small makes our routine day seem “something different.” And as you will find out yourself it is pretty cool. Changes provide a stimulating mental exercise that makes things seem happen differently. Although you may be unaware of it, changes are adventurous.
Building it in – As you learn about the big changes you will start observing closely and understanding why these changes are so necessary. You will see that you have strayed off the course over time and to be back on trace these radical changes are a must. And as you accept this fact and start learning you will find yourself making minor corrections in your current course so that you don’t change your goal altogether but instead steer yourself to the right path.
Challenge –There is a very fine balance between challenge and security and it is this that motivates people. As people change and learn to do new things, they stretch; their imagination stretches and new ideas come forth.
Opportunity – Changes means new opportunities – learning and understanding, newer perspective and different roles. There are two ways to view the changes – grasp it on a personal level and move forward or dwell on it and feel miserable. It is up to you to decide which sounds better for you.
Team bonding – The best way to develop a team is to exercise changes. Give your team the opportunity to change and challenge, work together; manage new challenges with close people. Often such moments develops team spirit, enforces trust, enhance the feeling of shared commitment and brings forth the team’s full potential.

Honesty – When people undergo radical changes whether it is on individual level or organizational level, the enlightened ones realize that where they reached before the change was not where they had wanted to be. Carrying out such a review is necessary to seek the real truth and the results can be quite revealing and startling. The added benefit in case of organization would be to create a process of change, feedback on the results with an action oriented process so that in the future major changes may be unnecessary.
Choice – Changes give rise to choices. Then again changing itself is not necessarily a choice. One may choose to change or remain the same. Changes cannot be forced on to anyone. But to choose change as a personal responsibility will help you make better choices in future.
Focus – Changing will help you refocus on your goals and aspirations. On an organizational level changes are required for various reasons including the health of the company as well as the individual. And this change may mean change of status or change of role for many people and sometimes even a change of job, but taking everything in a positive way will help people move forward.
Passion – Accepting changes will motivate you to go for your goal with more passion. Changes will get you passionate about your life and work, passionate about making every day of your life more fruitful.