Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I listen to the opinions of others in a respectful way. Their stories touch my heart. I feel joy when my brother is happy and sad when he is down. I give advice when it is sought. I am gratified when my assistance is sought. I am always willing to listen without negative judgment.

I am wise and will manage my wealth in the best ways I can find. I will handle and use money in a deliberate and precise way that will benefit me and those in need.

How readily I rejoice in this beautiful day. I contribute by committing myself to appreciation of the richness of the natural world around me. This environment may be rainy or sunny. All conditions contribute in some way to the growing of crops. The Lord’s touch is seen in every flower and tree. I am respectful toward all God’s creatures and show caring for them. I glory in being part of this planet and enjoying everything it holds.

My career is the groundwork of my continuing prosperity. This abundance is the base of my economic worth. I take pleasure in sharing this wealth with others that I may be filled with happiness the Lord has granted me.

Thank you God, for keeping me safe and well. All my needs will be met and I shall have those things I want most. My faith will keep me healthy, strong and determined. Today I will not focus on material gain.  All that I desire is within my reach and I grasp it gratefully, with both hands.  I relinquish the pattern of procrastination within me. I shall act swiftly, looking forward to the excitement and adventure each day brings.

God has given me common sense, which gets me through all the small daily problems I encounter. I have been given the gift of wisdom from God and this helps me be very aware of the world around me. I never take my Faith for granter, realizing the strength it restores in me everyday! I am an honest, beautiful, good-hearted person and it shows!

From this day forth, I will be as a new person. I will leave morbid thoughts and sickness of spirit behind to rise up in awesome health. Everything around me shall be harmonious. I will sense the healing in my physical self and I will be returned to robust health. I shall be resuscitated and dedicate my thanks to You Lord.

I respect my body and work hard to protect my health. I consume only natural foods and try to buy organic whenever I can. I exercise each day and get adequate sleep. I care for my body as the temple of God here on earth. My goal is to live long and perform good works here on earth.

If my path to good behavior is sometimes blurred, I shall not remain lost from it. In spite of weariness, I continue the quest. My strength is fortified when I look up to find the glimmer of light. This is God's assurance, the spark to flame my confidence and determination.

My spouse is truly the other half of myself. Without each other we are incomplete. I am rejuvenated by my spouse’s presence. There is no room for doubt, jealousy or anger. We shall heretofore share a lifetime filled with love and harmony.

I shall always treasure the value of my true friends who love and understand me. I shall always be willing to share happiness with them and empathy in time of need. I yearn to keep them close for the duration of my earthly life and in eternity.

I shall not turn to a lifetime of pleasure-seeking, although pleasure and fun shall have its place. I shall not walk through my day with a frown instead of a smile, for happiness should prevail. I shall work hard at my chosen profession, but not allow it to replace joy of family and friends. I shall focus on the fact that all things in moderation contribute to a full and useful existence.

I shall not take the easy way out by escaping my troubles. Rather I will face them bravely. My heart is strong and my spirit unyielding. I shall not let sin overwhelm me, but move beyond it to reach the safety of eternal life.

I am now marching fully on the road to transformation. Recovery is easy when I stay focused on the result that I aim for. I am getting acquainted again with my healthy appetite for life. I can see the beauty of the fields and smell the salty air of the ocean. I am rediscovering nature and myself.

I rejoice in my ability to set aside negative emotions that only serve to weaken and depress me. I solemnly vow to concentrate only on the aura of happiness and good will from this day forth. I acknowledge that everything that happens stems from my own desire. I will pursue only those things that are beneficial to my body and soul. I crave a Godly life and eternal peace at the end. I invite grace, beauty and prosperity into my life.

I am free to do anything with my life.  At last I know I can do everything I need to accomplish. My mind is free of worry and all thoughts are clear and focused. My success is assured and today I weave it into the fabric of my good works. My faith is in You and I am grateful for the illumination of my soul.

My life is a blessing and I am thankful for all the good things in it. I have an abundance of hope for a happy future. It is with joy and anticipation that I prepare for the future. I embrace and take pleasure in all the days that will lead me to the wonderful success that awaits me.

I would rather be a slave to righteousness than a slave to evil ways. I want to share my faith with others for everyone is worth saving. I will live a life of openness and spread the word of God. My small efforts will be rewarded with the knowledge of introducing Him to those who did not know Him before.

My mind is steadfast and my soul is composed. My perception leads me down the correct path to follow. As each new scene unfolds I have a sense of being connected to my goals. I am clear as to my purpose and my faith shines bright. No darkness shall obstruct my vision as I am guided by Your divine grace.

I sit quietly and pay close attention to the sermon in church each Sunday.
These words can give comfort, impart great wisdom or sometimes simply
share new ideas with parishioners. I consider it respectful to make certain
my cellphone is set to vibrate so no ringtones disturb any part of the

I sense complete serenity engulfing everything my life. It is exhilarating to feel the power of the Universe overtake me. I am in God’s hands and my emotions are steadied by His influence. My inner self is tranquil and I have complete certainty in the person I am. I permit my soul to grow by relinquishing all thoughts of doubt and fear. I know that I am responsible for my own emotions, and I will keep myself centered at all times.

My feelings shall be mirrored in the eyes of those I serve. I guard against negativity lest I evoke it in others. I emit the positivity bestowed upon me by the Lord. I am joyous and loving to those who can benefit from knowing of the Lord. My energy can bring them the words of faith.

I believe in myself and am proud of who I am. I want to shout my praises from the rooftop. I take pleasure in meeting new people and making new friends. I approach each new day with a positive attitude. I have no fear for God is at my side. Surely I am blest  with charisma and shall make an amazing difference to all mankind.

Each morning I awake, confident in my ability to have a wonderful day. The image I present to the world reflects that confident self-image. At the close of each day, the self-image I am left with is dependent on the hard work and kind acts towards others that I have accomplished during my waking hours.

I shall approach life with all the vitality that will guarantee my success. Each morning I will wake and feel the strength well up inside me. I have set goals that are worthwhile and I know I have the talent and work ethics to reach them. I will never give up for I am poised and ready to conquer the world.

I turn to my dreams at night for solace due to things undone.  Enthusiasm boils up inside me.  Fiery imagination of what could become reality is actively charging through my thoughts.  I vow  to make these dreams come true.  I can make them physically happen in my life.

I begin each day with the attitude of one who will be happy. I will share pleasant greetings with family and friends. When I meet business associates, it will be with a pleasant demeanor. I find every situation open to interpretation. A positive attitude can work wonders in resolving all of life’s disagreements.

I have invested in the grace and spirit of God. The blessings given to me are amazing. I will share my profits with others in the name of God who bestowed them on me.

My enthusiasm and zest for life knows no bounds. Energy fills me and I can do all You ask of me. Power wells up from within me and I go where You send me. I have much to share with others in the world.

I am quick to form alliances to further the interests of the community and my fellow man. I am always ready to discuss objectives and solutions to problems with the concerned persons or groups.

I will take advantage of all opportunity that presents itself. No adversity can deter me from my aspiration to succeed. I will march forth armed by my confidence and faith and not be swayed by those who challenge me.

I have been favored with good health and the determination to succeed at all I do. My curiosity has drawn me towards the path that will take me to my destiny. I shall work diligently and take the steps that will help me rise to the pinnacle of the career I have chosen.

I look at the person I meet and try to find the goodness within him. Even in the worst circumstances, I hope to find a measure of worth in each individual.

I will work tirelessly to assure that my loved one will enjoy the love and companionship of his family during his time on earth. If he is taken to eternity at what I perceive as an inopportune time, I will pray for the strength to accept Your will. The pain of loss will be eased by the knowledge that it is a temporary parting. I will take comfort in the time we shared.

God has given me common sense, which gets me through all the small daily problems I encounter. I have been given the gift of wisdom from God and this helps me be very aware of the world around me. I never take my Faith for granter, realizing the strength it restores in me everyday! I am an honest, beautiful, good-hearted person and it shows!

I have a strong faith in God. I am thankful for all the good things in my life. I focus on providing for my family and making their lives successful. I set a good example for them to work hard in a profession of their own choosing. I follow my own dreams in the career I have chosen, but do not impose my choice on others.

As I hike a mountain path, I am thankful for all the wonders Mother Nature provides. I am healthy and strong and able to traverse the rough terrain. The mountain before me is a habitat and source of food for numerous creatures. Mother Nature gives us an astounding array of beauty and life, for her hand is guided by God.

I rise in glory, for I have been transformed. I discard all malice, sin and wrathful thoughts. I am blessed by the renewal of my faith and energy. I shall feel no more shame. I eagerly deliver myself to God in all humility. I shall not entertain doubt or confusion. I am newly created in the name of the Lord.

I listen to my intuition and heed where it directs me. I never fail to reap the rewards of following the right path as God would require.

I shall always treasure the value of my true friends who love and understand me. I shall always be willing to share happiness with them and empathy in time of need. I yearn to keep them close for the duration of my earthly life and in eternity.

I know that the honest efforts I apply will be returned to me a thousand-fold. I move forward with determination, courage and effort. I am loving and kind to all the people I meet, giving compliments and encouragement to all. God teaches me to rejoice in sharing my rewards with others. I devote myself to everything I do. My dreams will come to fruition. I shall reap the abundant rewards of my toil. Giving up before a task is complete is never an option.

I view the birth of a baby as a miracle. I think a life spent in honest work and shared with others of like mind is an accomplishment. As each life comes to a close, I consider a peaceful death that brings release from pain, to also be something of a miracle.

I will focus on the good things life has to offer. There are enough of these to leave no time to contemplate the bad. I have a loving family and friends. I have a warm home and delicious food and drink. I have pretty clothes and all the other necessities of life. I open my arms to encompass all God’s creatures great and small. I will share with those who have nothing and work assiduously for the betterment of their lives. I will focus on acts that will allow them to also partake of the good things in life.

I shall not endanger my health just by pursuing the road to success.  My wealth is not worth it if my health will be compromised.  I will change for the better, aim for a new, healthy life, with greater endurance and renewed energy.  Even now, I feel better already just reciting this positive thinking.

I keep away from bad companions, for they will corrupt me. I forgive them their transgressions but model my own behaviors after God.

My life is filled with wonderful possibilities and I look forward to a happy future. I am strong enough to apply myself to doing good and charitable things for my fellow man. I am proud of being kind and loving to everyone. I live a chaste life as a child of God.

I am now so accustomed to my power affirmations that they have become a part of my daily ritual. I grow stronger as the result of positive living, confident that I will love God better each day. My sights are focused on positive thoughts, knowing that God is directing me to do those things that please Him. He will remove all barriers to my success and in the end, nothing is impossible because He is my light and my Savior. I dedicate all my achievements to Him.

I have sufficient grace to conquer all adversity that comes my way. I can accept the challenges of each day. God gives me the insight to recognize what issues should be given priority. I will eventually achieve what I have set out to do.

I wake each morning with the educational facts I memorized yesterday firmly implanted in my mind. I attend each class and study faithfully to build on the knowledge I acquired the day before. My dedication and caring will further my education and advance my future career.

Our daily meals are a time of sharing good food. They are a time of gathering together and giving thanks for all we receive. We also share a bond through our conversations and the simple joy of each other’s company. Food does more than fill our bellies. Food gives us a common denominator, a time to commune together and nourish our bodies and our souls.