Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I am someone others can turn to for help. If they need advice on how to solve a problem, I will not simply give them the answer they want to hear. It is no favor to simply agree with what I consider a bad way to deal with their situation. I give my carefully considered response, but, do not insist they follow my advice.

I cannot wait to begin my busy day each morning. I get out of bed full of energy for all I can accomplish in one day. My mind is like a well-organized data bank of information I can access and utilize at a moment’s notice. My high-level of motivation can inspire a group of co-workers or staff that I am in charge of and encourage cooperation and success for everyone in that group.

I am surrounded by the mystery of life. I see miracles of life from the tiniest form. Perplexed I may be, but reverence for all things living is strong in me. I will continue to thank the Lord for my humble existence. It is awesome to be part of this glorious world.

I have great trust in what I can accomplish. I have great inner strength. I have the capacity to fuel the tiny spark of enthusiasm that shall, like kindle, grow into a roaring flame of achievement.

When I perform great tasks, I do so with perseverance. I am ready to surmount all obstacles to gain the results I see as right. My goals will be met and I will not be stopped before I can accomplish them.

I know I am a nature lover when I hike through the woods or walk alongside a lake. I see a fallen bird, and picking it up gently, place it in the nest if possible. If not, I take the time to deliver it to a designated wildlife rescue site. I treat all creatures with respect and caring.

I show a happy face to the outside world, keeping unpleasant thoughts to myself. When I bestow a smile on someone, I get a happy smile in return. I try to think of good things when I am with other people. I can influence the mood of the group in a positive way.

Today I am attracting optimistic and healthy people into my life.  I have a confident and upbeat personality, which draws positive people into my life. I know precisely who I am and what I seek in a relationship. I contribute freely to my relationships and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. I am always willing to assist my friends and articulate my feelings clearly. People gladly join my circle of friends.

I have so many days filled with satisfaction, enjoyment and happiness. I have the capacity to appreciate each one. I am filled with the joy of each day bringing me new blessings. I know I am fulfilled in the Lord and am grateful to be under His care.

I show a happy face to the outside world, keeping unpleasant thoughts to myself. When I bestow a smile on someone, I get a happy smile in return. I try to think of good things when I am with other people. I can influence the mood of the group in a positive way.

Every day is a challenge to become a better person. I shall live in peace with others and should conflict intervene, I shall put out the fire of bitter rage and bring both sides to agreement. It is my duty to promote harmony as we all strive to fulfill God’s plan. I shall be a positive influence in establishing a happy life for all my brethren, dispelling their discordant voices.

I turn my face and receive the rays of the morning sun.  I listen to my positive thoughts and repeat them aloud. My subconscious responds with its own positive statements. It exhilarates me to feel the power coursing through my body and mind. I am ready to face the day.

My spouse is truly the other half of myself. Without each other we are incomplete. I am rejuvenated by my spouse’s presence. There is no room for doubt, jealousy or anger. We shall heretofore share a lifetime filled with love and harmony.

I rise before the dawn breaks and light the fire. I welcome the day and work diligently to provide for the needs of my household. I prepare the children for their own daily tasks and instruct them in the words of faith. My children and my spouse will sing praises for the way I care for their material and spiritual needs.

I graciously receive gifts and know in my heart that they are meant to provide good to myself as recipient and gratify the giver. I give for the sake of gratifying my innermost generosity.

Today I thank God for the gift of my child. I love and value my child as I love and value myself. I always take notice of what my child says and give him the same attention I would accord an adult. I take care of his needs for love, attention and nourishment. I feed his body with nourishing food and his soul with the word of God. I devote my time to his gentle discipline and instill good morals in his ways. I am his first teacher and endeavor to fulfill my responsibilities. I love my child with all my heart and show daily affection in many ways.

I am confident I can wash away the bitterness, wrath   and disillusionment that are detrimental to my soul. I shall fill my heart with peace and contentment until tenderness and compassion flood my being.

I face daily challenges with my head held high. I do not avoid difficult situations. Instead, I seek solutions to existing problems. I will discover the answers to puzzling questions. God’s plan has a reason for everything that transpires in this world. If a complex situation arises that seems beyond my capability to resolve today, I will ponder it until tomorrow. When I awake with a rested mind, I shall be successful in finding answers and viable solutions to the problem at hand.

I take pride in sharing my dream to my colleagues.  I am not afraid that I will not be understood.  I am equally proud that they have chosen to support me in my goal.  This adds fuel to my determination to make my dream become real.  There is no more hesitation to my pursuit of victory.  I can already smell the sweet taste of triumph.  It really is a feat to even try!

I am acquiring money not for the sake of money itself. I find compensation for my talents and hard work satisfying. I toil to provide my family with a safe and happy life. I do not hoard the excess of riches, but, offer it to charitable organizations that do God’s work here and around the world.

Although the road to eternity may be difficult, I lift my eyes to the sky and see Your image. No hardships will be insurmountable. I will survive and maintain a resolute spirit through the faith I have in the Lord

My artistic mind is active and weaves creative beauty in my soul. I have a need to create beauty and share my moments of glowing success with others. I am one of God’s creations and glorify Him with overflowing joy.

I no longer shall walk along the corridors of uncertainty. Today, uncertainty is halted. No more shall I walk with doubt or ill will within my heart. I have purified my intentions and brought them to the altar of God. I gather all my faith, my hope and my joy in life to keep me strong and warm. I have the desire to make the journey to the divine life. I shall follow God's words. I am strengthened by the sheer power of His glory. Thus, I am confident that I shall follow my desired path, to which, the end boasts of a rainbow of colors. Such is eternal life, and I yearn to be enfolded in that sweet serenity.

I shall respect all things that bloom in nature for they are creations made to please man. The fields of corn grow in plenty to nourish our bodies. The clear, running waters flow to quench our thirst. The vision of clear blue skies satisfies our need for beauty and the sweet scent of the flowers pleases our senses.

I give thanks to God for keeping watch over me. He prevents unclean thoughts from entering the crevices of my mind. He provides me with everything that I need. Food sustains my body and faith my soul. With Him, everything falls into its proper place. I have no anxiety for what to eat, or what to drink for each day that comes along. He has opened wide the doors of opportunity. Thoughts of repayment are not enough.  I will repay Him with deeds.  In action I will show how much appreciation is within me for all the good things that happen in my life.  Praise be to You oh Lord.

I shall be strong enough to refrain from treating another as a fool. Instead I will expend my efforts to teach the doctrine of the Lord and guide him from repeating his mistakes in the future. I will never degrade him or look down on him for his misdeeds.

Today I will value my body and consume only healthy, organic foods. My body is a temple, a gift from God, and I should be wholly respectful of it. I will be fully nourished by the foods that I eat, and eat only what my body requires. I will protect my health from excess weight, stress and depression. My body is amazing and average portions will suffice. I will exercise and strive to stay on the path to attaining the optimal weight for my height.

My body is a creation of God, therefore I cherish it as a gift. I maintain good health through exercise. I give my body the physical requirements it needs. I eat nutritious foods and get ample rest to keep myself functioning in a healthy way.

I will laugh out loud and drown myself in the joys of living. I will dance and lose myself to the pleasure of the rhythm. I will love like there is no tomorrow.

I am dedicated to keeping myself in the best of health through good nutrition and regular exercise. I change my exercise routine frequently to avoid being bored with it. Exercise includes walking, stretching and lifting weights. Even something as routine as maintaining a clean home is beneficial exercise.

I will execute my duties with a cheerful heart. I will leave discontent at the door. Contentment shall fill my rooms. My joy shall be in pleasing my brethren in the name of the Father.

My passion for succeeding in the business world is not simply a pursuit
of wealth. I am driven to excel to use the talents I was born with to the
fullest extent possible. I believe in working hard and am rewarded for it.

This is the time for my awakening. From deep slumber, I rise and fill my being with the positive light of faith. The glow surrounds me. I focus my thoughts on what I have to achieve. My future holds the promise of a beautiful gift. I free myself from the bondage of hesitation and uncertainty.  With You by my side, how can I not overcome?

I respect all the brave men and women who fight for freedom. I do not argue about politics with friends or family. When others begin to argue, I mediate their differences. Although I have strong beliefs, I do not denigrate the preferences of others. I present my ideas in a pleasant manner and am willing to listen to the other person’s views.

I am a pillar of strength for the people who depend on me. I bring new and fresh joy and hope to their existence. It magnifies my desire to provide sustenance to those in need. I cannot be weak and chance failing them. I cannot be hesitant for their steps will slow. I draw on Your strength and power to resuscitate me. With Your help I will rise to new heights and my courage will know no bounds.

I have the freedom to tread the path I choose in life. I can walk through the valley and stop to lie down in the green pasture. I am free to follow the steep road and climb to the pinnacle of the mountain. I am thankful to have the choice of following either way without censure.

I step outside and turn my eyes upward. My feeling of awe at the beauty of the sky or the flight of a seagull reminds me how I have pleased God. Surely I have earned His favor by my good works and charity towards others. How else, would I be so blest as to have all this to bring me happiness.

I do my part to make my country safe for the future. I support plans for security and preventing those who would harm it from carrying out their nefarious plots. I approve of all immigrants who apply for entrance in the legally accepted way. I encourage them to work hard and assure their own success.

I am certain that I’ve chosen the right career. I have the education, the organized mindset and the dedication needed to do each part of my job in the optimal way. I look forward to each new day and the opportunities for success that lie ahead. I anticipate with pleasure meeting heads of other companies for an interchange of ideas. I always have something valuable to contribute to business discussions and other companies are eager to enter business deals with my company.

I will live in safety without fear of harm. I will stay away from men of dishonest ways and perverse deeds. I may be slight, but I can conquer as David conquered Goliath.  My wisdom and discretion will protect me when brawn fails. All this is within my power and I shall honor the Lord by following the paths He has set me on.

I am strong and vital and I embrace each day of life. I love my family and friends and am devoted to my work. I know I do all I can to make them happy and all I can to perform my job well every day.

I have a great concern for the well-being of those who cannot take care of
themselves. It is true that some people take advantage of the charity of
others, but there are those who, for physical or mental reasons, are unable
to work or manage their lives. I direct them to the proper sources that
can provide assistance.

Now is here and I shall not waste it longing for the day gone by. Now is happening I shall not waste it wondering what the morrow brings. Now I have the sun above me and the earth beneath my feet. Now I have the gardens spread out all around me with their petals bright and sweet. I shall not waste the now in regret, for what is gone shall not return. I shall not waste the now in wishing for tomorrow for perhaps it may not come. Now. I live. I love. I enjoy all that is happening now.

I examine myself and fix my eyes on what is unseen. I allow the calm and confidence to take over and carry me to the brink of success. I can preach the word of God and focus on completing my work. Such is my determination and my calling. I am the anchor of my soul, but God is the sanctuary of my being.

I have many dreams to fulfill. Never again shall I say, I can do it tomorrow. All those tomorrows may pass me by. I shall not allow that to happen. I am strong and ready to take control – now – and take all the necessary steps to reach out for those dreams. They may not be mine now, but I can make them come true for me tomorrow.

I take full responsibility for my life. If something goes wrong, I am capable of making it right. I walk through life with integrity and dignity. I am empathetic towards others, but, do not allow them to bring me down. I live a sincere life, am truthful and open to the wishes of God. I face each day with a smile and work diligently to spread the word of the Lord to all who will listen.

I am thankful for the blessings God has bestowed upon me and my family. I live in the hope they will follow the ways of the Lord as I do. I feel kindness and compassion for less fortunate people. I provide charitable donations for those who are in need of food and shelter.

I am adrift in a sea of tranquility. Serenity washes over me. I am united with the wonders of the universe. I rejoice in Your glory and follow the righteous path. I take up Your work here on earth and anticipate the joy of eternity.

When I see the accomplishments of others I take pride in having helped them to achieve. I give them the generous praise they deserve. I am enthusiastic about their good work and the fact that I was instrumental in inspiring them to succeed.

Each day is a gift of living from God. I begin my day with appreciation that I can once more live through a glorious day in this universe.  I dedicate my day's work to my Lord. I will take note of all unfinished tasks and set to work on them. I will remember others as I perform my duties. I will invite them to share the good works and set tasks for them. I will explore other possibilities and consciously add them to my tasks. I rest only when the sun sets in the West. Then I shall rest and thank the Lord for a fruitful day.