Make Your Dreams Come True – Get That Attitude

July 04, 2012

To have a change in your life “positive attitude” plays as a stepping stone. One’s attitude plays an important role in grooming oneself to becoming successful. It is the passion to achieve some thing in life that keeps you going. One’s thought forms the base for his or her attitude. Thoughts control the emotions of a person, which can be at times positive or negative.
Where positive thought pushes a person towards progression, the negative thought provokes a person into jealousy and self depression, where a person detaches himself or herself from rest of the world. Negativity also curtails one’s ability to perform. When this perspective is changed to think in a positive manner then the whole scenario is changed. The life seems lighter and brighter where a person can feel the real worth of life. His problems also start easing out in life.    

Feeling jealous of others also brings about negativity in mind. Seeing others prosper in terms of monetary or any means of materialistic standards, and then comparing it to oneself also incubates jealous and hatred behavior within you, which in large imbibes negativity into you. Thinking of a situation, where you think possibly it was you who would have been the deserving person to that particular post in the organization you are working, is being snatched away from you and given to your colleague or a subordinate, disheartens you. You may sense a bout of depression, anger or even betrayal within you.
These types of instances bring negativity into oneself. These thoughts control your emotions and restrict one to think anything positive. It creates some sort of mental block in one’s thinking capability and interferes with day to day functioning. It effects not only to any particular person alone but also to all the people around him. The complete surrounding starts filling with negativity and perhaps affect the organization at large.
On the contrary, if one may think in a positive manner that there could have been some reason as to why he has not been promoted; it could probably soothe his mind to some extent, though it takes a lot of courage to embrace such situation. This nature builds strong positive attitude in oneself which he can put to use in constructive way.