Banish Discouragement, Develop People Skills And Be Exceptionally Enthusiastic

September 12, 2012

Have you been in situations where it has been impossible to continue, you felt like giving up? Have you ever felt so discouraged that another day of frustration would be impossible for you to handle?
It is quite natural for every human being to get discouraged at one point or the other in their lifetime and people who are successful may have also felt like giving up some time. It is definite that every person gets discouraged one time or the other in his or her life time but then there is definitely a main difference between the people who take life as a challenge and others who give up because it is a challenge.

  1. Always concentrate on your goals and not the problems that you encounter.

Take the case of a businessman who is very successful in his career. He is very fond of solving the problems encountered in his business and sets it right. You would think how he manages when most of them are weighed down? This is because he knows the importance of focus and applies it in his most trying times. He does not distract his mind from the focus towards the goal; that he has kept in his mind. Doing so, he sees every problem as a stepping stone towards achieving his goal.
The feeling of being discouraged could be due to the past set backs in your life which may also restrict you from moving ahead towards your goal. Try to overcome your fears and discipline yourself in such a way, that your mind is placed on the right track focusing the goal.
To err is human. If you make any mistake and fail do not get disheartened, try to analyze the reason for the failure and try to rectify the same. Try over and over again till you succeed, because things do not turn out right every time in the first try.
It is often seen some people shying away from crowd. This is because these people lack in confidence in themselves. Evolve new methods that will overcome your shyness and nervousness of speaking to others and being one among the crowd. Here your goal is to get rid of your shyness and fear to be within the group of people. And the moment you realize your goal it becomes quite easy to work out things and deal with the frustrations.

  1. Request for help

It is better to solve you problems yourself but then there are times that you may get stuck and not be in a position to find a way out. Then it is prudent enough to take help of some good qualified person and act as per his advice. This is because you are already surrounded by problems and in this tension mind is not in a position to judge as to what is right and what is wrong. In this condition if you have soothing hands on your shoulders, your moral is boosted and you have a feeling that there is someone to back you in your difficult times.
The best way to reach a position from your present position is to go through the difficult ways that is you can learn from your mistakes. This happens to be the best and the effective method in learning things in life.
For an example, your boss always remains cross with you and never gets along with you well. Then what is the way to please him?  One of the methods is to catch hold of people who get along well with him to get their views and their inputs. Possibly you would have rubbed on the wrong side sometime. Having the right attitude and outlook could help solve the problem of having good rapport with him. Possibly you would never know until you ask someone.
3. Understand the working of your mind
The moment you learn to handle your thoughts you will find that you are able to combat with challenges that come your way easily. You will also realize that until then you were at the mercy of lots of ups and downs in your life. The ability of mastering your own mind would be the best gift to yourself. When you master your abilities you will see as to how it will bring a change in your life. You will learn to deal any of the challenges that life throws at you effectively. Try to discover the potential within you. You tend to sharpen the brain as you use it. Never keep it dormant as the mind starts filling in negative feelings inside you, thus leading to frustration. Keep your mind open to the outside world. It not only makes you worldly wise, it also makes you confident to face the world without any fear or reluctance. As your confidence grows your inner strength will also grow. This will reflect in your attitude and the work you do. People will themselves come up to you and seek your companion because people respect those who display great confidence in themselves. For all you know, you may also inculcate leadership quality that was hidden in you for long.