Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I walk my path each day with a greater understanding of my own abilities. I make adjustments and improvements along the way. Every day wondrous possibilities increase. I take care not to fall into arrogance, conceit or vanity.  Humility is a virtue that always gives me a reward.

I approach everything in my life with the certainty that I am capable. I have the talent to provide excellent performance on the job. I know that I put forth my best effort and complete each task assigned to me. I am pleasant in my relationships, both on the job and in my personal life. I treat my family and friends with love and respect. I know I am a good person.

I shall not allow money to make me proud. I may be rewarded with a sufficiency and a surplus. It is only earned through the use of the talents I was gifted with. All my abilities were given by God. If I have beauty and intelligence it is granted by Him. I shall use it for the benefit of others in addition to myself.

I turn to my dreams at night for solace due to things undone.  Enthusiasm boils up inside me.  Fiery imagination of what could become reality is actively charging through my thoughts.  I vow  to make these dreams come true.  I can make them physically happen in my life.

I am thankful to have the earth to tread upon. I am grateful for the sweet smelling fresh air around me. I take pleasure in watching the changing scenery of the seasons as they pass. The movement of the clouds against the great expanse of blue sky above fills my heart with the beauties of the planet on which we live.

I shall not allow negative thoughts to cloud my vision. I visualize and focus on my ultimate goals. With God’s help I shall forge them into reality. I am in control of my own life. My pursuit of wealth is to be for the benefit of myself, my family and those who are in need. Prosperity and abundance shall be mine and allow me to be charitable to others as well. It will please God and give me joy.

I commune with the earth. It nourishes my soul and feeds my spirit. I let the positivity flow into my being for it shields me from all negativity. I can see only the beauty of the environment and feel the invigorating energy. I am revived and whole again.

It is true that I am rich in material things; but they are not what is
important to me. What matters is that I came by them honestly, without
harming or depriving anyone else. I value my reputation as a good
person far more than as a rich one.

I feel fortunate to possess the vitality required to accomplish all I have to
do today. My dedication compels me to continue though many of the
tasks are mundane and can be delayed until another day. Tonight, as I
drift off to sleep, I’ll be proud of my perseverance in finishing each task
that was set before me.

I take control of my thoughts and speak slowly and softly. I utter only true words and none that are born in anger or other unhealthy emotions. I shall suppress all negative thoughts and always show careful consideration for the feelings of others.

My old self has passed away and I am reborn. I have repentance in my heart for I believe that with God's grace, I will be forgiven and saved. I am a new creation, and can sense my inner beauty. All the days of my life will be devoted to serving God and I will grow more beautiful in His eyes until the end of my earthly time.

I am proud to be a custodian of the earth. I respect all plants and animals that share the planet with us. I will do my best to conserve water and keep lakes, rivers and land free of littler.  I will not litter the land by disposing of my containers improperly. I will enjoy the clean air and water in my world and strive each day to keep it in pristine condition.

I have concern for the shrinking rain forest as its loss will have a
disastrous effect on all life on earth. If scientists can provide an
alternate means of survival for those who deplete the remaining rain
forest to grow crops, it will ultimately benefit all mankind, not just the
people living in that area.

My dedicated efforts yield a bountiful harvest. When I put my hands to work, I reap a plentiful reward. Wealth is mine. I do not keep it for myself, but share it with those who are living in hunger and poverty. My hunger is for the food of eternal life. I guard my richness of spirit by sharing my earthly goods.

I am grateful to God for my good health, for it is one of life’s greatest
riches. I am most fortunate compared to anyone who is suffering from
an affliction. My riches allow me to donate money for scientific research,
which can hopefully eradicate disease and help those living with a

I continue to work toward my goals every day. My life is devoted to these tasks. My hopes will never dim and I shall achieve glorious success.

I do not turn my back on other people. I do embrace those who share my beliefs in how to live a good life. I do choose to spend my time with family and friends who promote their own well-being in the same way I choose to promote my own. I follow what I believe to be the right path in life.

I marvel at the universe and see not empty space, but a complex
interaction of forces. Gravity holds our feet to earth while another
invisible force called black energy exerts an influence on the entire
universe. Vistas of other planets and other intelligent life cross my mind
as a real possibility.

I have always been secured in the warmth of your unfailing love. I return this love with equal fervor. My love will not wither or fade in the face of misfortune when it surrounds us.

I graciously receive gifts and know in my heart that they are meant to provide good to myself as recipient and gratify the giver. I give for the sake of gratifying my innermost generosity.

I will work tirelessly to assure that my loved one will enjoy the love and companionship of his family during his time on earth. If he is taken to eternity at what I perceive as an inopportune time, I will pray for the strength to accept Your will. The pain of loss will be eased by the knowledge that it is a temporary parting. I will take comfort in the time we shared.

It is my duty to earn wealth through honest and dignified work. I need to create wealth so that I may share this abundance with the impoverished and less fortunate people. I am compelled to virtuously provide for others in accordance with my quest for eternal life.

Each day of my life I remind myself that now is the time to start all the
projects I want to do. It is tempting to roll over and go back to sleep on
Saturday morning. Instead I get dressed and go out to cut the grass and do
a dozen other chores on my list.

I have many dreams to fulfill. Never again shall I say, I can do it tomorrow. All those tomorrows may pass me by. I shall not allow that to happen. I am strong and ready to take control – now – and take all the necessary steps to reach out for those dreams. They may not be mine now, but I can make them come true for me tomorrow.

Nothing is impossible for me to do. If I have the will to win and excel then I will find the way. Never will I tire of pursuing the dream, to look up and see the glorious reality unveiled.

I take up the ways of the Lord out of desire, not force. I have the freedom to do so, or decline. I have the freedom to worship in any church, synagogue, mosque or amphitheater. I have the freedom to decline worship in any prescribed place. I can commune with God in a grassy meadow or my own living room if I so choose. I am thankful these freedoms are mine.

I have faith and I believe that I can carry the load with His assistance. When we walk together, we can reach the highest peak.

I know that everyone is important in the eyes of God. I give respect and due recognition to each person I encounter. I make him feel that he is valued and greatly appreciated.

I am secure in the knowledge that I do my best to be a good person. I am always kind and considerate of other people. I work diligently in my chosen profession. I assist my co-workers and support their efforts. Each day, I strive to perform one kindness for someone unexpectedly. My life and all my actions find acceptance in the eyes of the Lord.

I am a loyal person. My family and closest friends mean everything to me. I never say or do anything that could harm them. My words to them are gentle and caring. When someone places their trust in me to do something to assist them, he or she can be sure I will take care of it.

I am dedicated to any work required of me. I possess the talents and skills needed to perform any task. As I work, I pray that God fills me with the joy and pride that is the reward for completing this work. I also yearn for the confidence that I shall be nourished by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I am a happy person. I do not focus on the little problems everyone has in life. I focus on the wonderful things in my life. I have a family and sufficient wealth to sustain them and allow them to enjoy life and prosper. I show them my love in many ways. They return that love tenfold.

I take credit for my financial abundance only in the sense that I contributed hard work to earn it. I give credit to the inspiration and talents that were given to me. I simply applied my efforts to develop them. My earnings confirm my success. Let me enjoy a portion and pass a portion on to others.

I stagger not, moving along adverse pathways, strewn with rough fork and turns. I welcome them as surely as the rays of the sun on my face. I watch the rise of dawn to reveal the day I have waited for so long. In awe I stand mystified to see the fruit of my ardent work. My challenges I will accept as my cross to bear. From success to success I will prevail! As I grow stronger in search of truth, so does my confidence sharpen to the fullest! Nothing will stand on my way, I declare. I am the master of my being. Today I take charge of my life and destiny. I swim with purpose to a tunnel of light. The positive glow resides in me. I will be hindered no more, as my purpose becomes a guiding hand. I bring all the goodness within my influence to achieve my goal.

I patiently explain everything there is to learn about the work I delegate to others. I give encouragement to each worker by making my presence felt whenever guidance is needed.

My heart shall not be gripped by paralyzing fear. It is only ignorance of unknown regions that will prevent me from venturing through. I know that the Lord will take my hand and His warmth and love will lead me safely through all danger. My thoughts will turn from fear to cling to my faith in God.

I take the opportunity to escape oppression in this world. I have confidence in my work and faith in His guidance. I am bold because I follow only His commandments. I have courage because He will keep me strong.

I am open to whatever surprises lie ahead of me as I travel through life. I rejoice in the good times and try to minimize the bad. I know the positive aspects will far outweigh the negative. Throughout my life, I will act in a way that is beneficial to others and promotes their success and happiness along with my own.

I will work tirelessly to assure that my loved one will enjoy the love and companionship of his family during his time on earth. If he is taken to eternity at what I perceive as an inopportune time, I will pray for the strength to accept Your will. The pain of loss will be eased by the knowledge that it is a temporary parting. I will take comfort in the time we shared.

Today I will amaze myself, I the ability to bring joy to others. I am a loyal and faithful friend and I will offer help to the people I see suffering. God is always showing me I need to show compassion to others and I will not let him down. I understand that not everyone may not be loyal to me, but that will not alter my character. I will block out angry, resentful feelings and keep a positive head. Today can be the day I want it to be!

I do not fear the darkness that enfolds me. In a matter of hours, the dawn will see me rising.

I am an important part of our universe. I live my life to be a force for
good. I know I can be influential in bringing happiness to those I come
in contact with. I give my smile, my willingness to listen, my empathy
and sometimes, my money.

I am thankful for those earthly possessions that will aid me in the achievement of my purpose in the easiest manner and with less physical exertion.

I have sufficient grace to conquer all adversity that comes my way. I can accept the challenges of each day. God gives me the insight to recognize what issues should be given priority. I will eventually achieve what I have set out to do.

I instantly create a pleasant   atmosphere when I meet new people. My new acquaintances like me the moment I start to speak. My aura is one of genuine caring. I have an air of graciousness and my words come from the heart.

I take responsibility for all my actions. I am in total control of my life. I have the capacity to change the direction of the path I follow if I so desire. I am my own master and all my actions are performed in accordance with Your will.

I am someone who possesses strength, vitality and a zest for life. All of
my days present me with new hills to climb and new rivers to cross. I
will conquer each metaphorical obstacle to success one by one.

I am ever ambitious to reach a goal that benefits others. When I encounter someone in need, I am eager to work to fill that need. I strive to erase pain and suffering as they bring sadness to the downtrodden.

I will cherish my friends and consider them the icing on the cake of my life. I consider my time spent with them a celebration of life.

I shall reach out through the darkness for the hand of God. I trust Him to dispel all fear and hesitation. He will lead me safely through the shadows and I shall walk freely under the glorious light of the sun.