Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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Welcome to Positive Lifestyle

We hope that the resources on this site will help you soar higher and live a more positive, stronger lifestyle.

I give thanks for the miracles bestowed in this life. The song of a bird, the satisfaction of working at a worthy profession and the hand of my small child held in mine as I lead her through the wonders of the world around us. May she find security in my love as I find security in my faith in the Lord.

I am a successful person in the business world. I enjoy networking with other business people. I am proud to be capable of offering assistance to others if they need it. I do not selfishly guard my ideas. Rather, I am ready to brainstorm with one individual or a group depending on the occasion. I will have financial abundance as a reward for my hard work.

I will work to build my home and furnish it with love. I give my household simple meals and garnish these with joy and laughter. Our home is adorned with loving discipline and the instructions for leading a Godly life.

I conquer my despair even when everything is falling apart. I keep my faith and never give up the struggle as I summon up the courage and confidence to do what must be done. When all else dims, I try to find humor and cling to the knowledge that God helps me when I feel the depressing emotions. I do manage to achieve the control I seek to have. My faith in the Lord works many wonders even during the most volatile of situations.

I welcome each day as an inspiration for me to explore the outside world. When I step from the threshold, my tread is firm and steady. There is no fear or shaky feeling to counteract my desire to see the sights. I slowly build up my confidence and courage. The longer I step away from my comfort zone, the greater the hopefulness wells inside me. I am regaining my strength and I control my fear. This life certainly holds more pleasure in store for me.

I understand that miracles I pray for may sometimes be granted. I shall be happy and grateful when they are. I also understand that miracles I pray for may not come to pass. The reasons are beyond human understanding and I shall pray for the strength to accept what is to be.

I am an avid listener to people's stories. In arguments, I hear what the other person is trying to tell me before I formulate my response. I am eager to resolve the issue and settle the problem.

I am burning with the fiery enthusiasm that invigorates my efforts to assist the needy and downtrodden that cross my path. I shall serve to enrich them through my humble efforts.

I have no cause to fret even when someone has wronged me. I will remain steadfast in the name of the Lord and my unfailing love and my faithfulness will be rewarded.

I am made stronger, with God’s help, by overcoming tragedy each time it befalls me. I start each day anew, using my strength to lift myself higher before sunset.

Today I will envision my life in the future. I shall create a clear picture of the road to follow. Though it may be rocky, I shall continue on until my vision becomes a reality. I may stumble, but nothing can stop me from realizing my dreams. God shall walk by my side and guide me to my destiny.

Today I will meditate and commune with the Lord. I shall relax and allow the peace of the universe to enfold me. I will do all I can to ensure recuperation from illness. I will reject stressful feelings. God directs my path and I need only focus on measures to take to accomplish my dreams. I have confidence in my ability to realize them.

I am certain that I’ve chosen the right career. I have the education, the organized mindset and the dedication needed to do each part of my job in the optimal way. I look forward to each new day and the opportunities for success that lie ahead. I anticipate with pleasure meeting heads of other companies for an interchange of ideas. I always have something valuable to contribute to business discussions and other companies are eager to enter business deals with my company.

My love for others is as great as the love I have for myself. It is unconditional, open and absolute. Each individual in the world is a creation of the Lord. I will be patient, open minded and forgiving in all my relationships. I will offer advice to those who request it. I will provide comfort to those in distress. I expect no reward above the joy of doing God’s work. I embrace my fellow man with affection and devotion.

Our daily meals are a time of sharing good food. They are a time of gathering together and giving thanks for all we receive. We also share a bond through our conversations and the simple joy of each other’s company. Food does more than fill our bellies. Food gives us a common denominator, a time to commune together and nourish our bodies and our souls.

I am in control of myself and will make God pleasing decisions in my life. I have sufficient passion and energy to achieve the goals I set.

I am only a minute portion of the entire universe.  I will strive to be a great part in this world no matter how small I am.  I will try to meet head on all issues that mirror the complications of this world.   And in the depths of my being, when twilight comes, I shall depart a happy one.

I shall toil through the week and be rewarded for my labors. My compensation shall be great. All my thoughts will contribute to greater achievements. I garner all my strength to surpass the physical hardships. For what good is the desire if the flesh is weak? I ask the Lord to strengthen my spirit. Let me acquire the virtues I lack for I will apply them to success in glorifying God.

My life is filled with wonderful possibilities and I look forward to a happy future. I am strong enough to apply myself to doing good and charitable things for my fellow man. I am proud of being kind and loving to everyone. I live a chaste life as a child of God.

My spouse is truly the other half of myself. Without each other we are incomplete. I am rejuvenated by my spouse’s presence. There is no room for doubt, jealousy or anger. We shall heretofore share a lifetime filled with love and harmony.

I love others and myself deeply. I feel the warmth of God all around me, and I spread it amongst all people around the world. I know that my soul is bright, and I want it to shine out and touch other people’s lives. I will not be afraid to offer a helping hand, and will do so gladly and often. I hope to meet different people and share knowledge and experience. I am happy to share the experiences of people from other walks of life and cultures.

Looking to the future and learning more about all our universe holds fills
me with anticipation. Scientists have brought outer space closer through
innovations such as the Hubbell telescope and the advancement of space
travel. There are surely more intriguing discoveries to come.

I have the positive self-image of a strong, healthy individual. I can take on any task that leads to my success in the career that I have selected. I expect to rise to the pinnacle of my field of expertise. I attribute that to the talents I was born with and the hard work I do to use them to climb to the top

I welcome the surge of positive feelings within me. I am garbed in good intentions and surround myself with happy moments. I will not cloud my mind with gloomy thoughts. The warmth of joyous memories will flood my soul. I focus only on kind and Godly thoughts.

I have attained the education needed to be a teacher and spend my work days surrounded by children. I face each day and each class with a smile on my face. I receive smiles in return. I feel confident that I’m doing something important with my life. Each time a child grasps a new concept I take great pride in knowing I taught it. My life is so happy and full.

I have the strength to face challenges and navigate through risky situations. I am not afraid of adventure. I am a person who loves both work and fun in this world. My faith is unchallenged in the knowledge that I serve the Lord.

My true happiness is living a quiet life surrounded by family and friends. I enjoy conversation without vanity. I will refuse to gossip or denigrate any person. I will spread appreciation for God’s love whenever I have the opportunity.

There is a wide range of possibilities I can see in the recesses of my mind.  I am in full control of my thoughts, even if they are sometimes too deep to fathom.  I allow my consciousness to explore the realm of ideas, seeing them take shape in my imagination.   I will turn on the energy and rule my brain to follow my desires.  I am the master of the forces inside me.

I have learned the art of being flexible. I implement the assessment of results and compare those results with those I had hoped to achieve. I am quick to adjust plans that do not produce the desired results. I continue to work towards the goals I have set for myself.

I am careful to maintain a positive attitude about everything in my life. I focus on the qualities I love in my spouse and ignore the few that disturb me. They are dismissed from my thoughts as being insignificant. My attitude about my children is that they are 99 percent perfect and bring great happiness into each day. My positivity extends to neighbors and co-workers alike. For the most part, no one disappoints me in the way they respond.

Mother Nature’s efforts are on display in each lush garden and each lovely butterfly that flits from flower to flower. She brings sunshine to nourish it every day. She sends gentle rains to help it bloom. I stand in the shadow of a tall tree and behold the beauty of all the land.

I go forward expecting and dreaming of better things to come. My focus is on positive things. I expect to find better work, additional resources and opportunities to showcase my abilities. I will gain wealth and therefore be able to help those who are less fortunate. As my riches grow, I will take pleasure in distributing help to the needy.

I will make today much more than just an ordinary day. I will use today to rise up and take my future into my hands. I know there is a wealth of opportunities waiting for me to snatch up. I feel ambitious, strong, determined and powerful. I have the willpower to give up bad habits and to release negative thoughts. Today I will not walk, but I will run, run towards my goals!

My poise displays total confidence within me.  I am assured of my battle, be it that an entire crowd should rain their criticism or hurl stones at me.  The inner confidence lies on my absolute faith that I am sheltered from the pain by the strength of God’s love.

I brush away the cobwebs that they may not cloud my mind. I focus on the brilliant light of hope. No flicker of fear remains to threaten or weaken me. I am filled with the vigor of knowing success shall be mine. I tread lightly over rocky paths and the stones under my feet do not deter me. I am filled with the conviction of my own triumph in the name of the Lord.

I am now marching fully on the road to transformation. Recovery is easy when I stay focused on the result that I aim for. I am getting acquainted again with my healthy appetite for life. I can see the beauty of the fields and smell the salty air of the ocean. I am rediscovering nature and myself.

I shall work for the greater good by achieving one small success at a time. Each day a victory will be mine. Each night I will sleep and wake refreshed to continue my work.

I am thankful for each favor granted by the Lord. I have family to love and cherish me. I have good physical health. I have a clear mind to study and absorb the knowledge I need to achieve riches. I shall repay each favor by passing it on to another. This is how I choose to serve God, by my kind acts to others among His flock.

I will bow my head in gratitude to the Lord who heals my body and forgives my iniquities. He has redeemed my life from the abyss of death and given me steadfast love and mercy. I am blessed with strength that courses through me and will sustain me in this mortal life. I will end each day with these words of prayer, Thy will be done.

I am filled with joy each time the sun rises, bringing with it a new day. It
is the source of light, growth and the hope of better things to come. I will
spare no effort to make it a good day for myself and my loved ones.

I live to align myself with the kingdom of God. I follow the path He directs me to take. I am in constant appraisal of my life. I shall not be distracted from my purpose. I open my eyes each day to discover something new and beautiful. I shall not be diverted from the course I am set forth on. This is my journey. My search for Your kingdom is a constant adventure.

I am an important part of our universe. I live my life to be a force for
good. I know I can be influential in bringing happiness to those I come
in contact with. I give my smile, my willingness to listen, my empathy
and sometimes, my money.

Today, I set aside all memory of sin. I will find purpose in life and dwell on the good things that You would want me to do. I divest myself of all vanities and worldly goods. Yet I will never want, for my heart will be rich with the abundance of Your grace. I will tread safely over treacherous roads with You there beside me.

I acknowledge that life doesn't always turn out as expected. There will be obstacles to conquer and I shall face them with a determined, positive attitude. I rise up stronger than before, should I stumble. God is proud because I cope with difficult situations. Each experience contains a lesson to help me grow. Today I am a happier and wiser person than yesterday.

My relationships are strong and long lasting. Every person I meet brings with them a new set of prospects. God teaches me not to judge other people, but to learn from them and to teach them. I treat others equally and forgive those than make mistakes; in turn I will be forgiven also. I display emotions of love and sympathy towards my partner in life. We are all in this together!

I will shun the thoughts on those days that doubt seeps in. The routine nature of daily life can become tedious. I do not allow those moments of clouded vision to mar my happiness. I refocus myself and return to service in God’s name. I turn to God to banish the doubts.

Every day is a challenge to become a better person. I shall live in peace with others and should conflict intervene, I shall put out the fire of bitter rage and bring both sides to agreement. It is my duty to promote harmony as we all strive to fulfill God’s plan. I shall be a positive influence in establishing a happy life for all my brethren, dispelling their discordant voices.

I am a careful planner and make cautious investments. I tend my money as if it were a garden, and I the gardener. I do not squander it and find myself in need. I save long enough to reap the harvest of the money garden that I planted and watered carefully over the years.

Today I am not a shy and retiring person. I am not ashamed of who I am. I will let go of embarrassment and stand up for what I believe in. I will speak up and correct someone if I think they are wrong. I am willing to voice my opinion about God. I speak with assertiveness and carry myself proudly. I am a charismatic, fun person to be with and this influences others around me. God is great for bestowing these qualities upon me, Thank You for making me the person I am today.

I am a dedicated nature lover. When I hike through a wilderness area I carry all the papers and other trash back to a designated disposal container. I enjoy hiking through beautiful areas and leave them as clean and unblemished as when I arrived.