Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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Entering into marriage is to gain a supportive partner who loves unconditionally and enriches my days. I shall always be faithful and try to give back the love I receive. I appreciate all the advantages of sharing my time with someone who shares my own interests and has my best interests at heart.

I respond to denial with an open mind. I blame not the person who denied me, but grant him forgiveness. Jesus forgave Peter who denied him not once, not twice but three times. I focus on the good deeds bestowed on me by others. My spirit is strong in the Lord and I return each rebuke with forgiveness.

I visualize my goals and work to achieve them. I will actualize these images through diligence and dedication.

I pensively contemplate how I can do the most good in this world. Each
person has value to himself and others if only he can find the best way to
put forth honest effort. I consider myself able to motivate others to do the
best they can. Now I must consider all the possibilities for myself and
focus on the one that will bring me the most success.

As my riches increase, I ask for wisdom in dispensing them to help the needy and those living in misery. I do not use wealth selfishly, but rather share with others on earth since I know it cannot be taken with me to eternity.

I pick up the threads of my creative thoughts and weave them into treasured determination. I place my trust in You and have faith in my ability to persevere in completing these tasks. I fill my cup with Your blessed waters. My drink stays fresh and supplies me with energy to continue along my path. I take the words of Your prophecy and dedicate my hours to this end. My heart desires to contribute to Thy kingdom of light. I will share in the inheritance of the earth and remain firmly rooted in the power of Your love.

I welcome each day as an inspiration for me to explore the outside world. When I step from the threshold, my tread is firm and steady. There is no fear or shaky feeling to counteract my desire to see the sights. I slowly build up my confidence and courage. The longer I step away from my comfort zone, the greater the hopefulness wells inside me. I am regaining my strength and I control my fear. This life certainly holds more pleasure in store for me.

The cells of my body are in the process of rejuvenation.  I can sense the healing of each and know they are acting in perfect harmony with each other. I thank God for my recovery.

It is my turn to do good to my brethren today. I will complete the day by delivering good deeds to people in need. I will deny my own interests to put their own above all else. When I give with my right hand, I will not let my other hand see the act. I will give without holding back, or count the ways I have given. My intentions will be an expression of love to my brother, as an assurance of my love to You.

My genuine smile graces any gathering I take part in. I am sincerely happy to see others and celebrate their good fortune. I am there to lend support with a kind word when the gathering is a memorial service. I am filled with empathy in times of sadness.

I shall not burden myself with worries about tomorrow. There will be food when I hunger and water when I thirst. I trust in the Lord to provide all that I need. I pray to Him to ease my worried mind and he grants me freedom from my worry. My mind is at rest and peace reigns within me.

I am a worthy person who has financial abundance gained through my own hard work. I did not inherit my riches. I strive to be a success in my field and a hearty income follows hard work. I do not keep my monies selfishly to spend only on myself. Rather, I take excellent care of my family, providing for all their needs. I invest wisely and of the proceeds, give to worthy charitable organizations.

What I see at the end of the road is the outcome of my carrying the heavy load. No matter how long the road, I see the reward waiting at the finish. I walk in wisdom and do not take refuge from the sand and storm because my steps will bring me closer to my goal.  For every step I take, I praise the Lord.  He gives me the strength to carry on.

As a child I would nurse the bird with the broken wing. As a teen I loved baby sitting and comforting children if they were ill. My compassion led me to a career in medicine. I will care for those who are ill in a professional capacity. I will devote my career to alleviating the pain and suffering of those who come to me.

I respect the other person's point of view. I listen and hear what they want to convey. I interact freely with others and respect their beliefs while expressing my own and sharing my own stories.

I live my life in a way that expresses loyalty to God and country. I follow the teachings of Jesus and guard my country and its citizens from harm. I report any suspicious packages or activities to the authorities and depend on their expertise to provide the security needed to prevent a tragedy from befalling our nation.

Today I make the positive change to be a healthier person. I will treat the body God gave me the upmost respect and care. I will only eat healthy, nutritious food, on a path to becoming the ideal weight. I have the motivation to get up and do that little bit more exercise each day. I can already feel the energy flowing through my body and that will grow with each moment. I will take the time to rest and restore my body to peak health. I feel amazing!

I am blest with an abundance of riches. My pantry is full and I adorn myself with fine clothing. I am fair of face and sound of mind. I have the kind nature of one who possesses inner beauty. I count my kindness as the greatest of all my riches.

I am cloaked in humility and my light shines through from within. I maintain peace in the face of tumultuous anger. I fret not at the sound of insidious words. I hold my peace in the face of anger and am quick to forgive. I am blessed by the Lord for I possess serenity and compassion. I wish not to judge or be condemned. I leave judgment in the hands of God.

I shall not seek vengeance but pray instead to forgive whoever has done me wrong. I ask God’s help in forgiving the sins done against me.

I do not turn my attention to temptation on the right. I do not turn my gaze to the easier way of doing things on the left. I keep my focus straight ahead on the right road that I choose to tread upon. I see the prize at the end of this road and keep it clearly focused in my mind as I work to achieve all my goals.

I strive to reach the optimal physical form through healthy eating and exercise. I treat my body with respect and work to maintain good health.

There is a wide range of possibilities I can see in the recesses of my mind.  I am in full control of my thoughts, even if they are sometimes too deep to fathom.  I allow my consciousness to explore the realm of ideas, seeing them take shape in my imagination.   I will turn on the energy and rule my brain to follow my desires.  I am the master of the forces inside me.

I am strong enough to conquer my frustrations and accept my disappointments.  I have found ways to overcome the roadblocks to happiness. I focus my thoughts on the rainbow that follows the storm. I see beyond the clouds to the sunshine of a new day.

As I walk through life, I can take the path to the right or turn to the left. I shall see wondrous possibilities in either direction. It is only important that I choose one path and follow it faithfully. I will achieve success by choosing one path or the other and following it to the end.

Some days present more of a challenge than others. I face problems with the thought that I am capable of resolving them. Each obstacle to success in any part of my life is surmountable. Each difficulty that I make smoother increases my own capabilities and makes me a better person. I am strong and will turn my life into a success story with a happy ending.

I am careful to maintain a positive attitude about everything in my life. I focus on the qualities I love in my spouse and ignore the few that disturb me. They are dismissed from my thoughts as being insignificant. My attitude about my children is that they are 99 percent perfect and bring great happiness into each day. My positivity extends to neighbors and co-workers alike. For the most part, no one disappoints me in the way they respond.

I am filled with happiness as I contemplate the magnificence of all inhabitants of the earth. Each is unique, from man in all his manifestations to those noble beasts that serve him. I take joy in watching a horse run free in the pasture. I see a white dove flying free and know I am witness to a symbol of love. Each plant that grows to nourish God’s creatures is part of a greater plan.

I will gain courage, strength and confidence and in the end I can I have lived through all these.  For in these horrible moments the weak could have perished and I have survived.

I will gain courage, strength and confidence and in the end I can I have lived through all these.  For in these horrible moments the weak could have perished and I have survived.

I call people by their names, for it is music to their ears. I go out of my way to remember new acquaintances' names and faces. I make this effort because it gives me pleasure to provide them with recognition and amaze them by showing how much I value them.

I have been successful at accumulating enough wealth to take good care of my family. Rather than spending carelessly, I focus on saving for my children’s education and other necessities. I do give a portion of my riches to the poor. It is an expression of my concern for people less fortunate than me and my family.

Today I will strive to be a more positive person. I will look at situations differently and take something good from them. I will not allow  depression, stress and anxiety to sadden my day. I will keep my mind clear and will not gossip or indulge in petty arguments. I shall not trespass against others, but shall forgive those who trespass against me. I walk through life with a smile on my face. My step is light and today is truly one of happiness.

Light falls on my face as the darkness ebbs away. I smile as the sun calls me to the pleasures of a new day. I know I will perform good and useful acts during the hours ahead. The sun chases the sleep from my eyes and I see opportunity bright on the horizon. I shall toil in my chosen profession until the twilight before darkness marks the close of another God-given day.

What I see at the end of the road is the outcome of my carrying the heavy load. No matter how long the road, I see the reward waiting at the finish. I walk in wisdom and do not take refuge from the sand and storm because my steps will bring me closer to my goal.  For every step I take, I praise the Lord.  He gives me the strength to carry on.

I know that someday all the things I want in life will be mine. I know that because I have the talent to succeed and the determination that will make success inevitable. My attitude towards work is one of positivity. I respect my boss, my mentors and my co-workers alike. I attempt to bolster their success as I work towards my own. At the end of the day, their achievements will be a reflection of my own and we all shall prosper.

Today I sense my soul within me. I am never alone and the beauty of the world surrounds me. My soul is intangible, yet I know it exists. I need not God’s physical presence to know He exists. Such is my faith. The omnipresent Lord is always there to guide me. My soul is one of kindness and serenity. My life is bright and secure in the knowledge that He is real.

I am now keeping a record of my daily progress at work. I chart each day’s results and compare them to what I had hoped to accomplish. This points out my successes and highlights those tasks that need improvement. I do not rest on my laurels, but rather, seek improvement in all I do.

I welcome life's tempests and storms as they will transform me into the best sailor. Calm seas are no training ground for one who has to face graver situations ahead. I will be strong and able to overcome anything and still maintain my zest for life.

Nature provides me with all the makings of a healthy and happy life. I keep watch over the environment. I contribute by taking the time to recycle all the wrappings and refuse that daily living produces. I take care to dispose of them properly. I consider it my obligation to keep nature as pristine and beautiful as possible.

I feel as if the Lord has given me a surplus of talents and gifts. It is difficult to select the right career. I am talented at playing the violin and love math and science. I think about studying to be a doctor and doing research. I know I cannot do everything since there is not enough time. Still, I am grateful for being provided with as many abilities as You have given me.

My anxiety is dissolved as I place my faith and trust in the Lord. He shall provide the strength I need to encounter all circumstances that may arise. I need only to place my hand in His and follow the path on which He leads. I reject all negativity with the certainty that I am strong enough to stay on the right path. No worries or problems can detract from my good intentions and love for others. I can hurdle all obstacles that would keep me from leading a good and useful life. God walks with me as I successfully traverse the road that takes me to success and happiness.

My heart leaps with joy when You summon me to speak the truth. In the frailty of my human spirit, I am honored to be endowed with such power.

I am confident that I can resist urgent demands made by others. It will free my time and my focus can be put to better use. By minimizing such disturbances, I will have more time to follow the dictates of my conscience and my God. I will delegate duties whenever possible and refuse inconsiderate demands for my time. I will place a higher value on myself and my time in a way that allows me to love myself and answer only to God.

I create confidence by rehearsing my aspirations in my mind and visualizing the results I yearn to achieve. As I contemplate my ambitions, I work to develop the required skills. I display certainty in the presence of others. My voice conveys power, courage and poise. I am an exceptional leader who commands attention. My faith in God prepares me for the tasks He sets before me.

I will relinquish the tasks that are too exacting and demand more skills and time than I possess. I will limit only to the ones that I excel in and for which I can spare a considerable amount of time.

For every failure I encountered I have gained a lesson.  For every step I stumbled, I have earned firmness of spirit.  In all these, I have learned the hard way. 

I live to align myself with the kingdom of God. I follow the path He directs me to take. I am in constant appraisal of my life. I shall not be distracted from my purpose. I open my eyes each day to discover something new and beautiful. I shall not be diverted from the course I am set forth on. This is my journey. My search for Your kingdom is a constant adventure.

I will complete the journey with a brave and strong spirit.  It does not matter where I end up, every single step will take me farther to the end.  I will just keep on going, surmounting all the road blocks, finding shelter from the tempest, shielding my body from the battering winds.  I know I will find spring and then summer during this longest trip of my life.  The seasons always change so I will find a thousand flowers on the meadows that I pass.

Every day I feel a wealth of fresh ideas flow over me. My mind is filled with new solutions to all the problems in my life. I have been given a gift of creativity from the Lord and for this I am very thankful. I let my mind only entertain positive, helpful thoughts that help me get further on the road to enlightenment. The Universe is a huge foundation of knowledge and learning.