Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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Gone are the fears, doubts and uncertainties. I will take no hesitant steps, but rather firm strides as I take up my crusade, which shall be my life's work. Restlessness of spirit will be replaced with calm confidence and steady courage. I have great determination as I prepare to take daring action.

I bow in humility, but not surrender. I am a builder of bridges that connect opposite banks together in peace.

I have no cause to fret even when someone has wronged me. I will remain steadfast in the name of the Lord and my unfailing love and my faithfulness will be rewarded.

I have gained control of my subconscious mind and can now use it to my conscious benefit. I can train my thoughts and focus on the minds of others and relay my power. I can allow my confidence and certainty to flow through and make them feel the surge. I am a strong entity to work for the good of others.

I shall strive to focus on all the good acts of others rather than on their faults. I will not favor those who do not promote my best interests. I am strong and smart and recognize what direction to take to attain a desirable future. I toil to earn my own success and know I can achieve the things that will enrich my earthly life.

I will build a company with a name that symbolizes success. It will be known for competence, integrity, prosperity and praise, for it will be on people's lips. It will represent my good name as the Lord’s great name gave me those qualities. He propelled me from the bottom to the height of my success.

I take pride in the accomplishments of my children. They are the roses I have nurtured and grown in my garden. They reward my toil with bright smiles and curiosity. My pride is great as I watch them open their petals to the world.

I am wise enough to gather and store a portion of my riches in case there
are difficult times ahead for our family. It is not that I worry or expect
bad things to occur. It is simply insurance to protect us against possible
financial problems in the future.

I will not allow shameful or sinful words to pass through my lips. I shall speak the truth of how I feel.  All my utterances shall be in accordance with His will. I will uphold my truthful words and refrain from speaking ill of any other person. I ask for mercy and the ability to guide others towards the right path. God is merciful and will grant me the strength to act in a good manner.

I learn from the value of other people's wisdom and experience. I make a point of studiously reviewing the factors that have made people succeed in any given field. I admire the success of others and gain inspiration from their deeds.

I understand that miracles I pray for may sometimes be granted. I shall be happy and grateful when they are. I also understand that miracles I pray for may not come to pass. The reasons are beyond human understanding and I shall pray for the strength to accept what is to be.

I welcome each day as an inspiration for me to explore the outside world. When I step from the threshold, my tread is firm and steady. There is no fear or shaky feeling to counteract my desire to see the sights. I slowly build up my confidence and courage. The longer I step away from my comfort zone, the greater the hopefulness wells inside me. I am regaining my strength and I control my fear. This life certainly holds more pleasure in store for me.

I can always be proud of the way I have been creating wealth. I use my God-given talents and develop them to the fullest. I am always honest in my business and personal dealings with others. I do not take advantage of others to amass my fortune. I have earned it through hard work and use it to support my loved ones. I give of the excess to charity.

I have the ability to reach out and embrace each moment of each day. My life is full of joy. It starts with the song of the birds outside my window in the morning. I share pleasant interaction with all I come in contact with during the day. I close my eyes each night with a smile on my face.

I desire that my brothers be saved from the perils of the storm. I pray that thoughts of wealth and material gains are not the goal. Let their faith keep them safe from all harm as my faith keeps me. I am grateful for all my blessings.

Often my thoughts take me back to the places I visited with my
grandparents. A simple walk in the park and being pushed high on the
swings was significantly special. Exploring the exhibits in a museum and
having them tell me about ancient history was thrilling. I am left with
warm memories of the good times we had together.

I love and care for my parents as I watch them growing older. It is now
time for me to return some of the love and care they willingly gave to me
during my childhood. If mistakes were made, now is the time to forgive
because carrying feelings of resentment will only diminish me as a person.

Words fail me when I try to express the depth of my love for family and friends. They are my greatest blessings. I am grateful for having them in my life. I strive to always be deserving of their love and respect. I am humble in the face of all I possess and truly wonder at the greatness of Your power.  I will live each day embracing them with joy and gratitude.

My words of faith are taken from His gospel. I believe in them with a strong conviction and show this through my acts of faith.  I am serving as a good example to others and they follow me on the path of righteous ways.

I know that food is the source of my energy and I will respect that by only choosing to eat nourishing foods. My physical health is peaking and I can feel my body healing with every moment. God gave us so many wonderful fruits, which I will eat gladly. I will always look after my body and I know that in doing so I can attain the ideal weight that I desire. I am a beautiful person and I tell myself everyday!

I am fortunate to have responsibilities in my life. Being responsible means I take care of my spouse and children. It allows me to reach out to others who may welcome my friendship. I am fortunate that my time is spoken for since it means I have a job to devote myself to, and a loving family to spend time with. Acceptance may include more work and activities than I feel I can handle. It also means I will derive satisfaction when I prove myself wrong by handling them all.

No mortal being can be sure of the future. What I can do is be ambitious and complete my education to prepare for a good career. By doing my ultimate best, I know I will be able to manage any destination God has planned for me. I always recognize the best path to follow on my journey through life.

Today I will strive to be the best person I can be. I will pursue pinnacles of success. I will take joy in serving God every day.

I take good care of myself and do not place unreasonable demands on
myself when it comes to my weight. I have an average amount
of concern with how I look to others. However, I have no desire to starve
myself until I resemble an emaciated model.

I feel a sense of pride when I view what I have accomplished. My enthusiastic, ambitious qualities will take me beyond my dreams. I am a great leader and succeed at multiplying my riches. I have a clear mind and shall focus on the business at hand. Together with my God, I shall succeed in all things I do.

I am fond of encouraging people for I believe each has a level of intellect. I respect the views of others and recognize and applaud their wisdom.

I am a leader. When I awake on a stormy day, my bright smile and joyous attitude are the sunshine. I bring light to a darkened day. I strive to inspire my loved ones to share my anticipation of a magnificent day ahead. What pleasure will it bring and what will I learn to expand my knowledge?

I am well-suited for the business I am interested in. I know I have the talent and perseverance to complete my higher education and present myself as thoroughly prepared to fill a position of responsibility.  I get along well with others and consider myself a competent potential employee who will benefit the company that hires me.

Today I will envision my life in the future. I shall create a clear picture of the road to follow. Though it may be rocky, I shall continue on until my vision becomes a reality. I may stumble, but nothing can stop me from realizing my dreams. God shall walk by my side and guide me to my destiny.

I am carried by the positive energy of the universe. This energy flows around me and envelops me in its warm glow. I believe wholly in a power far greater than the ground beneath my feet. This power flows through me every second of every day. I place my trust in the Lord, knowing that my earthly needs shall be met.  God created the world in an image of beauty and greatness and I am here to gain wisdom. Today all is perfect in my world.

I am thankful for all the plants that grow on our planet earth. People and animals alike have sufficient access to sustenance from the land. We can select from an endless array of vegetables to grace our table. I am stunned by the beauty of each flower, the radiance of their many colors and the sweetness of their scent. I will do all I can to protect the environment. I thank God for creating the variety of all things that come from the soil.

I will focus on the good things life has to offer. There are enough of these to leave no time to contemplate the bad. I have a loving family and friends. I have a warm home and delicious food and drink. I have pretty clothes and all the other necessities of life. I open my arms to encompass all God’s creatures great and small. I will share with those who have nothing and work assiduously for the betterment of their lives. I will focus on acts that will allow them to also partake of the good things in life.

I am painstaking in my efforts to create a daily plan.  All my hard work will merit a reward in the future. Let my sacrifices bear the fruit of a good harvest. From a small company, my vision is for this business to flourish and develop into a gigantic entity. I have confidence in my ability to make it so.

I see the beauty of all God’s creatures. Visiting the local zoo is like having a smorgasbord of wildlife displayed for the pleasure of man. Contemplating the differences between each species is to explore the mysteries of nature. Each animal is unique and beautiful in its own way. The miracle of life is the way in which each adapts to the environment to maintain life and propagate the continuation of its own kind.

One observation of a natural disaster is that it clears the way to a new path in life. Let the floods clear those obstacles that cloud my goals. I will turn to God for direction. I will pray for understanding, be thankful for the gift of another day and look for the next way I can serve God and my fellow man.

My limbs are strong to grasp something or take a walk, be it a few miles or more. How fresh they feel after the times of disuse and deformity. They are suffused now with pulse throbbing mightily in my veins. I have new health bestowed upon me. I am as a babe newly born. I am awed by this miracle of life. How did I deserve a new lease on life? But You, my Lord, have spoken. You gave forgiveness and I am graciously accepting my token. I have no words but I have a mind full of promised change. I have total faith in my heart. I have this renewed life that only You possessed the power to bestow.

I call people by their names, for it is music to their ears. I go out of my way to remember new acquaintances' names and faces. I make this effort because it gives me pleasure to provide them with recognition and amaze them by showing how much I value them.

I revere You my Lord, for You alone have the power to assist me to earn wealth. I will not hunger for richness for myself, as it can become the source of evil. The wealth will not last forever, as does eternal life. I shall share my abundance freely, for it is pleasing to God when I am generous to others.

I hold on to my dreams and do not give up for they are my motivation and inspiration. My dreams are the nutrients that feed my soul. Small gains and achievements will grow into a mountain of success. Determination to reach the mountaintop will spur me on.

I contemplate the future with great expectation. I clearly see my path ahead. I shall work hard to prepare for my chosen career. I am strong of body and mind and know I will succeed. I shall fulfill all my dreams and perform my role in God’s plan for me here on earth.

I cannot unravel the past, any more than ask the rains to stop nourishing the earth. I will leave my mistakes behind and focus on today and tomorrow.  I will change my feelings of failure to surety of my future success. I move towards my rightful place in God’s universe.

My regard for other people exceeds my concern for my own.  I am careful to avoid doing harm to others, be that a reckless word, or unintended insult.  I respect the feelings of people knowing that these are human beings with emotional upheavals of their own.

I will never stop reaching for greatness. I will improve myself to the fullest extent possible.

I will launch myself with vigor today to find and develop something productive. I will find better and more lucrative prospects and work on them with continuous dedication. I will exert creativity and place it alongside patience, hard work and determination. The equation can only result in successful endeavors.

I will accomplish my tasks, overcoming all setbacks and failures. I know I shall prevail with the help of the Lord. I know I can be strong and conquer any storm.

I can see my wealth grow tremendously as I work harder each day. I am hoping to fulfill the requirements that shall maintain my physical, mental and spiritual wealth in addition to material gains.

My lips will speak the hope that echoes in my thoughts. I wish for the good health of this family and that everyone in it shall be kept safe from harm. I strengthen this hope with a fervent prayer to keep all the evil and the wicked from distracting me from my chosen path.

I do not allow arrogance to interfere with following the will of God. I will strive to be pure of heart and acknowledge that everything good within me is pure and follows God’s plan. I will work to maintain peace.

I know my faithfulness is an expression of loyalty to my spouse and my wedding vows. I am capable of resolving small differences of opinion and being flexible in how our relationship functions. I let no personal hurt feelings interfere with the overall satisfaction our marriage brings to my life.

I project an air of self-assurance and serenity. I rid myself of impatience and remain serene. I shall master the ability to maintain my demeanor and in time it will be firmly ingrained in me. I will never succumb to lies or deceit.