Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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Welcome to Positive Lifestyle

We hope that the resources on this site will help you soar higher and live a more positive, stronger lifestyle.

I am strong and vital and I embrace each day of life. I love my family and friends and am devoted to my work. I know I do all I can to make them happy and all I can to perform my job well every day.

I am careful not to live beyond my means. The amount of money I earn dictates the size of my home and the type of car that I drive. I avoid the temptation of having everything I want at the risk of being plunged into credit card debt. I save for things I want and use credit sparingly.

I see a vision of success. I view the clarity of how I shall achieve this success. I believe in my heart that I can follow the right path. I am provided all these details and it is by Your light and guidance that I will take steps in the right direction. My spirit is willing and my body is strong. Let Your light shine upon me to light my way.

I am a smart person who can follow a career path that will result in financial abundance. I have the ability to remain on task every day to further that goal, whatever my career choice may be. I will be open to an exchange of ideas with others seeking the same goals. I will offer my help to them and not be shy about asking for their help when I need it.

On the day that I stand before the altar with my chosen marriage partner, I will have taken the time to know and understand him. We will share like desires that will keep us close throughout our entire lives. We will share our faith and raise our children in that faith. We will build a strong family and remain together until eternity.

Today I will set in motion all the goals I have defined.  I will identify the tactics to reach my targets.  All the daily activities will be monitored and evaluated for their value.  I will do the step by step plans to reach the success I desire.

I have confidence and a good self-image because I strive to stay on the
right path through life. I devote myself to taking good care of my
husband and children. I am kind to and speak well of the members of my
extended family. I offer friendship to neighbors whenever I can.

I am now marching fully on the road to transformation. Recovery is easy when I stay focused on the result that I aim for. I am getting acquainted again with my healthy appetite for life. I can see the beauty of the fields and smell the salty air of the ocean. I am rediscovering nature and myself.

I shall strive to deserve the abundance that is being showered upon me. I am greatly blessed to receive all of this. I will not be consumed by the lust for wealth or let it rule my life. God is still my master.

I am grateful to have a healthy body that can move freely in exercise. I can run quickly. I can swim through the waves. I can perform dance steps that express my joy at being alive and able to do all these things I enjoy.

Today will be a day like no other. Amazing events will happen. I have enough in my life to sustain me, and through hard work and faith my wealth shall continue to grow. I deserve to flourish and will allow no doubt to  diminish my confidence in myself. I ask God to lead me towards an abundant future that I may share wealth with the needy. He gives me strength to apply to the day’s work and find pleasure in it as well. I give thanks for my happy life.

I develop good habits to sustain myself through a long and happy life. I guard my health by partaking of only healthy food and drink. Each day I exercise to keep my body strong. I do these things in the hopes of maintaining my health. My hopes for the future include retaining the strength to climb to the pinnacle of success in my chosen profession.

I find that setting up specific goals and targets each day help me to achieve them easily.  I am ready for the steep climb and even a few falls.  I can surmount every difficulty as long as I repeat my positive thoughts, believing in them, and finding Your presence beside me.

I know that I cannot take on the burdens of the world alone. I ask for the assistance of others. I invite their help in fulfilling the needs of the less fortunate in God’s name. Together, we can work to bring forth the necessary changes in this beautiful world.

Today I will attract the friendship of positive people who will share their knowledge. With guidance from God I shall join forces with commendable teachers. I open my mind to those with a relevant part to play in my journey through life. I will use the lessons they provide to become a better person. I shall be warm, open and loving to all my neighbors.

As I hike a mountain path, I am thankful for all the wonders Mother Nature provides. I am healthy and strong and able to traverse the rough terrain. The mountain before me is a habitat and source of food for numerous creatures. Mother Nature gives us an astounding array of beauty and life, for her hand is guided by God.

My eternally positive attitude envelops those around me. My joy impresses them. I am secure in the knowledge that God will keep me safe when I place my trust in Him. He gives me strength to accept each new challenge. I climb high mountains. I sail over rough seas. A rocky path shall never slow my steps. There are miracles happening around us and the world is filled with God’s love.

I find salvation when I obey the laws of man, when they are in accordance with the laws of God. I submit myself to them and vow to fulfill them.

I turn to my dreams at night for solace due to things undone.  Enthusiasm boils up inside me.  Fiery imagination of what could become reality is actively charging through my thoughts.  I vow  to make these dreams come true.  I can make them physically happen in my life.

I appreciate the wonders of nature in our world. One example is the different animals that live on the mountainside. At each level a different type of grass grows. This allows a different animal to thrive at each elevation. The mountain goat has the surefooted ability to climb and graze on seemingly insurmountable rocky surfaces. The world surely contains many wondrous animals.

My thoughts affect all my actions directly. By making all my thoughts positive I will be able to create all the things I want. With every positive step I take I can feel my dreams getting closer and closer with every second. I feel totally in control of my future destiny, it is in my hands. I am blessed by God to have such an amazing soul and generous heart! I am honest in all that I do, and every action I take has a loving intention!

Today I am not a shy and retiring person. I am not ashamed of who I am. I will let go of embarrassment and stand up for what I believe in. I will speak up and correct someone if I think they are wrong. I am willing to voice my opinion about God. I speak with assertiveness and carry myself proudly. I am a charismatic, fun person to be with and this influences others around me. God is great for bestowing these qualities upon me, Thank You for making me the person I am today.

Love is an echo from the canyon of life. I feel all the love in this world that people have for others and it makes me joyful. I want to return all this love these good people send. It bounces off my senses as if off the walls of a canyon. That echo of love reverberates and uplifts all who receive it.

I cannot wait to begin my busy day each morning. I get out of bed full of energy for all I can accomplish in one day. My mind is like a well-organized data bank of information I can access and utilize at a moment’s notice. My high-level of motivation can inspire a group of co-workers or staff that I am in charge of and encourage cooperation and success for everyone in that group.

I am comely but that does not make me rich. I am intelligent but that does not make me rich. I am kind of heart and caring towards all my brethren. Those traits are among the greatest riches to be found on earth.

I do not allow arrogance to interfere with following the will of God. I will strive to be pure of heart and acknowledge that everything good within me is pure and follows God’s plan. I will work to maintain peace.

As I channel my own power, thoughts and energy to others, they are stirred to achieve greater power of their own. My charisma inspires them to acquire heightened confidence and certainty in themselves.

I enjoy confronting challenges knowing I will prevail. My spirit is fulfilled each time I hurdle over a roadblock to success and intervene in any crisis. I know I shall overcome.

I am fond of encouraging people for I believe each has a level of intellect. I respect the views of others and recognize and applaud their wisdom.

My favorable self-image is justified. I am a hard-working individual and
feel only kindness for my fellow man. I empathize with anyone who has
suffered the loss of a loved one and sympathize with one who faces
serious challenges in his daily life.

The business world is a complex place. Some are impatient at the thought of another’s success. I believe my ability to be a good team player has developed my leadership qualities. I strive to bring people together to facilitate success of the entire group. I do not need individualized recognition to know I have done well.

I appreciate my brethren forgive them their shortcomings. My compassion is freely given. Who among us is perfect? I respect their opinions even when opposed to mine. I believe that each person has value and is worthy of being heard.

I will cheerfully work to end the inequalities of life endured by those in need. I will use my strength to lift them up from abject poverty and suffering. I take pride in helping them accomplish some improvement in their lives.

I have faith and I believe that I can carry the load with His assistance. When we walk together, we can reach the highest peak.

I learn from the value of other people's wisdom and experience. I make a point of studiously reviewing the factors that have made people succeed in any given field. I admire the success of others and gain inspiration from their deeds.

I vow to bring cheer and uplifting words into every encounter. If something is difficult, having a good attitude will help me to approach it in a way that will be helpful. A disagreeable attitude is not something that I will allow myself to have. If my opponent approached me with an attitude, I will counter it with my own smile and friendly words.

I place my faith in God and never doubt that He sets me on the right path. I know I am doing the right thing when I sense it is what Jesus would do in such a situation. I emulate His actions when He walked on earth. I know by doing this, I cannot fail.

Whatever my mind is focused on is what I attract to myself. I am as a magnet and if I think positive thoughts, positive things will come to me. Negative thought patterns, stress and anger will be banished from my mind. I shall not allow them to create destruction in my life. I shall think good thoughts. God sends out his love, and I need only be receptive to receive it. The energy flowing through my being is only good energy. I am filled with love, which, like a beam, draws everyone I meet to its light.

My enthusiasm and zest for life knows no bounds. Energy fills me and I can do all You ask of me. Power wells up from within me and I go where You send me. I have much to share with others in the world.

Heavenly Father, the feelings in my heart are joyful. My fervent hope is to act in a way that pleases You. I follow the path that Jesus has prepared for me. He designs the appropriate steps I must take to honor my commitment. In my daily prayers, I say, “Thy will be done.”

I let my thoughts linger on the dreams that please my mind. My thoughts that they shall come to pass delight my soul. I turn my thoughts inward to contemplate my happiness. I turn them outward lest I forget from whence my happiness shall come.

I possess the positive qualities of strength and determination. When I
survey the good people I surround myself with, I know we can work
together and put an end to hunger and pain in the universe. I vow to work
towards a world where every nation is at peace within itself and with all
other nations.

I maintain a positive outlook to keep me strong in the face of every situation. I hold on to my positivity and allow peace to shield me from all adversity.

I try each day to teach my child right from wrong. I will not be indifferent to his small misdeeds, but will confront them and show him the true path to follow. My true caring will guide me in these endeavors.

I am interested in and follow news about discoveries scientists make when
researching newly found plants for medicinal purposes. The rain forest
is where many of them grow. As the rain forest shrinks in size, there is
worry that some species may disappear before they can be used to save
human lives.

I am grateful for the way food draws family and friends together. It provides daily nourishment. I am grateful for the highlights of life that are celebrated with fancy foods and desserts. I am grateful for the wine that quenches our thirst and encourages us to toast each other in congratulations for our special accomplishments and occasions. All these have a purpose and enhance our celebration of life itself.

I take pride in sharing my dream to my colleagues.  I am not afraid that I will not be understood.  I am equally proud that they have chosen to support me in my goal.  This adds fuel to my determination to make my dream become real.  There is no more hesitation to my pursuit of victory.  I can already smell the sweet taste of triumph.  It really is a feat to even try!

My genuine smile graces any gathering I take part in. I am sincerely happy to see others and celebrate their good fortune. I am there to lend support with a kind word when the gathering is a memorial service. I am filled with empathy in times of sadness.

I control my attitude towards my work and association with others. I will break down barriers to my failure and that of others in their dealings with me. I will work diligently towards peaceful relationships.

I shall seek the unfortunate and give to them out of kindness and love. I will nourish the needy, their bodies with food and their souls with faith. I will trust in God to turn my thoughts from my own problems and use my talents to improve the days for others. I am invincible in these endeavors.