Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I wake each morning and kneel in prayer. I give thanks before each meal. On Sunday, I go to the house of God that I choose to attend. I am thankful for living in this country, where I have the freedom to worship the Lord from the vantage point of choice. I pray for freedom on behalf of the citizens who inhabit the countries that disallow it.

I take the time out of my busy day to devote to others. I value other people in my life. I want to be an understanding friend when they have a problem. I want to assist them. I am open to listening to the stories of pain in other’s lives. It gives me satisfaction to help people with my loving nature. Putting another person before me is a truly selfless act and exactly what God expects of me.  These are gifts I give in the name of God.

I stagger not, moving along adverse pathways, strewn with rough fork and turns. I welcome them as surely as the rays of the sun on my face. I watch the rise of dawn to reveal the day I have waited for so long. In awe I stand mystified to see the fruit of my ardent work. My challenges I will accept as my cross to bear. From success to success I will prevail! As I grow stronger in search of truth, so does my confidence sharpen to the fullest! Nothing will stand on my way, I declare. I am the master of my being. Today I take charge of my life and destiny. I swim with purpose to a tunnel of light. The positive glow resides in me. I will be hindered no more, as my purpose becomes a guiding hand. I bring all the goodness within my influence to achieve my goal.

I am eternally grateful for the success that overflows into my life. Above all, I write words of humility in the tablet of my heart. I shall not allow pride to forfeit my soul. I walk in the ways of the Lord, adhering to His divine guidance. I will prosper in everything I do and I shall overcome. I keep myself stalwart and renewed in His grace.

My subconscious mind goes out to meet the other person I am about to meet. My new friend’s mind is ready to accept my person even before we are introduced.

Today I will fully realize the meaning of forgiveness. I must forgive all those who have hurt me before I can move on with my life. May I  follow the example of Jesus and bring only love and positivity into the world. Forgiveness comes naturally to me because I am full of God's love.  I am on the path to healing and renewal. I shall release all feelings of bitterness and resentment to become a complete and joyous person. I invite peace and love into my life.

My true happiness is living a quiet life surrounded by family and friends. I enjoy conversation without vanity. I will refuse to gossip or denigrate any person. I will spread appreciation for God’s love whenever I have the opportunity.

I am transformed into a new self who is confident, assertive and has valuable opinions on relevant matters. I can now make a good decision based on my own evaluation of any circumstances.

I am adrift in a sea of tranquility. Serenity washes over me. I am united with the wonders of the universe. I rejoice in Your glory and follow the righteous path. I take up Your work here on earth and anticipate the joy of eternity.

I partake only of the correct food that my body needs. I sustain my energy with the proper exercises to keep me fit. Above all, I maintain a cheerful heart so that my good health will prevail.

My positive thinking is a handy tool for me to wage war against negative feelings.  I grasp these positive thoughts when I am about to sink in the pool of despair or hopelessness.  I prevent myself from drowning into swirling currents of depression by thinking aloud and repeating these power beliefs.  I have rescued myself time and time again, always surfacing into the magic of a clear, bright decision.

I am excited about the fantastic life I am living. When I get out of bed in the morning, I look forward to the many interesting things I will do before laying down to sleep at night. First, I communicate with God and pray for Him to remain at my side all day long. Next, I prepare for the day by going through my good-grooming routine. My body is God’s temple here on earth and I am the custodian of it. Throughout the day, I will keep my mind on all I want to accomplish. I will focus on achieving each goal to make the day a success.

I am in control of myself and will make God pleasing decisions in my life. I have sufficient passion and energy to achieve the goals I set.

Even when persecuted, I believe in Your power to watch over me and keep me from harm. I rejoice in the thought of rewards that await me. I make peace with my persecutors and ask forgiveness for them. I turn to You for grace and strength.

I am wise enough to gather and store a portion of my riches in case there
are difficult times ahead for our family. It is not that I worry or expect
bad things to occur. It is simply insurance to protect us against possible
financial problems in the future.

I vow to bring cheer and uplifting words into every encounter. If something is difficult, having a good attitude will help me to approach it in a way that will be helpful. A disagreeable attitude is not something that I will allow myself to have. If my opponent approached me with an attitude, I will counter it with my own smile and friendly words.

I have so many days filled with satisfaction, enjoyment and happiness. I have the capacity to appreciate each one. I am filled with the joy of each day bringing me new blessings. I know I am fulfilled in the Lord and am grateful to be under His care.

My confidence builds as I play scenes in my mind and review the probable results.  I create the scenario I want the most and review it several times. I gain the confidence I need by the repeated playback of my anticipated result.

I will exercise my power and control within myself. I will do what is acceptable to the people around me. I will supplement my work with virtue so as to create perfect deeds. I will wear the armor of God that I may be protected from the dangers of evil. I will think, act and speak from the stance of success and achievement. I will be fearless, firm and steadfast. All these things will be done to glorify the Lord.

When others are touched by disaster, I am strong enough to help them recover. I will be a force for good in the universe. I will contribute to the rehabilitation of others. I will be strong and accept the will of God in the occurrence of these forces of nature. I empathize with those who are not strong and help them to restore their lives and faith in God. I will overcome and help others to overcome. I will calm my rage at the unfairness of life and say Thy will be done.

Today, I set aside all memory of sin. I will find purpose in life and dwell on the good things that You would want me to do. I divest myself of all vanities and worldly goods. Yet I will never want, for my heart will be rich with the abundance of Your grace. I will tread safely over treacherous roads with You there beside me.

I shall not hold on to anger, lest it burn me. I relinquish the bad feelings and turn to thoughts of good.

I will form good habits and make use of them day by day. I will remain self-disciplined and facilitate good health in body and mind.

I am aware of the beauty in the world. There is beauty in many things. Looking into the eyes of a small child, I see the beauty of innocence and trust. I hear beauty in the sweet strains of a violin playing a symphony. I experience the scent of beauty in fresh air and flowers. I feel the beauty of a secure, loving relationship. Beauty is not only in the eyes of the beholder, but in all sensory experiences.

I walk ahead and light the way for others to follow. I am a wise and fearless individual. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, I will be the organizer who will lead others to safety. I will focus on what needs to be accomplished to emerge from the darkness to the light of a new day.

I communicate with other people in a gentle and persuasive way. I have tremendous patience and confidence that people will see the good ways that our Lord has set for us. I provide a pleasant conversation that the group may dwell upon the kind words.

I am a smart person who can follow a career path that will result in financial abundance. I have the ability to remain on task every day to further that goal, whatever my career choice may be. I will be open to an exchange of ideas with others seeking the same goals. I will offer my help to them and not be shy about asking for their help when I need it.

I do not take pride in financial abundance for its own sake. I take pride in the fact that I worked hard and long to accumulate riches. The credit is not all mine, for I am fortunate to have talents and the ambition to use them.

I have a sincere desire to hear people talk about themselves. I listen with my heart and respond accordingly. I know that it helps to ease their minds when they can share their troubles with someone. I am grateful to be able to provide a compassionate ear and help in some small way.

All my loved ones are the source of my joy. Sharing a meal of good food and good conversation with them is a pleasure. Providing good advice is both a responsibility and a privilege. Knowing I make them feel secure is a source of pride and satisfaction.

I am grateful to my parents for bringing me up in Godly fashion. I will stay obedient to their wishes even when I am older and have children of my own. I shall love and respect them unto eternity.

I do not let wealth rule my life even as it flows abundantly. I am relieved to have no financial pressures, and am deeply gratified for great things building up in my life. I lead life simply, unencumbered by selfishness. I love things that are free like the wind blowing gently. I am positively familiar with the wishes of the earth and its creations. I respect their wishes over my own. I give deference to their rights in acknowledgment of our differences. I possess humility but am not cowed by adversity. I am one with all of the universe.

My body is a creation of God, therefore I cherish it as a gift. I maintain good health through exercise. I give my body the physical requirements it needs. I eat nutritious foods and get ample rest to keep myself functioning in a healthy way.

I cannot unravel the past, any more than ask the rains to stop nourishing the earth. I will leave my mistakes behind and focus on today and tomorrow.  I will change my feelings of failure to surety of my future success. I move towards my rightful place in God’s universe.

I visualize my goals and work to achieve them. I will actualize these images through diligence and dedication.

I am appreciative of the freedom that is mine. I use it to make decisions for my life, in accordance with the laws of the country and the laws of God. I teach my children to be patriotic as well as God-pleasing. I put no other restraints on their developing minds.

I am strong enough to conquer my frustrations and accept my disappointments.  I have found ways to overcome the roadblocks to happiness. I focus my thoughts on the rainbow that follows the storm. I see beyond the clouds to the sunshine of a new day.

I shall approach life with all the vitality that will guarantee my success. Each morning I will wake and feel the strength well up inside me. I have set goals that are worthwhile and I know I have the talent and work ethics to reach them. I will never give up for I am poised and ready to conquer the world.

I have gained control of my subconscious mind and can now use it to my conscious benefit. I can train my thoughts and focus on the minds of others and relay my power. I can allow my confidence and certainty to flow through and make them feel the surge. I am a strong entity to work for the good of others.

It is only after careful deliberations and thorough analysis that I am prepared to make good decisions. I then resolve to implement them and pave the way to achieving the required results.

My day begins with positive thinking and with less reliance on luck. I double my efforts and am reassured that I will make good things happen. I firmly hold on to my belief that nothing can stop me from doing the necessary task.

I may have a different definition of beauty. A shallow person may define beauty in terms of a pretty face, a graceful body and a voice that is lovely to listen to. A sensitive person may define it as peace and sharing.  A literal definition may identify it as the state of not being at war. A military general may define it as a declaration that war is ended. To each of us, beauty is a different thing. We can be sure that beauty is always a good thing. I try each day to embrace my personal view of what it means to me.

I am earning vast amounts of money and am greatly overjoyed. I can use these riches to create opportunities for others.  This ocean of abundance shall not be for my personal use alone. Instead, I am eager to contribute to the  economy and offer jobs to those who have no employment opportunities. Through my numerous resources, I will be able to unselfishly provide service to others. I love doing philanthropic things while attracting more income and wealth.  Above all, I will bear in mind that I will remain steadfast to my own true master, who is the Lord.  I will not allow myself to be corrupted by money and power.

My mind is a verdant valley of green pastures. This scene I visualize brings me peace. I am at home in the meadow and one with the universe. It gives me the full measure of my own humanity.

I have defined my goal, now my purpose is to reach them.  I have learned how to achieve them, and I believe it is possible.  I can tell where exactly I plan to go, what to do along the way, and how to develop the best parts of myself for the purpose I have in my life.  I intend to make this search the greatest adventure ever.

My boundless faith is my pillar of strength. Each day is a joyful miracle. I lay me down each night with satisfaction for the accomplishments of the day. I trust in God to provide security and refuge. His love will surround and protect me all the days of my life.

I will extol the virtues of a great person as I make his life an example to my daily struggle.  I will make an inspiration of his life that my own potentials may be awakened and cultivated.

I will be the epitome of a kind soul to my fellow man.  I acknowledge that his path through life may be covered with more stones than mine. I will show compassion for his difficulties.

Nature presents me with the  bounties of the earth. Love and joy radiate from my heart. Optimism leads me to ever more achievement as I traverse the path to glory. I am never alone. Peace fills me and there is a song of thanksgiving in my heart.

I add vim, vigor and vitality to every project I undertake. When I lead a
volunteer group in painting and doing minor repairs for an elderly couple
I make them feel good about giving the help that is needed. I allow the
couple to see that we are happy to provide the services they require to
keep their home maintained.