Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I am confident that I can control my actions and design my goals. My objectives are worthy ones and I have the strength to work diligently to bring them to fruition. My mental and physical strength is limitless and I have no doubt that I shall achieve success.

I release all that is counterproductive from my thoughts. I turn away from all hesitation, fear, doubt and faltering. I will accept the heavy burden and bear it with a pleasant demeanor.  With surefooted steps I accept the challenges of today, knowing I will triumph over them. God is beside me and I place my future in His hands.

I take action to resolve any problem that occurs in my life. I know I am a good person and will not allow anyone to sway me from the path of righteousness. If I feel my action will contribute to the discomfiture of another, I turn away from that resolution and find another way to deal with the situation.

My relationships are strong and long lasting. Every person I meet brings with them a new set of prospects. God teaches me not to judge other people, but to learn from them and to teach them. I treat others equally and forgive those than make mistakes; in turn I will be forgiven also. I display emotions of love and sympathy towards my partner in life. We are all in this together!

I contemplate the source of my happiness by reviewing the good things I have accomplished each day. If I have served to make someone feel secure, cared for or loved, I consider it a successful day. Before I rest my head each night, I give thanks for the privilege of enjoying another beautiful day.

I am courageous throughout all perilous circumstances because my faith makes me strong. I fear not that I shall perish as I wage war against sinful things. My faith is shown by my actions and not by words alone. My God is beside me and He will not forsake me. I follow His command in all places.

I shall not take the easy way out by escaping my troubles. Rather I will face them bravely. My heart is strong and my spirit unyielding. I shall not let sin overwhelm me, but move beyond it to reach the safety of eternal life.

I have the amazing freedom in my life to choose how I want to live. I will choose well. I will be a positive influence on the people around me; I will make an effort to spread my advice and faith everywhere I go. I am willing to change; I will release all harmful, negative thoughts that are holding me back. I will focus solely on what I am able to do, and not what I can’t do. There are no limits on how far I can expand my knowledge and learning. I will be a great to other people!

I use exercise as a way to keep myself fit. I follow a regular program that keeps my body flexible and enables me to participate in the sports that I enjoy. I know that I am a talented member of the team. I have the energy to always do my best to help my team win the game.

I am a unique person with my own distinct personality. I am only similar to others in God's equation. I love being me.

I have developed my ability to work hard and earn money, to save sufficient amounts for rainy days and to invest well to acquire more honest earnings with my monies.

I let nature and its wonders captivate my soul. I am filled with the beauty of my surroundings. Many inspiring thoughts assail my senses at once. This environment is my only world and nothing can replace it should it be destroyed. I think of ways to help save this habitat of man. I contemplate the threats posing dangers to this universe. I will find small things to do that contribute to saving this planet. I will influence others to do their share. All the efforts combined will produce positive results. I am going to make a contribution no matter how small.

To spread Your word is to lay the mantle of righteousness. I sow the seeds of abundance and shall reap the fruit of the harvest. For indeed, it is the good things I do unto others that will raise my confidence that I may bring greater love to my fellow man. Love nourishes my spirit as food nourishes my body. I breathe easily when I am in the midst of crowds, for my fellow human beings are as the air and the sea to my life here on earth.

My life is filled with wonderful possibilities and I look forward to a happy future. I am strong enough to apply myself to doing good and charitable things for my fellow man. I am proud of being kind and loving to everyone. I live a chaste life as a child of God.

I say hello to people and transmit my warmth through a handshake. I sincerely like making new acquaintances and establishing new friendships.

How lovely it is to know that obstacles are taken away!  No more am I beset with hopelessness and despair.  I am revived and at the peak of robust health. I am ready to take up the burden and traverse new obstacles in hopes of a new and happy life. Newfound wealth has allowed me to satisfy all my obligations to creditors. My God has helped me through the stormy days and my faith is strong and my spirit refreshed. I face life with vigor once again.

I have learned to make decisions wisely. I deem it appropriate to make good decisions and see them through to the end. I make certain that imperfections are corrected. Only the optimal results are acceptable to myself and God.

The business world is a complex place. Some are impatient at the thought of another’s success. I believe my ability to be a good team player has developed my leadership qualities. I strive to bring people together to facilitate success of the entire group. I do not need individualized recognition to know I have done well.

I take pride in the accomplishments of my children. They are the roses I have nurtured and grown in my garden. They reward my toil with bright smiles and curiosity. My pride is great as I watch them open their petals to the world.

Today I place my trust in God. I trust that He has a greater purpose for me. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason, and in time that reason will become clear to me. I trust myself to do the honorable thing and to see the good in everyone. I will be patient as I continue life’s journey. I am at peace with my God and His universe.

I have great creative talent. It serves me well in gaining sufficient riches here on earth. I put it to good use for the benefit of my family. The surplus I offer to those who are living in poverty and want. I take pleasure in being the one to lift them up from poor circumstances through my creative efforts.

Often I contemplate how I may share the gifts You gave to magnify the good You have given me. Help me to make the most of my abilities so I may share the love of God with more people to allow them to know of God and His role in their lives.

I am grateful for escaping the shadows of darkness. Yesterday I was in great need but would not give up my quest to improve my life. It was my faith that lifted me up to the light. Now I am safe and secure and free of the shackles of sin that bound me. Now I find my joy in anticipation of the eternal life that awaits me.

Wealthy or not, I feel confident when I am face to face with people. It has a positive effect on the opinion they have of me. I love the feeling of self-esteem. It is my wealth to have that sense of accomplishment.

My life is filled with wonderful possibilities and I look forward to a happy future. I am strong enough to apply myself to doing good and charitable things for my fellow man. I am proud of being kind and loving to everyone. I live a chaste life as a child of God.

I will work to protect the environment of nature to keep it pure. I will strive to clear the polluted air around us. I will support laws to protect the waterways from being filled with toxic waste. I shall work to free nature’s loveliness from all future harm that it may provide a home to all God’s creatures as intended.

I wake from the restful hours of darkness. I see the light and it beckons me towards the activities of a new day. I pause to give thanks for all the interesting and enjoyable experiences I anticipate. The beautiful light of the sun warms me as I enjoy each one. I vow to accomplish something worthwhile before sundown. I vow to stop for a moment to enjoy the flowers that open to the light of the sun.

I am willingly engulfed in every new challenge that surfaces. I am confident in my ability to live up to the high standards I set for myself each day. I take pride in my ability to untangle puzzling matters and solve difficult problems.

I will complete the journey with a brave and strong spirit.  It does not matter where I end up, every single step will take me farther to the end.  I will just keep on going, surmounting all the road blocks, finding shelter from the tempest, shielding my body from the battering winds.  I know I will find spring and then summer during this longest trip of my life.  The seasons always change so I will find a thousand flowers on the meadows that I pass.

I reach for the flame inside me to kindle the motivation.  I need it to become a guiding light for myself and inspire others to follow me.  One journey after another, I will take until I reach the final destination.  I will not grow weary of the endless trip.  Sometime soon, the end of my voyage will draw near.  Throughout it all, I am beginning to like the sights more.  There are always good things to appreciate and beautiful memories to store.

Now is here and I shall not waste it longing for the day gone by. Now is happening I shall not waste it wondering what the morrow brings. Now I have the sun above me and the earth beneath my feet. Now I have the gardens spread out all around me with their petals bright and sweet. I shall not waste the now in regret, for what is gone shall not return. I shall not waste the now in wishing for tomorrow for perhaps it may not come. Now. I live. I love. I enjoy all that is happening now.

I do not seek riches for their sake alone. I seek to acquire enough to care for my family responsibilities. I do not seek riches for personal advantage. I am fortified by the riches that come from self-satisfaction and doing for others. In that sense, I count myself among the richest men in the world.

Today I will be creative and imaginative in all that I do. I express myself artistically whenever possible. I am ever grateful to God for my creative abilities and intelligence. I work for enjoyment and satisfaction, and not just to earn a living.  I use my thoughts and imagination to enrich my life. I now celebrate the realization of my ambitions and dreams. I know I can achieve everything.

I am able to cope with all the weather conditions Mother Nature imposes on mere mortals. If I have planned a picnic and it rains, I change direction and visit the museum instead. If I look forward to a day of skiing, it may not snow. I can adapt by substituting ice skating and still enjoy the day.

Getting down to business is working every day for a paycheck or a specific goal. The business of everyday life is making a living. The business of a child is completing schoolwork on time. The business of a caterpillar is metamorphosis and business for me is taking care of my spouse, my children and sharing my riches with those in need. I am proud that I can work hard and be successful at taking care of business.

I feel the Lord is healing my physical self and restoring my positivity. If I think of the wonders of the world, I shall be revitalized in body and soul. Nature provides abundantly wherever my eyes rest. I am joyous and grateful to God for the uplifting beauty I see around me.

I turn away from my self-centered whims and sins. I am patient and persistent in finding the promised kingdom. I repent my wicked ways and deplore my weakness. I am healed and made strong by Your comforting touch.  Invigorated and refreshed, I proceed to travel the treacherous roads without fear. My innermost being exudes radiance and excitement. Something good is waiting for me and I shall be rewarded for my repentance and obedience to You.

I give thanks for the miracles bestowed in this life. The song of a bird, the satisfaction of working at a worthy profession and the hand of my small child held in mine as I lead her through the wonders of the world around us. May she find security in my love as I find security in my faith in the Lord.

I act when my intuition tells me to grab an opportunity.  It is like a current that makes me float at sea, if I do not take it, I am bound to the shallows of life.  I should not stop to think, lest I miss the venture offered.  My goal is to find it, to keep me afloat in the voyage of my life.

Today I vow to become a better person. I shall not participate in unkind words or gossip. I will speak only clean words. I will remain separate from the malicious rumors or false reports. I will be courteous and respectful towards others. I shall tell them of the beauty to be found by following a Godly path.

I am fortunate to have good relationships with family and friends. My kindness and ability to forgive is the key to success in getting along well with others. I am gifted with kindness, patience and true caring for other people. My personality pleases them.

I am fortunate to have good relationships with family and friends. My kindness and ability to forgive is the key to success in getting along well with others. I am gifted with kindness, patience and true caring for other people. My personality pleases them.

As I walk through life, I can take the path to the right or turn to the left. I shall see wondrous possibilities in either direction. It is only important that I choose one path and follow it faithfully. I will achieve success by choosing one path or the other and following it to the end.

My life has been one of triumph earned by sheer will and devotion. The failures serve only to strengthen me. I appreciate all the more my shower of blessings.

All I have to do is walk into a room and all eyes are on me! This is because I exude confidence and joy. I am a charismatic, intelligent person who is fluent in conversation. I magnetize the right sort of people towards, and not the people that could do me harm. I can adapt myself to different people and treat everyone as equals. I have many friends that love me!

I am so passionate about what I do that I create success naturally. I constantly visualize myself attaining my goals. There is a clear picture in my mind of all I plan to achieve. Confidence flows through my body and mind and I am  excited for the future.

I pensively contemplate how I can do the most good in this world. Each
person has value to himself and others if only he can find the best way to
put forth honest effort. I consider myself able to motivate others to do the
best they can. Now I must consider all the possibilities for myself and
focus on the one that will bring me the most success.

When I repeatedly make mistakes after a number of trials, I stubbornly refuse to give up. Rather, I strengthen that inner conviction that says I shall never succumb to failure. I will have no regret for the rest of my days.

Although life may be stormy I will prevail till the end, No hill will stop me from climbing and no valley will force me to lie down in defeat. My strength is in my faith in God. I trust that I will continue towards the final reward, which is eternal life. I take satisfaction in being able to achieve those things that must be accomplished before I can rest in the arms of the Lord.

Perfect correlation exists among my physical, mental and emotional states. I appreciate my totality as a person. I am happy and content with my being. I feel that I was given a magical present from the Lord. My appreciation is expressed by the good things I do for those people that surround me. My daily actions express gratitude to my Creator.