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How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I am proud of my countenance for I am created in His image. I am proud of the talents and intelligence I possess. However, it is only the way I put them to good use that is deserved pride. For all my talents are a gift from God.

I take great joy in my own creativity. I express love for my family by knowing what their favorite foods are and preparing meals that are nutritious and tasty. I set the table in an attractive way that encourages each family member to linger over a meal and have good conversation. Mealtime is sharing time in our home.

I sense complete serenity engulfing everything my life. It is exhilarating to feel the power of the Universe overtake me. I am in God’s hands and my emotions are steadied by His influence. My inner self is tranquil and I have complete certainty in the person I am. I permit my soul to grow by relinquishing all thoughts of doubt and fear. I know that I am responsible for my own emotions, and I will keep myself centered at all times.

I step outside and turn my eyes upward. My feeling of awe at the beauty of the sky or the flight of a seagull reminds me how I have pleased God. Surely I have earned His favor by my good works and charity towards others. How else, would I be so blest as to have all this to bring me happiness.

When God allowed me to take my place in this world, He placed a mission on my shoulders. I now accomplish His mission in my day to day living and slowly fulfill the plan that is mine to carry out.

I am earning vast amounts of money and I am greatly overjoyed.  I can use these riches to create opportunities for others.  This ocean of abundance could be overwhelming to put to my personal use alone.  I am eager to contribute to the overall economy and bring jobs to the workers currently seeking for employment.  Through my numerous resources I will be able to provide the service I love doing while attracting more income and wealth.  Above all, I will bear in mind that I will remain steadfast to my own true master, who is the Lord.  I will avoid being corrupted by money and power.  

I acknowledge my limitations but do not let them keep me from my chosen path. I am strong and energetic enough to withstand the failures and continue on to success. The road to success is the only one I will follow.

I give myself wholly to the feelings of compassion, kindness and generosity. I let go of all that has transpired. The past is gone and the value left behind is   my acquisition of wisdom. I am learning to be a better person. I try to be kind to myself and be positive in outlook. I will always cherish the moments gone and how I learned from them. I thank God for His guidance and love.

Today I celebrate my family.  I rejoice that we are all part of God's family and that love is everywhere. I try to be tolerant and patient and not allow small annoyances to affect me. Friends, family and pets bring great happiness to my life. Today I will smile and pay compliments to them. I will lift them up with my exuberant spirit. I take joy in loving myself and knowing than others love me.

I have concern for the shrinking rain forest as its loss will have a
disastrous effect on all life on earth. If scientists can provide an
alternate means of survival for those who deplete the remaining rain
forest to grow crops, it will ultimately benefit all mankind, not just the
people living in that area.

Today I rest my trust and belief in my inner guidance.  I will make solid plans and execute this project thoroughly.  I will try to have something tangible at the end of the day.  Then I will relax and have some fun.  It will make me energetic for tomorrow and start over again.

I now have the wealth to distribute among the charities and deserving causes I have great faith in.  I am lucky to have generated an abundance that I could freely give. I am eager to share these blessings.

I pray to God that He may reach the hearts of the rabble rousers so they may mend their ways. With confidence I ask this because in my heart I believe He hears me.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful array of good things in my life. I welcome the opportunities to prove my worth. I can overcome all challenges, struggle through the difficulties for they will soon pass and look ahead to the wonderful array of blessings I know will come. I ask the Lord to guide me and grant me strength when I need it and patience when I want events to happen too quickly.

I believe there is an intrinsic goodness in every person, and you only have to look for it. I search to find the qualities that they possess that are in keeping with the Lord’s ways. If they have done bad deeds, I hope to lift them back to the path of righteousness.

I speak kindly and am watchful of rudeness or harshness in delivering my words for they may evoke anger. I will seek to counter wrath should it be aroused.  I remind myself that gentle words are a like a soft breeze that caresses another’s ear. Harsh words can give start to unpleasantness.

I do not seek riches for their sake alone. I seek to acquire enough to care for my family responsibilities. I do not seek riches for personal advantage. I am fortified by the riches that come from self-satisfaction and doing for others. In that sense, I count myself among the richest men in the world.

I shall promise to love and cherish a partner who shares my hopes and dreams for the future. I will always respect my spouse and be faithful for all the days of our lives. A marriage vow is sacred and I shall keep mine unto her as we walk together through our life here on earth.

I place my faith in God and today He comforts my heart.   He reassures me that there is much good in the world regardless of what the news reports say. I seek a close relationship with God and meditate and pray daily to calm my spirit. Today is a good day. I stop to smell the sweet flowers and behold the blue of the sky. Beauty is all around, created by a loving and protective Savior.

I have made good use of the powers inside me. My strength, once diminished, comes flowing back and each cell is nurtured as if being reborn. Aches and pains are banished. My vision of the future shows a purpose illuminated for me to achieve and I am resurrected and capable of finishing my work here on earth.

I have grown in all ways without feeling as if I have aged. My mind is youthful and I am alert enough to meet the challenges I encounter every day.

I express love for my wife in both word and deed. I tell her I love her frequently. But, I know words are meaningless if I don’t back them up by showing her. Little things like helping around the house and picking up groceries say I love you as much as flowers or expensive gifts.

I am proud of my countenance for I am created in His image. I am proud of the talents and intelligence I possess. However, it is only the way I put them to good use that is deserved pride. For all my talents are a gift from God.

I shall seek the unfortunate and give to them out of kindness and love. I will nourish the needy, their bodies with food and their souls with faith. I will trust in God to turn my thoughts from my own problems and use my talents to improve the days for others. I am invincible in these endeavors.

My spouse is truly the other half of myself. Without each other we are incomplete. I am rejuvenated by my spouse’s presence. There is no room for doubt, jealousy or anger. We shall heretofore share a lifetime filled with love and harmony.

I do not allow arrogance to interfere with following the will of God. I will strive to be pure of heart and acknowledge that everything good within me is pure and follows God’s plan. I will work to maintain peace.

Today all the planets and stars of the universe start and complete their daily journey. I will also wake and perform all the tasks that are my responsibility. I want my loved ones to depend on me to be as stable as the planets circling our sun and the moon circling our planet.

On the day that I stand before the altar with my chosen marriage partner, I will have taken the time to know and understand him. We will share like desires that will keep us close throughout our entire lives. We will share our faith and raise our children in that faith. We will build a strong family and remain together until eternity.

I do my part to make my country safe for the future. I support plans for security and preventing those who would harm it from carrying out their nefarious plots. I approve of all immigrants who apply for entrance in the legally accepted way. I encourage them to work hard and assure their own success.

I will gain wealth without forfeiting my soul. I will pursue my faith and apply it to my quest for earthly riches. I am strong enough to resist falling into the trap of foolish desires.

My eyes feast on the beauty of the trees and flowers. They turn towards a Monarch butterfly with its bright orange wings. A gentle dog nurses her new puppies and I see the miracle of birth. God has made all these things of nature that compose the totality of the beauty of life.

When I talk with people, I concentrate on their ideas and respond easily. It is like enriching my own thoughts and gaining additional knowledge on some of my unexplored concepts.

Today I will take care to be patient and loving towards others. I will be particularly tolerant and understanding of children, as I remember that we are all children of God. I will remember that the children of the world are the future, and any influence I have on them will influence the future of the world. I will pour out my love unconditionally and hope to receive love in return. If others need my help, I will go to their aid without hesitation and love all people the same, as we are all part of God's family.

I have no cause to fret even when someone has wronged me. I will remain steadfast in the name of the Lord and my unfailing love and my faithfulness will be rewarded.

Today I thank God for the gift of my child. I love and value my child as I love and value myself. I always take notice of what my child says and give him the same attention I would accord an adult. I take care of his needs for love, attention and nourishment. I feed his body with nourishing food and his soul with the word of God. I devote my time to his gentle discipline and instill good morals in his ways. I am his first teacher and endeavor to fulfill my responsibilities. I love my child with all my heart and show daily affection in many ways.

I have many dreams to fulfill. Never again shall I say, I can do it tomorrow. All those tomorrows may pass me by. I shall not allow that to happen. I am strong and ready to take control – now – and take all the necessary steps to reach out for those dreams. They may not be mine now, but I can make them come true for me tomorrow.

I walk ahead and light the way for others to follow. I am a wise and fearless individual. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, I will be the organizer who will lead others to safety. I will focus on what needs to be accomplished to emerge from the darkness to the light of a new day.

I am thankful for those earthly possessions that will aid me in the achievement of my purpose in the easiest manner and with less physical exertion.

I shall cast out feelings of intolerance and vindictiveness. I turn my thoughts towards the light of Your love. I defy negative emotions and turn to the Lord. I ask for healing, forgiveness and acceptance within Your flock of followers. I ask for Your love to surround me.

I have many dreams to fulfill. Never again shall I say, I can do it tomorrow. All those tomorrows may pass me by. I shall not allow that to happen. I am strong and ready to take control – now – and take all the necessary steps to reach out for those dreams. They may not be mine now, but I can make them come true for me tomorrow.

I feel right when I care for others. Doing my share and giving to others balances my own life. The void within me is filled with a sense of completeness and I am greatly fulfilled.

I will not be judgmental of other people; each person has a reason for what they do. Today I will let go of all angry, bitter feelings towards others and become a more forgiving person. God forgives everybody if they are truly sorry, so why shouldn’t I? I will accept the mistakes I have made in the past and move on from them. Today is a new today and I am completely ready to change.

I will live today as in God's temple. I shall embrace goodness and bring peace unto my soul. I am filled with trust and faith. He will guide my path and lighten my load. I desire to keep myself as a model of virtue and allow only positivity to rule my heart.

I strengthen my bond with the Lord and spread His holy promise of eternal life. From this day forward, I shall spread the words of faith and hope to the multitudes. I follow Your laws and encourage others to do the same. Let my enthusiasm draw others into the circle of goodness that will bring them to the Lord. The truth I speak of has the power to save the world.

I strive to reach the optimal physical form through healthy eating and exercise. I treat my body with respect and work to maintain good health.

Today I think about what impact I am having on the world. I make sure my actions are beneficial to others. The Holy Bible tells us to do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than you. This is a lesson I will learn and remember. I share the world with my fellow man and take care to be kind to others. A single action I take can influence the world. My actions will always be those of a generous, loving and appreciative person. Today I stop to ask myself, “What would Jesus do?”

My words of faith are taken from His gospel. I believe in them with a strong conviction and show this through my acts of faith.  I am serving as a good example to others and they follow me on the path of righteous ways.

I feel empowered and strong when I commit myself to the Lord.  Nothing can stand in my way, as long as He is beside me.  Success is inevitable, no distractions will prosper.  I am bursting with the need to act and start doing things.

I turn my face and receive the rays of the morning sun.  I listen to my positive thoughts and repeat them aloud. My subconscious responds with its own positive statements. It exhilarates me to feel the power coursing through my body and mind. I am ready to face the day.

My vitality wells up from inside me. It stems from my love of life and it is my good fortune. My store of boundless energy takes me joyfully through each day. I finish everything that needs to be done and it is very satisfying to be productive.