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How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I control my attitude towards my work and association with others. I will break down barriers to my failure and that of others in their dealings with me. I will work diligently towards peaceful relationships.

The business world is a complex place. Some are impatient at the thought of another’s success. I believe my ability to be a good team player has developed my leadership qualities. I strive to bring people together to facilitate success of the entire group. I do not need individualized recognition to know I have done well.

I am as the thoughts that I think. I shape my being on those things I desire, reflecting my dignity and faith. Nothing can deter me from seeking pure and kind thoughts.

I shall be proud of what I did yesterday to improve the life of another. I shall work towards future success that will enable me to make charitable donations to give someone a happier life. I will look around me as I walk through my day to see what I can do now to enrich the existence of another of God’s children.

I have the wisdom to know that the joy of life is not contained in one vacation, or one birthday celebration. Surely these are delightful events. But, the daily satisfaction comes from a hard day’s work and the camaraderie I share with others. I have the capacity to enjoy the blessings large and small.

My confidence stems from the Lord for He has given me sufficient trust to do His will. I have no fear because He gave me His perfect love. He endowed me with skills to perform the tasks He sets before me. Whatever tomorrow brings, I will spend the day seeking to fulfill my earthly mission.

I teach my children to rise after a fall and gain wisdom from their mistakes. I strive to let them see the ways of nature, which are not always the ways of God. He is strong, we are frail. I open my heart to help them become strong. I show them through example that we may be weak and still worthy of God’s love. I apologize freely when I fail to make them secure. Apologies are given freely when they are deserved, I teach my children to forgive their own mistakes and work to do better the next day.

I constantly strive to build harmonious relationships with others. I engage the people around me in sensible discussion and lively exchange. I draw out their ideas and build on them. Together, we can achieve things that are constructive and helpful to the community.

I am a lover of all life has to offer. I welcome the new buds and tulips in the spring. I delight in the splashes of autumn colors. I take in all the beauty of life and will treasure the memories in years to come. I rejoice at the cry of a newborn baby and call upon my faith to comfort me when a loved one passes on to eternal life.

Attitude drives me through the craziness of the times.  No matter how difficult, how full of torment or ridicule, my attitude to move forward sees me safely along the blockades in my path.  I dare not stop or lie in wait for the road to smooth itself out.  As long as I am able to breathe, I will go on fighting for what I need to do.

I spend a lot of time and effort considering the possibilities for medical
advancement. There are many plants growing only in the rain forests
that scientists believe may have medicinal applications. For this reason,
I want to work to preserve this important habitat from destruction.

My friends are like the sunshine that brightens my world. I enjoy our togetherness and the sharing of our interests and passions. They join me in my journey towards the stars.

I am thankful for all the plants that grow on our planet earth. People and animals alike have sufficient access to sustenance from the land. We can select from an endless array of vegetables to grace our table. I am stunned by the beauty of each flower, the radiance of their many colors and the sweetness of their scent. I will do all I can to protect the environment. I thank God for creating the variety of all things that come from the soil.

I look out my window and marvel at the beauty God has surrounded us with on earth. There is a rainbow of color in the bird kingdom alone. From the variety of parrots and other tropical birds to the austere black and white penguins of the arctic.  The flash of red as a cardinal or woodpecker flies overhead is a delight. All colors are represented in God’s skies.

This shall be a good day. I will perform with positivity and purpose. I believe God puts success within my reach. I remain focused and will be rewarded for my hard work. I am a vital and healthy child of God who is capable of doing great things. I seek to achieve for the benefit of all mankind.

I know that I have the power to produce miracles. I believe in Jesus Christ, who came to earth and performed miracles. His example shows me that anything is possible. I rise above limitations and am divinely guided. The light of the Lord is within me and only good things shall transpire.

When things go wrong, I thrive because I turn the worst possible situation around into a positive one. God gives me constant confidence in myself. I release all self-doubt and anxiety from my thought process. My mind is completely dedicated to my future aspirations and to enjoying my day. All the people around me have faith in me, and I have faith in them. Today is a day to be remembered!

I will think of what is just, true and commendable. I watch that I may not lose what I labored for. I confess so I may be cleansed of unrighteousness. I encourage fellowship among my brethren. I declare that we should meet and encourage one another.   In bonding of love and hope, we fulfill the proclamation of the kingdom of God.

To be able to forgive is a lesson in humility. From this day forth I shall strive to forgive and mend broken relationships. I have faith in my abilities and will acquire that power. I shall have a heart filled with love and a spirit filled with faith. My whole being will radiate with the inner glow of repentance and forgiveness.

My feelings shall be mirrored in the eyes of those I serve. I guard against negativity lest I evoke it in others. I emit the positivity bestowed upon me by the Lord. I am joyous and loving to those who can benefit from knowing of the Lord. My energy can bring them the words of faith.

I have learned to make decisions wisely. I deem it appropriate to make good decisions and see them through to the end. I make certain that imperfections are corrected. Only the optimal results are acceptable to myself and God.

I will never stop reaching for greatness. I will improve myself to the fullest extent possible.

Occasionally, I allow myself to wander off to a quiet place in my mind to seek peace. I ruminate on those joyful memories worth reliving. Those memories bring fresh hope that infuses me with renewed confidence. I regain my self-esteem and banish all self-reproach.

I will purge the falsehoods fed into my heart. I rid myself of procrastinations and corrupt thoughts. My blindness is lifted and I can see the light streaming from above. I am freed from impurities. My eyes can scan the horizon and marvel at the brightness of day. You have given me new sight to uplift my wounded soul. Now I strive to exercise this vision and help my people. I will use this liberation to bring my goals to full fruition. I am bursting with drive and power and can barely contain this energy that fills me.

From turmoil I have been roused and delivered. Now I am fully illuminated in wondrous awe. The multitudes wait to share my joy. I am free of the web of sin and know it could not hold back my progress. Yours is the guiding hand that leads the way and nothing shall deter my triumphant success. It is my destiny.

I shall not allow negative thoughts to cloud my vision. I visualize and focus on my ultimate goals. With God’s help I shall forge them into reality. I am in control of my own life. My pursuit of wealth is to be for the benefit of myself, my family and those who are in need. Prosperity and abundance shall be mine and allow me to be charitable to others as well. It will please God and give me joy.

Today I sense my soul within me. I am never alone and the beauty of the world surrounds me. My soul is intangible, yet I know it exists. I need not God’s physical presence to know He exists. Such is my faith. The omnipresent Lord is always there to guide me. My soul is one of kindness and serenity. My life is bright and secure in the knowledge that He is real.

This shall be a good day. I will perform with positivity and purpose. I believe God puts success within my reach. I remain focused and will be rewarded for my hard work. I am a vital and healthy child of God who is capable of doing great things. I seek to achieve for the benefit of all mankind.

My treasure lies within my heart. Long ago have I laid my claim to this bounty. I ban turmoil from my thoughts. I place my future in the hands of God and abandon the lust for worldly goods. I find peace in the tranquility of my soul.

My artistic mind is active and weaves creative beauty in my soul. I have a need to create beauty and share my moments of glowing success with others. I am one of God’s creations and glorify Him with overflowing joy.

I reach the height of success in the business world. It makes me proud that I have the abilities required to reach the top. I am rewarded with satisfaction and wealth beyond what I need. I am overjoyed to be able to help someone else who is in need. This is both my privilege and my duty.

I appreciate money, not for itself, but for the goods and services it can procure. Money is only as valuable as the use to which it is put. I take the money I earn and use it to provide sustenance for myself and my family. I unselfishly share a portion of my wealth with the poor who cannot provide for themselves.

I can summon hope and confidence whenever the situation demands. I have a firm and sturdy stance to set an example for people who lean on me for support. My actions are deliberate and certain. My mind is calm and open. I refuse to dwell on my churning emotions. I am strong.

Whenever I feel some tiredness, hopelessness or losing sight of my way, I just search for the sign along the road.  This is my cue on where to turn, for as long as there is a pathway, there is surely a way to find the success I am looking for.

I am surrounded by the mystery of life. I see miracles of life from the tiniest form. Perplexed I may be, but reverence for all things living is strong in me. I will continue to thank the Lord for my humble existence. It is awesome to be part of this glorious world.

I do not lose heart over misfortune. I believe that the Lord is my strength in times of trouble. I am not fearful because I am supported by my beliefs.

There are no real competitors, just the person I look at in the mirror. So I continue my long-term efforts to run the race to the finish line. The reward of eternity will make the effort worthwhile.

I have planned my road in life and am ready to enjoy the journey. My hopes are to complete my education in preparation for a solid job in the industry of my choosing. I hope to marry and have a family someday. I hope for spectacular love and success. I work hard as I progress towards making my dreams a reality.

I will dream and follow my dreams. I will cherish my visions for they will lead me to real happiness in this life and acts that will help my fellow man.

I acknowledge that I am but one person occupying one small spot within the vast space of the universe. Regardless of size, I have a role to fulfill. I am sure my worthwhile actions will have a large ripple effect on others and thus contribute to the future of the entire universe.

I am vibrant and filled with the energy that empowers me. It fires my being and lifts me to heights untold. I am one with the earth and sky. I take action to make my decisions count. I have the confidence to make a significant difference, which is my contribution to the world around us.

I welcome each busy day with a smile. I smile for myself and the benefit of those I work with. I believe there is a place for pleasant interaction and kind words within a business environment. An entire company benefits when the lowest employee is encouraged to perform his job well and complimented for doing so.

Yesterday was yesterday and it is gone. I keep the good memories and discard the bad. Today is today and I shall live it by participating in useful activities. I shall enjoy it to the fullest for it shall be tomorrow’s memories. I pray that I can make them all good ones. Tomorrow I shall be pleased with the memories. With each new day, I shall make progress in becoming a better person. I set aside guilt and regret and love myself and feel deserving of happiness.

My efforts are creating the results for the person I want to be.  I am enjoying a healthy life, with a family and friends’ circle that support me.  I have grown determined, confident and rich beyond measure.

I am aware that when I give up something dear to me, You have in store another gift of greater value. I think only of the day to come when You choose to bestow Your gift upon me. Joyful anticipation fills my mind and soul.

I feel fortunate to possess the vitality required to accomplish all I have to
do today. My dedication compels me to continue though many of the
tasks are mundane and can be delayed until another day. Tonight, as I
drift off to sleep, I’ll be proud of my perseverance in finishing each task
that was set before me.

My body will recognize and refuse all toxic materials and function to eliminate them. I can diagnose the way my body reacts to foreign substances that cause my health to fail. I pray to be restored to good health if it is God’s will.

I will put my faith and determination to work showing love and caring to others. My contributions will join with the good works of a small group of passionate and committed people who will join me in the service of those in need of help.

When I step outside in the morning, I turn my face upward to the sun. As its rays beam down to warm my face, I feel I am in the favor of one who controls all things on earth. I shall not turn away when something needs to be accomplished. I shall employ all my abilities to help bring that task to its completion.

I obey the commandments of the Lord. I train myself to eat properly, live morally and exercise regularly.  In this way I grow mentally and spiritually. I turn away from the temptation of drugs or alcohol for I respect my body as the temple of God. I will use the free will He has granted me to do my best that I shall harvest all the rewarding crops of my endeavors.