Building Self Confidence Step By Step Till It Becomes A Way Of Life

August 12, 2012

You see many people around you – at work, in school, at the pub - they always appear self-confident, happy and on top of the world.
Everything goes on just right for these people, they are always calm and collected, and they are always successful in whatever they do. These self-confident individuals are triumphant in every aspect of their life. Wish you could be so too, isn’t it? But then they are successful because they have lots of money or may be because they are just so smart or you know what, they are just so lucky.
Give it a second thought, is it really so? The fact is neither would it be necessarily true nor is it really required. In reality, people who are self confident believe in themselves, they rely on their skills and abilities and understand well the impact this can have.
The confidence they ooze helps create opportunity that leads to success. With every ensuing success their self confidence builds up but the fact also remains that they will not allow failures to deter their belief in themselves. With each new success, each new achievement self confidence is reinforced.
People who are self-confident perceive they are able to achieve what they have set out to do. And it is this perception that creates opportunities in their lives.
Perception does create reality and you can be what you want to be. After all it is true that if you believe you can do it, you achieve the goal.
The first step therefore is to believe in self. Next act on the belief and step by step you will be able to build your self confidence.

These pointers may help you in taking that difficult first step

  • List out your strong points – write anything that you think is positive about yourself, what you are good at, compliments you have received in the past, things that have come to you easily. Regardless of how small or trivial it is if it is good it should be in the list.


  • From this list choose two things you think you need to improve. This is important for success. Concentrate on what you are good at, make it even better and improve your chances of success. You can then be more sure of self.


  • Exude confidence, whether or not you are feeling it. Encourage yourself, talk good to self, try to limit the negative thoughts and negative people. Try to be amidst people who think positively, are confident and are successful. Slowly it becomes a habit and you too will start building confidence


  • Think differently about yourself,  change the way you used to look and think about yourself. This will tremendously help raise your confidence level. View yourself as the way you want to be – self confident, successful, happy and before long you would have become that person.

It may not be all rosy, do not let setbacks beat you down. When you are feeling low think of the time when you acted with self confidence, how good you felt then. Even if you lost don’t give up, keep trying and you will be able to build confidence each time. Continue till building confidence becomes an integral part of your life