Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I know I have the strength to achieve success in my chosen field. I will never let obstacles stop me. I will simply get up and move on towards my ultimate goal.

Today is a gift of the past. I will rejoice and be gladdened by the present and strive to make tomorrow a gift for the future.

I am creating prosperity as I invest in what my heart values deeply. My spiritual commitment guides my passion. I use time, talent and riches to fulfill this vow. My treasure lies in a heart filled with faith and love.

In sleep, I think, I dream, I experience everlasting life.  I am absolved from disgrace and everlasting contempt.  My power affirmations are alive and full of promise that keeps me from sin even when my mind is at rest.

I have been lifted by the grace of God from a black abyss of misery. Hope lifted  me to once again regain my hold on life. Now I have come to terms with my destiny. I am filled with the energy sufficient to traverse the roughest terrain. I can climb the highest mountain or sail through the roughest sea. With God’s help there is no challenge too big to overcome.

My limbs are strong to grasp something or take a walk, be it a few miles or more. How fresh they feel after the times of disuse and deformity. They are suffused now with pulse throbbing mightily in my veins. I have new health bestowed upon me. I am as a babe newly born. I am awed by this miracle of life. How did I deserve a new lease on life? But You, my Lord, have spoken. You gave forgiveness and I am graciously accepting my token. I have no words but I have a mind full of promised change. I have total faith in my heart. I have this renewed life that only You possessed the power to bestow.

I am thankful to You my Lord, for giving me the gift of laughter. Laughter will lighten dire circumstances. It lifts my spirit and lightens any burdens. I shall never laugh at others only with them.

I am filled with joy each time the sun rises, bringing with it a new day. It
is the source of light, growth and the hope of better things to come. I will
spare no effort to make it a good day for myself and my loved ones.

I acknowledge that I am but one person occupying one small spot within the vast space of the universe. Regardless of size, I have a role to fulfill. I am sure my worthwhile actions will have a large ripple effect on others and thus contribute to the future of the entire universe.

I am only a minute portion of the entire universe.  I will strive to be a great part in this world no matter how small I am.  I will try to meet head on all issues that mirror the complications of this world.   And in the depths of my being, when twilight comes, I shall depart a happy one.

I shall stay calm in the face of adversity and turmoil. I shall find humor and use it as a way to enjoy life. I will be strong and courageous for myself and others. I shall take great joy in navigating the earthly journey and take pleasure in the good things it offers. I will remain strong through difficult times. I will share my strength with others who are dealing with troubles of their own.

Though I may become weary, I will not fall. I seek to prevail over the ordeals and trials that I face. I will not boast of success, but my resilience will prove that I will be hard to conquer.  The Lord will lift me up when I trip and carry me along when I despair. I am like a child with an innocence and total trust in Him. I know that when I am weak, He gives me strength, and I am content to repose in the warmth of His love.

I prosper in all facets of my life and I believe that prosperity is well deserved. I smile as I pay my bills and am thankful for the means to do so. I am deserving of God’s love and He encourages my ambitious dreams by granting me the intellect and skill to make them come true.

My dedicated efforts yield a bountiful harvest. When I put my hands to work, I reap a plentiful reward. Wealth is mine. I do not keep it for myself, but share it with those who are living in hunger and poverty. My hunger is for the food of eternal life. I guard my richness of spirit by sharing my earthly goods.

As a child I would nurse the bird with the broken wing. As a teen I loved baby sitting and comforting children if they were ill. My compassion led me to a career in medicine. I will care for those who are ill in a professional capacity. I will devote my career to alleviating the pain and suffering of those who come to me.

I believe that marriage is a sacred vow to love and support each other regardless of the circumstances. I will remain faithful for all of my days.  I will share my time and happiness with the one I love. When all is not perfect between us, I will be flexible and agree to disagree.

I am now so accustomed to my power affirmations that they have become a part of my daily ritual. I grow stronger as the result of positive living, confident that I will love God better each day. My sights are focused on positive thoughts, knowing that God is directing me to do those things that please Him. He will remove all barriers to my success and in the end, nothing is impossible because He is my light and my Savior. I dedicate all my achievements to Him.

I feel empowered and strong when I commit myself to the Lord.  Nothing can stand in my way, as long as He is beside me.  Success is inevitable, no distractions will prosper.  I am bursting with the need to act and start doing things.

Gazing down upon the still pond waters I see beauty when I have been unselfish and loving towards family and friends. Gazing into a mirror I see a cruel face when I have been insensitive towards another. The plainest face takes on loveliness when it reflects a pure heart. The most exotic face takes on a harsh quality when it contemplates doing harm to man or another of God’s creatures.

I shall not sit idly by, counting my money, while others do without. Let me serve as the conduit of my wealth. Let it flow through me and reach those who can most benefit by the necessary food and shelter it can purchase on their behalf.

The illumination of my soul gives me the gifts of love, faith and hope. Love is the greatest of gifts and faith brings me the certainty that my hopes and aspirations shall come to fruition. I can explore and build my dreams, bringing them to reality. There shall be no failure as my confidence continues to grow. I wash myself of impurities and rejoice in new beginnings.

I appreciate the wonders of nature in our world. One example is the different animals that live on the mountainside. At each level a different type of grass grows. This allows a different animal to thrive at each elevation. The mountain goat has the surefooted ability to climb and graze on seemingly insurmountable rocky surfaces. The world surely contains many wondrous animals.

Getting down to business is working every day for a paycheck or a specific goal. The business of everyday life is making a living. The business of a child is completing schoolwork on time. The business of a caterpillar is metamorphosis and business for me is taking care of my spouse, my children and sharing my riches with those in need. I am proud that I can work hard and be successful at taking care of business.

A surplus of money comes to me through the expenditure of talent that qualifies me to earn a high income. All my talents and the determination to develop them are my good fortune. I shall use a portion of my money to help those who are not as fortunate. For without my God-given talents, I may have been among those who are in need.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful array of good things in my life. I welcome the opportunities to prove my worth. I can overcome all challenges, struggle through the difficulties for they will soon pass and look ahead to the wonderful array of blessings I know will come. I ask the Lord to guide me and grant me strength when I need it and patience when I want events to happen too quickly.

Today I sense my soul within me. I am never alone and the beauty of the world surrounds me. My soul is intangible, yet I know it exists. I need not God’s physical presence to know He exists. Such is my faith. The omnipresent Lord is always there to guide me. My soul is one of kindness and serenity. My life is bright and secure in the knowledge that He is real.

My clothing may be tattered, yet I maintain my dignity.  In poverty I find the kingdom of God and I am filled with richness of the spirit.  My heart is strengthened and filled with faith.  

I am filled with joy at the prospect of a successful and fulfilling future. This does not mean I will neglect to take time to enjoy what is given me today. A pleasant exchange with a neighbor, a phone call to cheer a shut-in friend or a dinner with family shall all be appreciated and enjoyed. I love my life and will treasure it all including the memories of the past, the hope for the future and the wonderful things that happen to me today.

I am secure in the knowledge that I do my best to be a good person. I am always kind and considerate of other people. I work diligently in my chosen profession. I assist my co-workers and support their efforts. Each day, I strive to perform one kindness for someone unexpectedly. My life and all my actions find acceptance in the eyes of the Lord.

I am as the thoughts that I think. I shape my being on those things I desire, reflecting my dignity and faith. Nothing can deter me from seeking pure and kind thoughts.

Money in its own right is not always a blessing. What money can buy is not always good. The purpose for which money is used makes it either beneficial or detrimental. I shall not amass riches for their own sake. I shall use it for the benefit of myself and my loved ones. The excess shall be given to charity.

I take deep breaths and they exhilarate me. I am staying fit by doing exercises. I feel my body burning away the fat and replacing it with maximum doses of energy. I exult in the feeling of vigor that envelops my whole being. I am capable of physical exertions. I am grateful to be healthy and fit.

I possess all the material wealth of the world, therefore it is in my power to behold my brother in need. I open my heart and allow God's love to abide in me. I receive greater richness in return, even above all expectations. All the grace that I have given comes back to me tenfold.

I invite cooperation among my colleagues and peers. I present myself as a positive role model to inspire them to hard work, honesty, and integrity. I stir enthusiasm among them to achieve our goals and missions.

From this day forth, I will be as a new person. I will leave morbid thoughts and sickness of spirit behind to rise up in awesome health. Everything around me shall be harmonious. I will sense the healing in my physical self and I will be returned to robust health. I shall be resuscitated and dedicate my thanks to You Lord.

Today I will focus my thoughts on my brethren. The needs of others will become my priority as I give without thought of being repaid. I will love unselfishly, as God loves me. Today I will give unto others by whatever means I can, bestowing riches on those I consider downtrodden and in poverty. I will strive to be an inspiration to all I meet.

I do not turn my attention to temptation on the right. I do not turn my gaze to the easier way of doing things on the left. I keep my focus straight ahead on the right road that I choose to tread upon. I see the prize at the end of this road and keep it clearly focused in my mind as I work to achieve all my goals.

I remind myself to meet every person in the shadow of God's goodness and love.  As He created all men equal so I am to speak no evil of anyone. I strive to be gentle and show perfect courtesy towards all people.

I love others and myself deeply. I feel the warmth of God all around me, and I spread it amongst all people around the world. I know that my soul is bright, and I want it to shine out and touch other people’s lives. I will not be afraid to offer a helping hand, and will do so gladly and often. I hope to meet different people and share knowledge and experience. I am happy to share the experiences of people from other walks of life and cultures.

I will count the hours and the days until I achieve my intended goal. I will stay motivated, focused and maintain a positive attitude. I will rely on prayers and faith to make every day count. I will strive to lift my faith higher. I will repeat my prayers with dedication each day consistently and tirelessly.

I do not worship money and hoard it away. Rather I invest it in ways that will make it grow. That growth is security for the future of my loved ones. I remember to save a share of my earnings in preparation for an unexpected need. Of the dividends, I can enjoy luxuries such as a vacation trip.

The cells of my body are in the process of rejuvenation.  I can sense the healing of each and know they are acting in perfect harmony with each other. I thank God for my recovery.

Let me not be lenient and complacent in my daily pursuit of knowledge and skills. I will work hard to satisfy my quest for wisdom.  I respect the skills other people possess and wish to hone my own skills to enable me to achieve my goals.

I am filled with hope for the future of my children. I shall bring them up to be good citizens and followers of the Lord. I shall nurture them with food for their bodies and faith for their souls. I take pride in their accomplishments. I hope for good lives for each of my children. Children are the hope for the future of all mankind.

I shall not sit idly by, counting my money, while others do without. Let me serve as the conduit of my wealth. Let it flow through me and reach those who can most benefit by the necessary food and shelter it can purchase on their behalf.

The Lord has infused spiritual strength into my withered body. I shall rise from the depth of disease without despair. I thank Him for my recovery and pray for continuing good health. I am thankful for this miraculous gift and cherish each additional day spent on this earth until my time comes to join Him in eternity.

I let nature and its wonders captivate my soul. I am filled with the beauty of my surroundings. Many inspiring thoughts assail my senses at once. This environment is my only world and nothing can replace it should it be destroyed. I think of ways to help save this habitat of man. I contemplate the threats posing dangers to this universe. I will find small things to do that contribute to saving this planet. I will influence others to do their share. All the efforts combined will produce positive results. I am going to make a contribution no matter how small.

I can utilize my mind to the fullest. I willfully order it to be thus, and my mind acts accordingly.

I take action to resolve any problem that occurs in my life. I know I am a good person and will not allow anyone to sway me from the path of righteousness. If I feel my action will contribute to the discomfiture of another, I turn away from that resolution and find another way to deal with the situation.

I behold the majesty of the eagle. My senses reel at the array of color in all the birds of the air. A cardinal flashes red across the sky and bluebirds flit from branch to branch. The orange breast of the robin announces spring in the Midwest and the parrot decorates the Tropics with its bright hues. Truly we are blest with all these visions of nature’s beauty.