Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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Let me reap abundant crops from the hard toil of my working hands. My zealousness pushes me to work heartily that I may be richly supplied. My daily achievements are rewarded with bread and great profits.  I can see how the world benefits from my efforts. I am inspired to attain all that I aim for. I labor quietly and in honesty so that I may share with those who are in need. Such is the purpose of my existence.

I am in perfect sync with the world around me. My life is satisfying and full. Wonderful friends and family surround me and bring me joy. I allow only positive thoughts to influence my mind. I have the power to influence the world in a beneficial way. I welcome change and rely on the Lord to set me on the path he has chosen to have me follow. I have no fear of what is to come today or on the morrow.

Today I shall make my life complete. I have confidently sought the goals I find important. I am completely recovered in health and my healing was successful. My once faltering marital relationship is strengthened and financial problems overcome. My heart and mind are in sync with the world around me. I now follow the right path He has designed for me and I follow with a glad heart.

Today I will instill confidence in my family and friends; I will make them aware of my faith in them. I know that everyone has it in them to achieve great success, including me! I will pay compliments to the people I meet, and feel happy just to see the joy it brings them. I will give smiles and hugs to all my friends, feeling the warmth spread from me out to everyone. God teaches me never to judge anyone else, and I will follow what he says.

Each day I give thanks for the food that is my daily bread. It nourishes my body and keeps me strong. Each day I give thanks for my prayers and meditations. They nourish my soul and keep me strong. It is my body that is sustained by the fruits of nature. It is my soul that is sustained by the presence of God.

When I open my eyes each morning, I see the beauty of the world outside my window. The pleasant music of chirping birds delights my ears. My big, beautiful St. Bernard urges me to venture out on our morning walk. My neighbor greets me pleasantly. All is good in my life and I thank God for my happiness.

I am able to cope with all the weather conditions Mother Nature imposes on mere mortals. If I have planned a picnic and it rains, I change direction and visit the museum instead. If I look forward to a day of skiing, it may not snow. I can adapt by substituting ice skating and still enjoy the day.

I speak kindly and am watchful of rudeness or harshness in delivering my words for they may evoke anger. I will seek to counter wrath should it be aroused.  I remind myself that gentle words are a like a soft breeze that caresses another’s ear. Harsh words can give start to unpleasantness.

I am a happy person. I do not focus on the little problems everyone has in life. I focus on the wonderful things in my life. I have a family and sufficient wealth to sustain them and allow them to enjoy life and prosper. I show them my love in many ways. They return that love tenfold.

Today I will seek love in the right places. I will seek the companionship of followers of the Lord. I experience love in the knowledge that He is always with me. He lifts my spirit and heals my soul. I need no material riches as He recognizes my worth. My emotional needs will be filled. I share my joy with God and others who share my faith.

Whatever I do for my neighbor is what I do for the Lord.  When I love my neighbor, then I do this for the love of God. 

Today I remember these words from the Bible. It says, He is the lamp, which turns the darkness into light. I paraphrase this verse to remind myself that God is always with me with me. He turns back the darkness and I am never alone. Bathed in the light of the Lord, I have the capacity to achieve anything. My world is one of love and faith, and I keep true to it for Jesus is my Savior.

I shall recognize each day of life as a miracle. The sun rises to light each new day. A new life comes into the world through the miracle of birth. I vow to appreciate always the gifts I have been given. I shall live to please God and serve mankind in His name.

I am filled with awe at the unfolding of a new day. My heart is filled with anticipation for the glory and grace that awaits me. I am grateful for the rewards I receive. You shower blessings upon me and I am thankful. I love my life and shall live it to the fullest. I follow whatever path You wish me to take.

I feel fortunate to possess the vitality required to accomplish all I have to
do today. My dedication compels me to continue though many of the
tasks are mundane and can be delayed until another day. Tonight, as I
drift off to sleep, I’ll be proud of my perseverance in finishing each task
that was set before me.

Today I feel a new strength. My mind is clear and I can focus on what I need to do. I instinctually move forward in the right direction. I am able to take any leap of faith. The Lord presents me with new challenges each day and I welcome them. I do not fear taking a risk to welcome new people into my life or trying to help them. No charitable act is impossible for me and it is my pleasure to help those in need. I reach out offering my assistance in the name of God.

I am a unique person with my own distinct personality. I am only similar to others in God's equation. I love being me.

In pursuit of my goals I  picture vivid images in the crevices of my mind.  I use these pictures and work to create possibilities that become realities.

I nourish my mind and soul daily and that provides the impetus to prevail over all adversity. I concentrate all my energies on applying myself to the correct path to follow to achieve the success I know I am capable of.

My eyes take in the totality of each person I meet. I see the goodness in my brother.  I know that he will share his bread with me to satisfy my hunger and I will open my hand to give him food that he desires.

I am willing to take a risk to achieve favorable results. I know that by taking a leap of faith, I demonstrate my trust in the Lord. Abundance is everywhere, and I am free to partake of it. My hard work earns wealth for which I am eternally grateful to God. My achievements allow me to bestow riches upon those living in poverty. My success inspires family and friends.

I am earning vast amounts of money and am greatly overjoyed. I can use these riches to create opportunities for others.  This ocean of abundance shall not be for my personal use alone. Instead, I am eager to contribute to the  economy and offer jobs to those who have no employment opportunities. Through my numerous resources, I will be able to unselfishly provide service to others. I love doing philanthropic things while attracting more income and wealth.  Above all, I will bear in mind that I will remain steadfast to my own true master, who is the Lord.  I will not allow myself to be corrupted by money and power.

In the past my help was in the name of the Lord. I was lifted up from sadness to the joy of faith. Now I am capable of and responsible for reaching out to lend a helping hand to another. I will do this to honor His name and thank Him for my blessings.

I seek and find my strength in the word of God. He directs me and I take up His cause eagerly. I find joy and compensation in sharing my riches with others. I share the love of God and spread joy to those who live a life barren of happiness.

Let me face adversity and search within myself for the skills to overcome all obstacles. My strength allows me to use my creative talent to transform adversity into achievement.

My pride in myself is not a false pride. I am proud of using my favorable traits to achieve success in my life. For my intelligence and talents are not something I earned. The success I gain by developing and using them are what I take pride in.

I gaze out over the vast expanse of ocean. I am amazed at the changing texture of its surface and varied movement of the waves. Its depths hold an incredible variety of life. The mighty whale, the friendly dolphin and the smaller life forms that provide sustenance all swim below its surface. It is a wondrous part of the earth we live on.

My positive thinking is creating wondrous change in my body. It responds like a wilting flower to April showers. Each day I recite the positive thoughts inside my mind and they strengthen my resolve.

I earn my self-esteem by working to develop all the talents and abilities I am blessed with. I do not tire easily and keep my goals in mind as I work. If I am able to amass great wealth, it will not be spent foolishly. I use it to enrich the lives of my spouse, my children and give the excess to those who live in poverty that they may enjoy a pleasant life.

My eyes look to fields of flowers, but, my heart looks towards spiritual
bouquets. I gravitate to blossoms of faith, hope and charity while
nurturing the traits of kindness and love within myself. It gives me great
satisfaction to spread love in the world to dispel the darkness.

My eyes look to fields of flowers, but, my heart looks towards spiritual
bouquets. I gravitate to blossoms of faith, hope and charity while
nurturing the traits of kindness and love within myself. It gives me great
satisfaction to spread love in the world to dispel the darkness.

I am appreciative for my gift of talent in the field of business. It allows me to provide for all the needs of my family. My career is important and through it I can make my way in the world. I do not settle for doing only what I can today. Tomorrow I want to learn new ways to advance my career. I am a team player and get along well with others.

All my loved ones are the source of my joy. Sharing a meal of good food and good conversation with them is a pleasure. Providing good advice is both a responsibility and a privilege. Knowing I make them feel secure is a source of pride and satisfaction.

I vow to view money as the means to secure sustenance on earth for myself and my progeny. I shall not worship it or take pride in how much I can accrue. I shall keep in mind that I have been blessed with a surplus. I shall be thankful for it and enjoy a good life. I shall not fail to remember those who are without even the necessities and provide what I can for them.

I will not wait for destiny to come and seek me out. I will reach out to search for it in all the corners of the earth. I seek the answer to what purpose the Lord has in mind for my future.

My mind is steadfast and my soul is composed. My perception leads me down the correct path to follow. As each new scene unfolds I have a sense of being connected to my goals. I am clear as to my purpose and my faith shines bright. No darkness shall obstruct my vision as I am guided by Your divine grace.

My mind is like a powerful engine that pushes me to work heartily and with all my might.

I have floated like a leaf stirred by the wind, drifting in solitude. When I found God, He filled my life with purpose. My days are now enriched with the joy of waking to realize a dream.

Thank You for giving me all the resources I need to make my dreams real.   I can now start making the step by step plans in motion.  All I require is patience, hard work and constant faith to achieve my purpose.

I give my family the gift of unconditional love. Personal concerns are set aside to accommodate their interests first. My family is the center of my universe. My toil is dedicated to their wellbeing.  I work to provide material comforts so they may live in dignity among men. The reward for my efforts shall be granted in eternity. The Lord will know of the way I conduct myself and bestow His grace upon me. There is no reward greater than pleasing God and gaining entrance through the gates of heaven.

I know that I cannot take on the burdens of the world alone. I ask for the assistance of others. I invite their help in fulfilling the needs of the less fortunate in God’s name. Together, we can work to bring forth the necessary changes in this beautiful world.

I find satisfaction in working with others rather than competing with them. I can be an excellent team member who shares the load and makes the workday pleasant. I have the skills that make a good team leader and shall set a good example for others. I have no fear of standing up and stating my ideas. I have the humility to admit it when I am wrong and learn from the errors of my ways. I contribute to any business with an agile mind and a dedicated work ethic. I manage my personal finances successfully and spend sparingly. God sees my potential and gives me all the resources necessary to reach the pinnacle of success.

I set out to earn His favor each day. I work diligently at my chosen career. I pray and meditate on His greatness, morning and night. I care for my fellow man, both with caring emotions and material goods, if he be in want or distress.

When morning light breaks the darkness of the night, I will arise without hesitation to begin a day of work. I gain satisfaction from achievements I can make in my chosen profession. I am thankful to have work that gives me pleasure each day. I shall take pride in reaching the goals I set for myself. As the light of day fades, I find satisfaction in knowing I have done my best.

I can invite others to join me in my cause. By making them see how I work to help other people they are encouraged to participate and be part of the force working to change in the world.

I renounce all the negative feelings I have harbored and fed. I will be slow to anger and empty of resentment. I will erase the hurt and painful memories that feed these emotions.  I will be patient, wise and compassionate. If there is a brewing anger, I will douse it with water. My actions shall be like a song that lulls the soul. For everything and everyone that crosses my path, I will sing in God's favor, so that He may rejoice of the peace and good will that I possess.

I hold myself to a higher level of standards in all the significant aspects of my life. I will adhere to these standards in matters of work and interaction with other people at all times. I know this is possible and pleasing to God.

I shall not burden myself with worries about tomorrow. There will be food when I hunger and water when I thirst. I trust in the Lord to provide all that I need. I pray to Him to ease my worried mind and he grants me freedom from my worry. My mind is at rest and peace reigns within me.

I feel the Lord is healing my physical self and restoring my positivity. If I think of the wonders of the world, I shall be revitalized in body and soul. Nature provides abundantly wherever my eyes rest. I am joyous and grateful to God for the uplifting beauty I see around me.

I am completely satisfied with my inner and outer beauty. No matter what judgments people make, I am a beautiful creation of God with an unblemished soul that shines brightly with faith. I appreciate the beauty around me, in other people and in Mother Nature. Each individual fills a purpose in this life. I feel endowed with unique qualities and a loving heart.