Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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God hates a lying tongue. I shall always seek the truth and speak it to others. I vow to be honest in all interactions with my fellow man.

I take action to resolve any problem that occurs in my life. I know I am a good person and will not allow anyone to sway me from the path of righteousness. If I feel my action will contribute to the discomfiture of another, I turn away from that resolution and find another way to deal with the situation.

My senses are alert to the gusts of the wind. My ears hear the sounds of thunder. The raging storm is the symphony of nature collecting notes. It causes me no fear as I submit my being to the Lord.

I am an avid listener to people's stories. In arguments, I hear what the other person is trying to tell me before I formulate my response. I am eager to resolve the issue and settle the problem.

I view the birth of a baby as a miracle. I think a life spent in honest work and shared with others of like mind is an accomplishment. As each life comes to a close, I consider a peaceful death that brings release from pain, to also be something of a miracle.

My intuition shall lead me on the right path. I follow where He directs me to go. My faith tells me this is the true path and I know my destiny awaits me. Victory shall be mine and wash away all memories of the stones under my feet. I survive by my strength and Your support. My life is full.

I believe in myself. My self-image contains all the good qualities necessary for a happy and successful life. I succeed on behalf of myself, my loved ones and all of God’s children that share the earth with me.

I gaze in wonder at Your house and glory in the desire to dwell in it forever.  I cast away my disillusionment, rise and offer sacred vows from the depths of my soul. I am content in the refuge of Your temple. I share my peace, my love and my hope with all those around me. I will forever cherish my ability to be a winner. Gone are the fears of losing a battle. My scars remind me of my victories. My days on earth are brighter till I can live in Your eternal kingdom.

My mind is steadfast and my soul is composed. My perception leads me down the correct path to follow. As each new scene unfolds I have a sense of being connected to my goals. I am clear as to my purpose and my faith shines bright. No darkness shall obstruct my vision as I am guided by Your divine grace.

Today all the planets and stars of the universe start and complete their daily journey. I will also wake and perform all the tasks that are my responsibility. I want my loved ones to depend on me to be as stable as the planets circling our sun and the moon circling our planet.

I am cloaked in humility and my light shines through from within. I maintain peace in the face of tumultuous anger. I fret not at the sound of insidious words. I hold my peace in the face of anger and am quick to forgive. I am blessed by the Lord for I possess serenity and compassion. I wish not to judge or be condemned. I leave judgment in the hands of God.

I can make contact with the information residing in my subconscious. I can thus reach into the deep recesses of my mind. The store of knowledge there can propel me to new accomplishments. The Lord has blessed me with a vast intellect and allows me to explore the unlimited depths inside me.

My compassion spreads to the afflicted and the needy.  I defend them in their plight and misery. I shall take action to strengthen their hearts and help to lift them from oppression.

My job provides me with a constant flow of wealth. I have many resources to satisfy my basic needs. I have dreamed of basic sufficiency but instead find great abundance bestowed upon me.

Words fail me when I try to express the depth of my love for family and friends. They are my greatest blessings. I am grateful for having them in my life. I strive to always be deserving of their love and respect. I am humble in the face of all I possess and truly wonder at the greatness of Your power.  I will live each day embracing them with joy and gratitude.

I let nature and its wonders captivate my soul. I am filled with the beauty of my surroundings. Many inspiring thoughts assail my senses at once. This environment is my only world and nothing can replace it should it be destroyed. I think of ways to help save this habitat of man. I contemplate the threats posing dangers to this universe. I will find small things to do that contribute to saving this planet. I will influence others to do their share. All the efforts combined will produce positive results. I am going to make a contribution no matter how small.

I am in perfect sync with the world around me. My life is satisfying and full. Wonderful friends and family surround me and bring me joy. I allow only positive thoughts to influence my mind. I have the power to influence the world in a beneficial way. I welcome change and rely on the Lord to set me on the path he has chosen to have me follow. I have no fear of what is to come today or on the morrow.

I give thanks to God for keeping watch over me. He prevents unclean thoughts from entering the crevices of my mind. He provides me with everything that I need. Food sustains my body and faith my soul. With Him, everything falls into its proper place. I have no anxiety for what to eat, or what to drink for each day that comes along. He has opened wide the doors of opportunity. Thoughts of repayment are not enough.  I will repay Him with deeds.  In action I will show how much appreciation is within me for all the good things that happen in my life.  Praise be to You oh Lord.

I dream of new accomplishments that I yearn to achieve. My vision stirs me and I am strong enough to go forth and turn my dreams to reality. My belief that I can make this happen is growing inside me. I shall not allow doubt to deter me. God has placed His faith in me and nothing can prevent me from realizing my dreams.

I am strong enough to complete all the unaccomplished tasks. I shall leave no unfinished business in this world, but leave it a better place.

I am bathed in the glow of my positive emotions. My outward appearance may not be beautiful, yet within me there is a hidden and perpetual beauty that is more precious and lasting.   I emit cheerful vibrations and there is laughter among those people that surround me. I am sending out positivity and encourage others to do the same. I delight in the warmth of camaraderie and joy. Each moment becomes a pleasant experience. I strive to create happy memories as a I walk through this life.

I am now marching fully on the road to transformation. Recovery is easy when I stay focused on the result that I aim for. I am getting acquainted again with my healthy appetite for life. I can see the beauty of the fields and smell the salty air of the ocean. I am rediscovering nature and myself.

I am filled with happiness as I contemplate the magnificence of all inhabitants of the earth. Each is unique, from man in all his manifestations to those noble beasts that serve him. I take joy in watching a horse run free in the pasture. I see a white dove flying free and know I am witness to a symbol of love. Each plant that grows to nourish God’s creatures is part of a greater plan.

Thoughts of regret have no place in my mind as I walk through another day on earth. What is done is over. My thoughts are that I shall not repeat the mistakes of yesterday and that any I may unwittingly make today, shall not be repeated tomorrow.

My memory serves me well in matching people's faces and their names.  It is a gift that I am thankful for.  People are highly appreciative to know that I remember them.

I am now so accustomed to my power affirmations that they have become a part of my daily ritual. I grow stronger as the result of positive living, confident that I will love God better each day. My sights are focused on positive thoughts, knowing that God is directing me to do those things that please Him. He will remove all barriers to my success and in the end, nothing is impossible because He is my light and my Savior. I dedicate all my achievements to Him.

My perception is sharper than ever and my vision is clear and focused. My goals are defined, and I have no doubt they shall be attained. My strong conviction stems from knowing my inner self.  I am positive that I can move forward to reach my goals. Success is at the tip of my fingers and I reach out for it as I move forward in this life.

I am devoted to my country and exercise my right to influence its future by casting my ballot for the candidates I think will do a good job. I consider voting both a right and an obligation. I take the time to consider issues and how they will affect all citizens. I then vote accordingly.

My life has been one of triumph earned by sheer will and devotion. The failures serve only to strengthen me. I appreciate all the more my shower of blessings.

I am lucky to have mentors diligently teaching me the word of God. I thank You for giving them to me, like a shepherd giving to His flock.  I am grateful to them for being an example and pointing me to the correct path to follow. I feel blessed for the wisdom of their words that compel me to understand. I appreciate the times they lend me their strength when I despair. I will commend their work to others as I have great belief in their mighty deeds.

I have the ability to capture the power of the universe. I grow by following the example set by the Lord. I keep a clear mind to hear His word. My faith makes me complete. My family and friends benefit greatly from my joy. I am able to spread love wherever I go.

My eyes focus on the beauty surrounding me. My ears focus on the sweet sounds of nature. My mind focuses on all I have the opportunity to learn to expand my abilities. But, my heart can focus only on those I love, that I may nurture and cherish them through all our lives.

I cannot unravel the past, any more than ask the rains to stop nourishing the earth. I will leave my mistakes behind and focus on today and tomorrow.  I will change my feelings of failure to surety of my future success. I move towards my rightful place in God’s universe.

I am a careful planner and make cautious investments. I tend my money as if it were a garden, and I the gardener. I do not squander it and find myself in need. I save long enough to reap the harvest of the money garden that I planted and watered carefully over the years.

I will embrace positive thinking and face each day with optimism. I will be granted something good for the efforts I extend. I have faith that good will result from my efforts in this situation. For any sacrifice, God gives me His grace. Though my faith is tested, I will not succumb to hopelessness. My physical being shall recover because my spirit is strong. I will use the power of my mind to facilitate my recovery.

I walk my path each day with a greater understanding of my own abilities. I make adjustments and improvements along the way. Every day wondrous possibilities increase. I take care not to fall into arrogance, conceit or vanity.  Humility is a virtue that always gives me a reward.

I design my behavior and go forward with the trust of a child. My future is in Your hands, oh God. I can dream and take joy in fulfillment. My tests and trials are met with profound trust that they can be overcome.  Only with conviction can I be truly transformed into the person You would want me to be.

I am blessed to inspire others to spread the word of God. By this act of faith, I can influence people to bring others so all may join in the journey to life everlasting.

What an awesome time to be alive, I cannot express enough gratitude to God. He gave me life and I shall remain faithful to Him for all time. Each new day brings something amazing in the world around me. I am surely blessed to have friends and family surround me. Their love is my treasure and my soul is filled with more joy than I can contain. Each time I meet new people they enrich my existence.

I dream of success and when I awaken, I work diligently towards it. When each new day begins, I work diligently to achieve it.

Thank you God, for keeping me safe and well. All my needs will be met and I shall have those things I want most. My faith will keep me healthy, strong and determined. Today I will not focus on material gain.  All that I desire is within my reach and I grasp it gratefully, with both hands.  I relinquish the pattern of procrastination within me. I shall act swiftly, looking forward to the excitement and adventure each day brings.

I invite cooperation among my colleagues and peers. I present myself as a positive role model to inspire them to hard work, honesty, and integrity. I stir enthusiasm among them to achieve our goals and missions.

I go forward expecting and dreaming of better things to come. My focus is on positive things. I expect to find better work, additional resources and opportunities to showcase my abilities. I will gain wealth and therefore be able to help those who are less fortunate. As my riches grow, I will take pleasure in distributing help to the needy.

I am indeed a work of art. I was made in the image of my Creator. With His almighty power and divine nature, He gave me the wisdom to create my own vision. I am in awe of His acts of love towards me. I am blameless and cloaked in purity as every part of my being responds to renewal and rebirth.

I shall cast out feelings of intolerance and vindictiveness. I turn my thoughts towards the light of Your love. I defy negative emotions and turn to the Lord. I ask for healing, forgiveness and acceptance within Your flock of followers. I ask for Your love to surround me.

I have developed my ability to work hard and earn money, to save sufficient amounts for rainy days and to invest well to acquire more honest earnings with my monies.

I welcome the ability to open my eyes to a bright new day. Positive thoughts fill my mind as I plan the path I will follow. I have meditated and found the strength to navigate the obstacles that prevented me from fulfilling my destiny. God has lifted me when I have fallen, given me courage in times of fear and given me his strong hand to cling to throughout my struggles. He has filled me with a burst of new hope. I am restored and will live forever in His glory.

I commit all my works to the Lord. Thoughts that emanate from my spiritual being shall be established in accordance with His will. It is through Him that I succeed in achieving my goals.

My heart overflows with joy and love. I have no need of the dawn and a new day. The warmth inside me is like that of the sun that stays with me all night. I am filled to overflowing with the joy of life.

I am saddened with the world’s loss of one great man.  In this life, he has served outstandingly.  As he enters life beyond, all his earthly deeds will be accounted for.  I know he will face the Lord with nothing at all, because the skills, the talent and the abilities, he used them up as the Lord willed for him to do.