Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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My mind is steadfast and my soul is composed. My perception leads me down the correct path to follow. As each new scene unfolds I have a sense of being connected to my goals. I am clear as to my purpose and my faith shines bright. No darkness shall obstruct my vision as I am guided by Your divine grace.

Wealth need not be an unattainable dream. I shall use my passion for my work to create prosperity. I shall handle my finances wisely. God gives resources I shall use to enrich myself and my loved ones. I shall not turn away from those in need, but use my riches to provide them with sustenance. I have a bright future to look forward to.

I know that God is the source of all my joy. Each day I am happy and each day I strive to be the source of another person’s happiness. I use my talents to help others because it is the source of my satisfaction.

I respect the other person's point of view. I listen and hear what they want to convey. I interact freely with others and respect their beliefs while expressing my own and sharing my own stories.

I have gained control of my subconscious mind and can now use it to my conscious benefit. I can train my thoughts and focus on the minds of others and relay my power. I can allow my confidence and certainty to flow through and make them feel the surge. I am a strong entity to work for the good of others.

I am a dedicated custodian of the parks and rivers upon which Mother Nature bestows her beauty. Walking amongst the trees and flowers is a refreshing experience that rejuvenates my soul. A plentiful variety of plants and shrubs grow together in the same space. I wish the people who walk these paths would also thrive in close proximity to one another.

My gifts of wheat and corn will come pouring in because my heart attracts bountiful harvests. The innocent and meek await my generous contribution. The vessel is refilled to provide for my loved ones and those in dire need. I shall receive God’s blessings for the rest of my life.

I will be merciful towards my enemies and show compassion towards those who wronged me. It is Your desire that I become strong in my faith. I will embrace the concept of forgiveness. You will strengthen me to do these things. I will fill my heart with calmness and my spirit will become whole. Your grace and blessings will flow through me to benefit those who do not yet know of Thee.

I shall be more loving to those around me. I will do unto others as I wish them to do unto me. This will promote peace and harmony in the world.

I embrace my freedom to made decisions that affect my life. I make responsible decisions about where to live, what to eat and what career I want to pursue. I live in a neighborhood I can afford. I consume healthy food and I have selected a career path that will put my talents to use.

Today I am positive about myself regardless of the judgments others make about my abilities. I am certain of my own radiance, successfulness and beauty. My physical body is a creation of God. I let go of the past and accept myself for who I am. I place my trust in God's perfect plan, for He can do no wrong.

I vow to view money as the means to secure sustenance on earth for myself and my progeny. I shall not worship it or take pride in how much I can accrue. I shall keep in mind that I have been blessed with a surplus. I shall be thankful for it and enjoy a good life. I shall not fail to remember those who are without even the necessities and provide what I can for them.

I hear things about me from other people. I am thankful for those that are positive and wonder if my acts are deserving of the negative ones. I am not troubled because I have planted the seed of inner confidence in my heart. I will be spurred on, continuing to work for the betterment of my being. I use such remarks as an inspiration to improve myself because I am made for success not failure.

When morning light breaks the darkness of the night, I will arise without hesitation to begin a day of work. I gain satisfaction from achievements I can make in my chosen profession. I am thankful to have work that gives me pleasure each day. I shall take pride in reaching the goals I set for myself. As the light of day fades, I find satisfaction in knowing I have done my best.

Mother Nature’s efforts are on display in each lush garden and each lovely butterfly that flits from flower to flower. She brings sunshine to nourish it every day. She sends gentle rains to help it bloom. I stand in the shadow of a tall tree and behold the beauty of all the land.

I have been blessed with for I crave no material riches in this life. I am not beguiled by luxurious mansions, expensive cars and vast properties. I live my life sustained by the basic necessities. My happiness lies in spiritual fulfillment and I take joy in the Lord.

My life is a blessing and I am thankful for all the good things in it. I have an abundance of hope for a happy future. It is with joy and anticipation that I prepare for the future. I embrace and take pleasure in all the days that will lead me to the wonderful success that awaits me.

My mind is replete with information on how to generate plans. I will cautiously sift through the data and focus on the specific and important facts.  These will help me reach my long term goals and facilitate my desired results.

I shall always treasure the value of my true friends who love and understand me. I shall always be willing to share happiness with them and empathy in time of need. I yearn to keep them close for the duration of my earthly life and in eternity.

I trust that the image of me created within my mind will prove to be correct. My strength shall depend on the powers of my strong faith in God and He shall sustain me.

Today I will strive to be a more positive person. I will look at situations differently and take something good from them. I will not allow  depression, stress and anxiety to sadden my day. I will keep my mind clear and will not gossip or indulge in petty arguments. I shall not trespass against others, but shall forgive those who trespass against me. I walk through life with a smile on my face. My step is light and today is truly one of happiness.

I give myself up to the calmness inside me. My mind stills as peace washes over my being. As I take control, fear shall no longer engulf me. I judge myself worthy of winning this battle inside me to overcome misery. I banish any darkness of spirit. I rise to victory and celebrate wisdom gained.

I am fortunate to have good relationships with family and friends. My kindness and ability to forgive is the key to success in getting along well with others. I am gifted with kindness, patience and true caring for other people. My personality pleases them.

I rejoice in the moment and marvel at the beauty of Your creation. I try to live in Your image and give of myself to those who are in need. I am generous and give to others the riches entrusted to me. I am thankful because I always receive more than I give.

My fervent hope is that all citizens of the planet earth will act as caring  custodians. May I inspire their efforts to maintain it and leave it a better place for generations to come. I hope to open the minds of big business to clarify the negative aspects of accepting pollution for the sake of gaining additional wealth. May they understand that it is their descendants, as well as others, who will inherit the earth in the condition they behind after their departure.

I am a loyal and trustworthy friend. When someone shares a confidential conversation with me, I do not divulge the information to anyone else. Friends and family can trust me to be a concerned listener, but give advice only when asked for it. I am congenial and never take offense if my advice is disregarded.

The Universe reveals my destiny before me. I feel excited to know that I have a wonderful future ahead of me. Today is only the beginning in the adventure of life. I have God to thank for my health, my family and material belongings. My emotions are so full of appreciation for the life that I have been given.

I look forward with anticipation and eagerness to each new day that dawns. I am ready to be amazed and awed by the good things and surprises that come my way. Life has many rewards for me as I work to help others each day.

I pass on to those around me the feelings of great confidence and certainty. It is a tangible presence that palpates in the air around us providing protection from temptations that might be our downfall.

One observation of a natural disaster is that it clears the way to a new path in life. Let the floods clear those obstacles that cloud my goals. I will turn to God for direction. I will pray for understanding, be thankful for the gift of another day and look for the next way I can serve God and my fellow man.

I prosper in all facets of my life and I believe that prosperity is well deserved. I smile as I pay my bills and am thankful for the means to do so. I am deserving of God’s love and He encourages my ambitious dreams by granting me the intellect and skill to make them come true.

I am a person with an active mind. I always think of new innovative ways of doing things. I can make a difficult task easier by exercising my mental powers. I keep my body healthy in the same way. I exercise physically by walking, jogging and spending time on the treadmill each day. I do these exercises six days a week. I enjoy having an active mind in an active body.

I have looked inside my heart and found a keen longing to be reborn in the image of God. I want to feel His spirit within me. I want to be as fresh and pure as the morning dew and bathe in the wholesome fragrance of nature. I can achieve this transformation through my own willpower and my physical being shall bow in obedience to the will of God.

My senses get sharper each day with appreciation for this beautiful world. What great power You have shown by designing all these things for us. There is no greater joy than waking up to the music of birds chirping and opening our eyes to a sunlit morning.  Lying here contemplating the wonders of the universe, my spirit seeks Your presence beside me. It is wondrous how magnificent is this world that You've given us.

I am thankful for the many good companions who support me in my daily life.  My friends are like treasures that are not easily found.  Once I have them in my life I will work to keep them there.  Good people are the precious jewels and gold of this life.

I celebrate my good health and vitality for I am prepared to pursue my dreams. They are more than fleeting thoughts. They are goals set to make my dreams come true.

My confidence builds as I play scenes in my mind and review the probable results.  I create the scenario I want the most and review it several times. I gain the confidence I need by the repeated playback of my anticipated result.

I know that everyone is important in the eyes of God. I give respect and due recognition to each person I encounter. I make him feel that he is valued and greatly appreciated.

Each night as I drift off to sleep, I review the abundance of advantages I have enjoyed during the day. I have an abundance of talents to be thankful for. I shall not waste them, but put them to good use in affecting the world in a positive way. Each small contribution I make gives me satisfaction. When I have had the opportunity to extend a helping hand to someone in need, I fall asleep knowing my efforts have been rewarded.

I sow more that I can reap. I do my work not sparingly, or even under compulsion. I have confidence that God will enrich me in every way for great generosity. So when I reap, I reap abundantly. God always increases the harvest of my good work.

I welcome life's tempests and storms as they will transform me into the best sailor. Calm seas are no training ground for one who has to face graver situations ahead. I will be strong and able to overcome anything and still maintain my zest for life.

I contemplate the future with great expectation. I clearly see my path ahead. I shall work hard to prepare for my chosen career. I am strong of body and mind and know I will succeed. I shall fulfill all my dreams and perform my role in God’s plan for me here on earth.

I am so blessed that all of my invested properties are earning and accumulating profits. My heart is filled with   thanksgiving and I am humble in my gratitude for receiving all these graces.

I do not allow my thoughts to be of gloom and doom. The day is fresh and I have much to do before it is finished. I enjoy going about my business with cheerful and hopeful thoughts in mind. For that good cheer will please all I meet and be reflected back to give me joy.

My inner strength gives power to everything I do. I feel totally confident and capable in everything I choose to try. I am not afraid to step up and be counted. Nothing in this world frightens me because I know my faith reaches up higher than anything in the physical world. God is always around to protect me and bring me reassurance. I feel completely confident and at ease with myself. I know there is nothing that can ruin my positive frame of mind!

I am earning vast amounts of money and I am greatly overjoyed.  I can use these riches to create opportunities for others.  This ocean of abundance could be overwhelming to put to my personal use alone.  I am eager to contribute to the overall economy and bring jobs to the workers currently seeking for employment.  Through my numerous resources I will be able to provide the service I love doing while attracting more income and wealth.  Above all, I will bear in mind that I will remain steadfast to my own true master, who is the Lord.  I will avoid being corrupted by money and power.  

I look at the person I meet and try to find the goodness within him. Even in the worst circumstances, I hope to find a measure of worth in each individual.

I am aware that when I give up something dear to me, You have in store another gift of greater value. I think only of the day to come when You choose to bestow Your gift upon me. Joyful anticipation fills my mind and soul.

I would rather be a slave to righteousness than a slave to evil ways. I want to share my faith with others for everyone is worth saving. I will live a life of openness and spread the word of God. My small efforts will be rewarded with the knowledge of introducing Him to those who did not know Him before.

I give good measure to others for I know it will be returned to me in the same manner. I honor my parents and respect my elders. This sets a good example for the youth I come in contact with.  I obey my leaders and treat them with courtesy. I respect my spouse and am thankful for the spirit of cooperation and harmony in  our home. This is the law that God wishes us to follow.