In The Game Of Life There Are No Losers

August 21, 2012

Have you felt happiness lately? Have you ever wondered if you are gong in the right direction in your life? When was the last you felt gratitude for being alive, for living this life?
There are many unanswered questions and I found a few of my answers in very strange circumstances.
I remember the last time I was at the Shipwreck Island going down the Zoom Flute with my little 2 year old kid sitting tight in my lap happy as ever. He was yelling with pure joy as I was still engrossed in my so-called thoughts and worries. As I heard him yelling, suddenly I became conscious of myself and my surroundings – the sun was kssing my skin ever so lovingly, water was splashing around gleefully, the warm and cool breeze had a salty tang and suddenly every cell in my being felt tingled, alive, happy, serene. I had found answers to some of my questions.
What is the purpose of our life – experience joy in any and every form

Am I going in the right direction – if you are feeling good in whatever you are doing, you are on the right track.
Anytime you feel happiness and joy, either you stumbled upon it accidently or you went in search of it and only had it come in trickling - savor it, enjoy it while you still can. Remember like attracts like, similarly if you are joyful it will multiply quickly, all it needs is your attention.
If you come across the smallest thing that brings cheer and joy to you, be grateful for it. Express your gratitude however small the joy was. Being joyful is a tremendous thing and when you feel gratitude for it you will attract more of it, so the more joyful you get the more grateful you should feel.
And if you give it a thought, it will be really fun, a perfect recipe for success – joy, gratitude, fun.
Always know that small steps lead to big results and joy comes in the smallest of packages.
So what was it that you felt good doing last time – may be playing with your little kid, singing or humming your favorite tune, laughing at some meaningful and some silly jokes, sittng quietly and watching the sun go down - as small as they seem weren’t they really joyful and blissful to be doing.
There would be many occasions when you ponder is there any happiness, any joy in my life? Open your eyes wide, look around – you will see a million wonders around you. In your quest to enjoy the bigger things, don’t let the small joys pass by you. You are lucky to be living, so simply enjoy it.
Look for joy actively, feel or express gratitude when you feel joyful. This way you can magnetize yourself attracting, happiness, joy, passion and fun into your life.
Believe it or not but in the game of life there are no losers, if you know how to be happy, joyful and grateful