Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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Welcome to Positive Lifestyle

We hope that the resources on this site will help you soar higher and live a more positive, stronger lifestyle.

I feel in complete harmony with the Earth around me. I have an affinity with nature, with the animals and plants that God created. I constantly appreciate the beauty of the world around me. The World has the power to cure me with its positive energy. I can close my eyes and feel the movement of the Earth hypnotize me. God’s planet is truly amazing and I am totally privileged to be a part of it.

My work is an illustration of who I am and what I stand for. My calling in life is exceptionally clear to me! I give my all to all my daily pursuits, injecting energy into even the smallest tasks. I amaze not only myself but also my friends, my colleagues and even God. All the time I am pushing myself to reach new heights and to try new things. Today I will go one step further and resolve to do something I have never done before!

I know that I cannot take on the burdens of the world alone. I ask for the assistance of others. I invite their help in fulfilling the needs of the less fortunate in God’s name. Together, we can work to bring forth the necessary changes in this beautiful world.

My feelings shall be mirrored in the eyes of those I serve. I guard against negativity lest I evoke it in others. I emit the positivity bestowed upon me by the Lord. I am joyous and loving to those who can benefit from knowing of the Lord. My energy can bring them the words of faith.

I will refrain from slandering my fellow man. I hold no malice towards others and shall not speak ill of them. I strive to keep my thoughts and my heart pure and kind. I shall not wish harm to come to my brothers and sisters. I remain silent rather than speak ill of others. In this way, I shall promote peace.

I have grown in all ways without feeling as if I have aged. My mind is youthful and I am alert enough to meet the challenges I encounter every day.

The Lord gives me confidence whenever I feel low about myself. Sometimes I doubt my own strength and I start to be critical. This negative thinking will only spiral me into a depression and take me further from reaching my dreams. I’m choosing to be a confident, upbeat person who does not falter when they face hard times. I know that I can overcome any problems that come my way, and turn them into something positive. I welcome the future with excitement!

I dedicate myself to God with daily affirmations. I follow the path my faith directs me to walk. Though I know not what each day may bring, I am filled with hope for good things to happen. I place all my trust in the Lord.

I shall store all the precious gems in the dwelling of my heart so I can leave these as my children's inheritance. No thief can steal these treasures nor will they be consumed by rust or moths.

I am a leader. When I awake on a stormy day, my bright smile and joyous attitude are the sunshine. I bring light to a darkened day. I strive to inspire my loved ones to share my anticipation of a magnificent day ahead. What pleasure will it bring and what will I learn to expand my knowledge?

I am fond of encouraging people for I believe each has a level of intellect. I respect the views of others and recognize and applaud their wisdom.

I open my eyes and thoughts of love and happiness flood my mind. It is another beautiful day the Lord has given me. I use it to enjoy my own activities. I use it to reach out to someone who is mired in unhappiness. I try to lead him from his darkness to the light.

I can always be proud of the way I have been creating wealth. I use my God-given talents and develop them to the fullest. I am always honest in my business and personal dealings with others. I do not take advantage of others to amass my fortune. I have earned it through hard work and use it to support my loved ones. I give of the excess to charity.

Everything that is inside me, my emotions, energies and thoughts, are contributing to the efforts necessary to make my desires a reality. My faith is unswerving and will bring positive change in my life.

I take the time out of my busy day to devote to others. I value other people in my life. I want to be an understanding friend when they have a problem. I want to assist them. I am open to listening to the stories of pain in other’s lives. It gives me satisfaction to help people with my loving nature. Putting another person before me is a truly selfless act and exactly what God expects of me.  These are gifts I give in the name of God.

I know success will not come overnight. I am willing to work for it in this lifetime, and I will hold on to my goals and dreams.

I do not lose heart over misfortune. I believe that the Lord is my strength in times of trouble. I am not fearful because I am supported by my beliefs.

I am endowed with a profusion of earthly wealth and loveliness. I am thankful and appreciate the fullness of my life. I treasure the family that enriches and gives significance to my world. I cannot express how I love their presence in my daily life. My duty lies in preserving my household in reverence to God. If I am the light of the family, then I shall serve to guide them out into brilliant rays for the rest of our days!

The career I have chosen as my life’s work is one that is most appropriate for someone with my personality. I take pleasure in helping others. I show them ways to improve their physical condition. I go through rehabilitative routines with them and instruct them in how to perform them at home. I love being a physical therapist and all the functions it entails. I know I am good and will advance in the career path I have chosen to follow.

When my mind needs convincing that I can meet the challenge, my heart whispers that I am supplied with the ability by God. The power of my heart radiates and surges through to sustain the flame burning in my mind. I am able. I am powerful. I am strong.

Toil is my mission and I welcome the opportunity to labor and bring daily bread to my family and friends. I also wish to serve what I reap to my fellow man that he may not suffer in hunger and need. What better way to find happiness than the pleasure of comforting and providing for others? My heart is full with my blessings and I seek to share the bountiful harvest. It is inspiration to work and earn such privilege to serve the Lord.

My belief is that all things will fit together to complete the puzzle of my life. All things are working together for my ultimate good. I submit myself to the will of the Supreme Being. When I follow the path He recommends, there are no perils or persecutions that flay me along the way.

I rejoice in the moment and marvel at the beauty of Your creation. I try to live in Your image and give of myself to those who are in need. I am generous and give to others the riches entrusted to me. I am thankful because I always receive more than I give.

I call on my inner strength and courage to calm me in moments of adversity. I draw on my faith and hope. The sun shall always follow the rain. I vow to set a good example for my brethren. I seek to exude the virtues of fearlessness and strength. My healing shall leave me resilient and my belief in God shall keep me safe.

My senses grow sharper each day with appreciation for this beautiful world. What great love You show by bestowing all this on Your children. There is no greater joy than waking up to sounds of birds chirping and opening sleepy eyes to a sunlit morning. As I contemplate wonders of the universe, my spirit seeks Your presence beside me.  Oh, how truly magnificent is this world You have created.

I walk ahead and light the way for others to follow. I am a wise and fearless individual. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, I will be the organizer who will lead others to safety. I will focus on what needs to be accomplished to emerge from the darkness to the light of a new day.

I shall work for the greater good by achieving one small success at a time. Each day a victory will be mine. Each night I will sleep and wake refreshed to continue my work.

My spouse is truly the other half of myself. Without each other we are incomplete. I am rejuvenated by my spouse’s presence. There is no room for doubt, jealousy or anger. We shall heretofore share a lifetime filled with love and harmony.

I shall expend my energies to lend a helping hand to those who need it. I am strong and confident. I will share my enthusiasm for life and assist those who have no power to help themselves.

I dive into the unfamiliar with courage and exhilaration. I know that with my positive personality and energetic qualities I have nothing to fear. I can see that I can only ever learn by taking leaps of faith into the darkness. I have the support of my family and of The Lord. He is watching over me as I take risks and expand my mind. I feel the light of the Universe showing me the answers I need. Tomorrow is fast approaching and I am ready for whatever it brings.

I acknowledge my limitations but do not let them keep me from my chosen path. I am strong and energetic enough to withstand the failures and continue on to success. The road to success is the only one I will follow.

I take action to resolve any problem that occurs in my life. I know I am a good person and will not allow anyone to sway me from the path of righteousness. If I feel my action will contribute to the discomfiture of another, I turn away from that resolution and find another way to deal with the situation.

I shall be more loving to those around me. I will do unto others as I wish them to do unto me. This will promote peace and harmony in the world.

My heart overflows with joy and love. I have no need of the dawn and a new day. The warmth inside me is like that of the sun that stays with me all night. I am filled to overflowing with the joy of life.

When I behold the beautiful stars and stripes of the flag that represents freedom, I feel strong emotion. When I sing of my beliefs together with my fellow Christians on Sunday morning, I feel joy. I am thankful that I live in a country that respects my decision to participate in one religion or another. God bless the flag and God bless America.

I am fortunate to have good relationships with family and friends. My kindness and ability to forgive is the key to success in getting along well with others. I am gifted with kindness, patience and true caring for other people. My personality pleases them.

When God allowed me to take my place in this world, He placed a mission on my shoulders. I now accomplish His mission in my day to day living and slowly fulfill the plan that is mine to carry out.

I commune with the earth. It nourishes my soul and feeds my spirit. I let the positivity flow into my being for it shields me from all negativity. I can see only the beauty of the environment and feel the invigorating energy. I am revived and whole again.

There are seasons in my life as with the earth. Now is the season of prosperity and wellness. I will make this season the most productive of all. I can feel the bounties flowing. I turn my back on all negativity. I embrace success.

I am constantly dedicating myself to helping those in trouble. I will shift some of their burdens to my own strong shoulders. My abilities will be applied to improve their plight and I will help to ease the pain they feel.

I believe that marriage is a sacred vow to love and support each other regardless of the circumstances. I will remain faithful for all of my days.  I will share my time and happiness with the one I love. When all is not perfect between us, I will be flexible and agree to disagree.

My thoughts turn to vacations in exotic places. I anticipate saving from
my earnings to book a trip to Jamaica or Hawaii. I want to see the
orchids that bloom wild in Hawaii and swim in the warm ocean water off
the island of Jamaica. A week in the tropics is a just reward for a year of
hard work.

I will use the power of my innermost self to help my fellow man to prosper. I shall take responsibility for lifting the faith and confidence in all hearts. No storm will be strong enough to stop me from spreading kindness and joy to those in need.

Today I resolve to be more adventurous. My spontaneity will inspire and excite others and drive them to better things. I am a fun, joyous being who can derive pleasure from even the simplest of things. God wants me to be happy and I am here to serve him. I will take self-assured risks and not be frightened of diving into the unknown. I will be careful not to be reckless or make unwise decisions. I will be confident and certain in all that do. I am an exciting and enthusiastic person.

I forgive myself for past mistakes because I am only human. I do not
carry my sins like a weight around my neck for that would only prevent
me from achieving the worthy goals I have for my future. I forgive
myself and do not repeat the same errors again.

I will not let anyone trample on my dreams. I will use my faith to sustain my journey to life's end. I will continue to try to realize my ambition. I know I will have a happy life because I shall never stop dreaming and reaching out for my star.

I have many dreams to fulfill. Never again shall I say, I can do it tomorrow. All those tomorrows may pass me by. I shall not allow that to happen. I am strong and ready to take control – now – and take all the necessary steps to reach out for those dreams. They may not be mine now, but I can make them come true for me tomorrow.

I no longer shall walk along the corridors of uncertainty. Today, uncertainty is halted. No more shall I walk with doubt or ill will within my heart. I have purified my intentions and brought them to the altar of God. I gather all my faith, my hope and my joy in life to keep me strong and warm. I have the desire to make the journey to the divine life. I shall follow God's words. I am strengthened by the sheer power of His glory. Thus, I am confident that I shall follow my desired path, to which, the end boasts of a rainbow of colors. Such is eternal life, and I yearn to be enfolded in that sweet serenity.

Although life may be stormy I will prevail till the end, No hill will stop me from climbing and no valley will force me to lie down in defeat. My strength is in my faith in God. I trust that I will continue towards the final reward, which is eternal life. I take satisfaction in being able to achieve those things that must be accomplished before I can rest in the arms of the Lord.

Today I completely acknowledge my power to do anything I can possibly wish for. I focus on what I want and I visualize it, knowing that my mind can make it a reality. I am excited now about the future, and looking forward to spending it with my family. I am filled with joy and expectations, and I feel incredibly positive about the future. Tomorrow is filled with endless possibilities and surprises!