Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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My senses get sharper each day with appreciation for this beautiful world. What great power You have shown by designing all these things for us. There is no greater joy than waking up to the music of birds chirping and opening our eyes to a sunlit morning.  Lying here contemplating the wonders of the universe, my spirit seeks Your presence beside me. It is wondrous how magnificent is this world that You've given us.

I plan for the future, but I live in the now. I devise long-term plans for my
life to be personally satisfying and useful to others. Attention paid to
advancing my career does not preclude enjoying the present.

I will make a habit of excellence in all my undertakings.  I take on the future as I do very well at my tasks.  I will build a trademark of competence.

I am proud of being strong enough to overcome bad habits. I have achieved freedom from smoking, freedom from excessive drinking and do not gamble. My lungs are clear and I can jog and enjoy the fresh air. I take care to maintain freedom from illness and addiction. I practice good health habits to keep my body flexible and strong.

My self-image is bolstered by the charitable works I perform. I give a
share of my earnings to organizations that offer help to those in need. I
volunteer my time promoting literacy by teaching adults who never had
the opportunity to learn how to read.

I am proud of the kind things I am able to do for others. Although I am
attractive and intelligent, I cannot take pride in those traits since I was
born with them and did not have to earn them. It is the things I have
accomplished through honest effort of which I can be justifiably proud.

I will give to others with no restraint. I can identify myself with all others in this world and coexist without discord. I am merciful to the lost and oppressed. I share with the least fortunate the richness of my crops. This I do for the glory of God and it brings me great joy.

I will shun the thoughts on those days that doubt seeps in. The routine nature of daily life can become tedious. I do not allow those moments of clouded vision to mar my happiness. I refocus myself and return to service in God’s name. I turn to God to banish the doubts.

I take pride in sharing my dream to my colleagues.  I am not afraid that I will not be understood.  I am equally proud that they have chosen to support me in my goal.  This adds fuel to my determination to make my dream become real.  There is no more hesitation to my pursuit of victory.  I can already smell the sweet taste of triumph.  It really is a feat to even try!

I respect all the brave men and women who fight for freedom. I do not argue about politics with friends or family. When others begin to argue, I mediate their differences. Although I have strong beliefs, I do not denigrate the preferences of others. I present my ideas in a pleasant manner and am willing to listen to the other person’s views.

I am proud to toil for the betterment of myself. I am blessed to be able to toil for the betterment of my children. I welcome the opportunity to toil for sufficient riches to spread among those who are not as fortunate as me. I believe my future lies in doing all of these things. I do them gladly in the name of the Lord.

I know that God is the source of all my joy. Each day I am happy and each day I strive to be the source of another person’s happiness. I use my talents to help others because it is the source of my satisfaction.

I am proud of the kind things I am able to do for others. Although I am
attractive and intelligent, I cannot take pride in those traits since I was
born with them and did not have to earn them. It is the things I have
accomplished through honest effort of which I can be justifiably proud.

I take joy in surmounting the greatest difficulties in my life. I beat despair and conquer the darkness of hopelessness. I am the sturdy ship navigating the tumultuous waves towards safety on the shores of heaven.

I celebrate my good health and vitality for I am prepared to pursue my dreams. They are more than fleeting thoughts. They are goals set to make my dreams come true.

My vitality is a combination of physical energy and mental determination. I am thankful to have this energy for it makes me capable of working hard to achieve success in my chosen career.

My fervent hope is that all citizens of the planet earth will act as caring  custodians. May I inspire their efforts to maintain it and leave it a better place for generations to come. I hope to open the minds of big business to clarify the negative aspects of accepting pollution for the sake of gaining additional wealth. May they understand that it is their descendants, as well as others, who will inherit the earth in the condition they behind after their departure.

Today I acknowledge the beautiful body and face the Lord gave to me. He chose to create me as I am and it makes me proud. I am beautiful inside and out. I have been blessed with grace and charm. I am a unique individual, special in His eyes. I look for the beauty in others. I keep in mind that beauty in me and others has no importance compared to the beauty of a faithful soul.

I let nature and its wonders captivate my soul. I am filled with the beauty of my surroundings. Many inspiring thoughts assail my senses at once. This environment is my only world and nothing can replace it should it be destroyed. I think of ways to help save this habitat of man. I contemplate the threats posing dangers to this universe. I will find small things to do that contribute to saving this planet. I will influence others to do their share. All the efforts combined will produce positive results. I am going to make a contribution no matter how small.

I am as the thoughts that I think. I shape my being on those things I desire, reflecting my dignity and faith. Nothing can deter me from seeking pure and kind thoughts.

What blessedness is this I reap? I feel true appreciation from the humility of my heart. I value the feeling of appreciation, which others accord me. I am honest and forthright in everything I do. I am strong and shall keep from doing wrong. My ability lies in learning to correct my own errors and I treasure the wisdom I gain.

As I walk through life, I can take the path to the right or turn to the left. I shall see wondrous possibilities in either direction. It is only important that I choose one path and follow it faithfully. I will achieve success by choosing one path or the other and following it to the end.

The career I have chosen as my life’s work is one that is most appropriate for someone with my personality. I take pleasure in helping others. I show them ways to improve their physical condition. I go through rehabilitative routines with them and instruct them in how to perform them at home. I love being a physical therapist and all the functions it entails. I know I am good and will advance in the career path I have chosen to follow.

I delight in the words of God. I am strong and healthy. My spirit does not falter in the face of devious ways. I will put on the armor of Your love and stand firm against my foes. I will feel no fear in my quest for everlasting life. My trust is in the name of the Lord and I shall remain true to Him.

I am proud to be a custodian of the earth. I respect all plants and animals that share the planet with us. I will do my best to conserve water and keep lakes, rivers and land free of littler.  I will not litter the land by disposing of my containers improperly. I will enjoy the clean air and water in my world and strive each day to keep it in pristine condition.

I am carried by the positive energy of the universe. This energy flows around me and envelops me in its warm glow. I believe wholly in a power far greater than the ground beneath my feet. This power flows through me every second of every day. I place my trust in the Lord, knowing that my earthly needs shall be met.  God created the world in an image of beauty and greatness and I am here to gain wisdom. Today all is perfect in my world.

I pray to God that He may reach the hearts of the rabble rousers so they may mend their ways. With confidence I ask this because in my heart I believe He hears me.

I am a dedicated custodian of the parks and rivers upon which Mother Nature bestows her beauty. Walking amongst the trees and flowers is a refreshing experience that rejuvenates my soul. A plentiful variety of plants and shrubs grow together in the same space. I wish the people who walk these paths would also thrive in close proximity to one another.

I shall mend my sails and proceed to brave the high seas. I sail toward the bright horizon knowing my strong faith will bring me safely to the shore.

I am thankful for each favor granted by the Lord. I have family to love and cherish me. I have good physical health. I have a clear mind to study and absorb the knowledge I need to achieve riches. I shall repay each favor by passing it on to another. This is how I choose to serve God, by my kind acts to others among His flock.

My life is like a clock, and I try to manage it according to the minutes and hours available each day. I never want to waste a moment on mindless things.

I do not despair because every hardship, disappointment, suffering and failure teaches me to appreciate the good things that come to me in this life.

I examine myself and fix my eyes on what is unseen. I allow the calm and confidence to take over and carry me to the brink of success. I can preach the word of God and focus on completing my work. Such is my determination and my calling. I am the anchor of my soul, but God is the sanctuary of my being.

I am enthusiastic about improving my status. My mind tells me that I need to acquire wealth to make myself comfortable. Yet, I will not seek wealth beyond what is mere comfort. My requirements will be limited to the basic requisites for an good lifestyle. I will work hard to achieve the level of comfort that I desire.  The moment I attain the greatest accomplishment of my career, I will strive to balance every success with humility and commitment.

I am adept at gracing our dinner table with a variety of healthy foods and serving them in an attractive setting. I create not only healthy bodies in our family, but also encourage a pleasant atmosphere in which we can share pleasant conversation along with our dinner.

I face daily challenges with my head held high. I do not avoid difficult situations. Instead, I seek solutions to existing problems. I will discover the answers to puzzling questions. God’s plan has a reason for everything that transpires in this world. If a complex situation arises that seems beyond my capability to resolve today, I will ponder it until tomorrow. When I awake with a rested mind, I shall be successful in finding answers and viable solutions to the problem at hand.

I shall strive to focus on all the good acts of others rather than on their faults. I will not favor those who do not promote my best interests. I am strong and smart and recognize what direction to take to attain a desirable future. I toil to earn my own success and know I can achieve the things that will enrich my earthly life.

I turn my gaze to the East and am rewarded by the sunrise. I turn my gaze to the West and am restored by the sunset offering a full night of rest. My daily tasks reward me with satisfaction. My daily prayers and meditation restore my peace of mind. I embrace the goodness all around me and give thanks for its existence.

I am proud of the financial abundance that rewards my hard work. I am more proud of the way I disburse it. I am an honest person. I pay bills on time. I maintain a bank account for emergencies. I do not gain income by cheating or taking advantage of anyone in any way. I am happy to have a clear conscience.

When my world is in upheaval, when everything seems lost and there is no hope to reverse time, my only consolation is that the seconds tick away to bring tomorrow and the next day.  Unless God put the clock away, life continues.

I am strong enough to complete all the unaccomplished tasks. I shall leave no unfinished business in this world, but leave it a better place.

I continue to work toward my goals every day. My life is devoted to these tasks. My hopes will never dim and I shall achieve glorious success.

I seek those people who are bright and lively. Their positive attitudes are like the radiant rays of sunshine. Each friend with a positive approach to life inspires me every day.

I will live each day by working hard to reach the summit of success.  Along the way I will enjoy the view.  This is the pleasure side.

Today I will climb to the mountaintop. I shall overcome fear and face challenges. As I overcome each obstacle, my excitement for the future grows. Wonderful surprises await me. God is with me on this journey. I am positive and strong. Today is my day to shine.

Nature presents me with the  bounties of the earth. Love and joy radiate from my heart. Optimism leads me to ever more achievement as I traverse the path to glory. I am never alone. Peace fills me and there is a song of thanksgiving in my heart.

I go where my heart leads me and am prepared to do great things. I can overcome the most daunting of obstacles. No more am I shackled by uncertainty. My energy makes me eager to begin the journey to achieve the goals I have set. No fear resides in my heart because I am protected by Your love.  You have prepared me for the battles I shall face. I know I am worthy of realizing the dream and victory is close at hand.

I am someone who possesses strength, vitality and a zest for life. All of
my days present me with new hills to climb and new rivers to cross. I
will conquer each metaphorical obstacle to success one by one.

The beauty of my soul radiates from within me to manifest in my daily activities. I offer my ardor and ingenuity as a contribution to the community. I will start today, not waiting for tomorrow, or the day after or for any major event to compel me to action.

I awake each day and feel fortunate as I count my riches. They are not
monetary ones. My riches are my family, who are the embodiment of all
the joy life has to offer. I love each one of them and thank God for them
morning, noon and night.