Posture and Attitude

August 28, 2012

Quite often the way in which an individual conducts himself or herself says a lot about their personality and inner feeling. It impacts their outlook of self worth noticeably. It also affects the way he or she breathes.
It is said that shallow people are shallow breathers, there may be some or no truth in this but if you notice and read other people carefully you may see that shallow breathers generally may have a low self-esteem, low self-confidence and an overall low feeling about themselves and the world. Regardless of whether or not this is true, every individual can surely benefit from good body posture, better breathing technique and a confident outlook.
You will agree that people having a negative body posture emit negative vibrations and the first step in correcting this would obviously be the way you breathe. It is pretty easy to identify negative body posture – shoulders hunched forwards, dragging steps when walking, looking downwards etc. If you notice closely these people generally have shallow breathing owed essentially to their bad body posture. After all negative begets negative.

Is there a remedy to this? Yes of course, all you need is a wish to change and you could easily ignite a chain reaction that leads to affirmative action and the aforementioned scenario will long be corrected and forgotten.
You may have heard that when you look up you never feel down, go ahead try and see for yourself. There is so much truth in this saying, in fact you can even treat it as a key to the lock that is closing the doors for you on better body posture and an energizing deep breathing.
Of course if you want to get a better posture, it is you who should be making the changes. Let us go step by step and see how a good posture can change your feelings about self in a positive manner, become more optimistic and imbibe deeper breathing:
-       The next time you walk out, try to hold your chin up
-       As you walk look at the horizon, be more responsive to the surroundings. Take each step meaningfully. Lift your feet strongly off the ground and walk with comfortable strides
-       You will see that when you walk like this, you would have eliminated hunching. You would have opened fully your airways and this my friend is the key to feeling better about yourself, feeling more energy and strength within.
-       Now concentrate on how you breathe, see if it is shallow. In most probabilities you would have already started breathing deeply. If you still feel your breathing is shallow make a conscious effort to breathe deeply, you should inhale enough for the air to reach your belly button.
-       Most importantly do not hold or force the breath. It will come automatically and naturally. Just focus on improving your posture and you will breathe better with every breath energizing you.
Do this every time you walk and soon you will be feeling much better about yourself. The steps are quite simple to follow and you will be killing two birds with one stone – you will not only be boosting your self-esteem but also improving your overall health as you learn to breathe better, breathe deeply.
As you make a conscious effort towards these goals you will understand why when you look up you will never feel down.