Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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Marriage is intended to be one of life’s major relationships. It is romance, it is joining through religious vows and it is having a shoulder to lean on in all times of need. It is a binding union that ads to the joyfulness of the journey through this life.

I am lavish in expressing my appreciation and praise when good work is done. A good deed deserves a compliment of a thousand words. I know how it feels to receive approval and that it inspires others to do their best work.

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes. If I thirst while crossing the desert, a glass of water is a miracle. If there is a famine due to drought, a slice of bread is a miracle. If life is overwhelming, a helping hand extended by a friend is a miracle. In a life-threatening situation, survival is a miracle. I am always grateful for the miracles that affect my life.

I have made a commitment to constantly perform at the highest possible level. I will follow the path to success and deliver exemplary   results. I find fulfillment when I perform well and I am going to reach the pinnacle of my success.

I will take things as I find them. Neither diversion nor distraction will keep me from the correct path. I will be joyful and gracious in all circumstances. I will seek to find Your hand in all situations. I place my hand in Yours for You to guide and lead me.

I embrace my freedom to made decisions that affect my life. I make responsible decisions about where to live, what to eat and what career I want to pursue. I live in a neighborhood I can afford. I consume healthy food and I have selected a career path that will put my talents to use.

I shall not slack nor slumber before finishing my day's work. If I am to be rewarded in this life, I shall be gracious and filled with gratitude. But, if my reward is not measured out in earthly riches, I shall be awaiting the ecstasy of the riches prepared for me in eternity.

I partake only of the correct food that my body needs. I sustain my energy with the proper exercises to keep me fit. Above all, I maintain a cheerful heart so that my good health will prevail.

All I have to do is walk into a room and all eyes are on me! This is because I exude confidence and joy. I am a charismatic, intelligent person who is fluent in conversation. I magnetize the right sort of people towards, and not the people that could do me harm. I can adapt myself to different people and treat everyone as equals. I have many friends that love me!

I am fully attuned to the goal I have in mind. I am wise and discerning. I am endowed with genuine purpose and passion to reach new heights of achievement. I am confident I will reach the goal I seek.

I take pleasure in knowing that I live a worthy life. I graciously accept trials, knowing that overcoming them will make me strong. The lessons of life prepare me to complete insurmountable tasks. I am proud to devote my days to work that provides for my loved ones and all those who are without sustenance. My salvation is in the name of the Lord and I do his work cheerfully and gladly. Let me share my bountiful rewards with others of His flock.

I know that someday all the things I want in life will be mine. I know that because I have the talent to succeed and the determination that will make success inevitable. My attitude towards work is one of positivity. I respect my boss, my mentors and my co-workers alike. I attempt to bolster their success as I work towards my own. At the end of the day, their achievements will be a reflection of my own and we all shall prosper.

I raise myself to new heights of achievement. I toil though I ache. My labors are performed to create good in the world. In this I find fulfillment. I am on the right path and can become who I am meant to be. I will achieve all I plan. When I began to follow the right path, I was no one. Now, I shall become everything I hope to be.

I am pleased with my own appearance. Each day I make certain that I am
well-groomed, get enough exercise and consume well-balanced meals.
My physician confirms that my weight correlates with my height and
frame. I am proud of my body.

All the hours of creating designs from fabulous concepts, all the energies spent to transform them and the passionate love for completing the work are now rewarding me. They provide wealth for me and all the people involved in the project.

Today I will take care to be patient and loving towards others. I will be particularly tolerant and understanding of children, as I remember that we are all children of God. I will remember that the children of the world are the future, and any influence I have on them will influence the future of the world. I will pour out my love unconditionally and hope to receive love in return. If others need my help, I will go to their aid without hesitation and love all people the same, as we are all part of God's family.

Let me not be lenient and complacent in my daily pursuit of knowledge and skills. I will work hard to satisfy my quest for wisdom.  I respect the skills other people possess and wish to hone my own skills to enable me to achieve my goals.

I shall pursue my ambitions without faltering. Nothing will deter me from reaching my goals. I will rise again if I fall and continue on to success.

I would rather be a slave to righteousness than a slave to evil ways. I want to share my faith with others for everyone is worth saving. I will live a life of openness and spread the word of God. My small efforts will be rewarded with the knowledge of introducing Him to those who did not know Him before.

My body has found a peaceful sphere where I am  safe and comforted. I welcome serenity into my being. I shall be flooded with warmth and security. I open my arms to embrace the flow of blessings into my life.

I will settle on a new kind of life. I am leaving the excessive lifestyle, the craftiness, the competition and the struggle for wealth accumulation. It is time to seek freedom from all the wrong choices I have made. I will not wait for tragedy to seek me before I tread the correct path to glory. I shall correct the misdeeds of the past and make myself accountable to Him. It is never too late to find myself in His mercy.

My treasure lies within my heart. Long ago have I laid my claim to this bounty. I ban turmoil from my thoughts. I place my future in the hands of God and abandon the lust for worldly goods. I find peace in the tranquility of my soul.

As I hike a mountain path, I am thankful for all the wonders Mother Nature provides. I am healthy and strong and able to traverse the rough terrain. The mountain before me is a habitat and source of food for numerous creatures. Mother Nature gives us an astounding array of beauty and life, for her hand is guided by God.

I am filled with joy at the prospect of a successful and fulfilling future. This does not mean I will neglect to take time to enjoy what is given me today. A pleasant exchange with a neighbor, a phone call to cheer a shut-in friend or a dinner with family shall all be appreciated and enjoyed. I love my life and will treasure it all including the memories of the past, the hope for the future and the wonderful things that happen to me today.

I am a kind and protective neighbor; I am always there to watch over the people around me. I am a friend to everyone, even strangers. I remember that all my friends were once strangers. God gives me the warm heart to pass onto to my children, and all of my family. I am a fun social person, who is the life and soul of the party. I never feel awkward or uncomfortable in social scenarios.

I am so blessed that all of my invested properties are earning and accumulating profits. My heart is filled with   thanksgiving and I am humble in my gratitude for receiving all these graces.

I will not allow shameful or sinful words to pass through my lips. I shall speak the truth of how I feel.  All my utterances shall be in accordance with His will. I will uphold my truthful words and refrain from speaking ill of any other person. I ask for mercy and the ability to guide others towards the right path. God is merciful and will grant me the strength to act in a good manner.

Each day of my life I remind myself that now is the time to start all the
projects I want to do. It is tempting to roll over and go back to sleep on
Saturday morning. Instead I get dressed and go out to cut the grass and do
a dozen other chores on my list.

My positive thinking is creating wondrous change in my body. It responds like a wilting flower to April showers. Each day I recite the positive thoughts inside my mind and they strengthen my resolve.

On the day that I stand before the altar with my chosen marriage partner, I will have taken the time to know and understand him. We will share like desires that will keep us close throughout our entire lives. We will share our faith and raise our children in that faith. We will build a strong family and remain together until eternity.

Perfect correlation exists among my physical, mental and emotional states. I appreciate my totality as a person. I am happy and content with my being. I feel that I was given a magical present from the Lord. My appreciation is expressed by the good things I do for those people that surround me. My daily actions express gratitude to my Creator.

I am adequately cloaked with wisdom and knowledge at this point.  I make awesome progress in pursuit of my objectives.  I let my mind command myself to the correct direction.  I just let myself flow and free my mind from worry.  I completely stay centered in my tasks accepting all the positive energies into my cells.

I earn my self-esteem by working to develop all the talents and abilities I am blessed with. I do not tire easily and keep my goals in mind as I work. If I am able to amass great wealth, it will not be spent foolishly. I use it to enrich the lives of my spouse, my children and give the excess to those who live in poverty that they may enjoy a pleasant life.

Each day of life’s journey is supported by the vitality I feel upon awakening in the morning. I see the bright yellow happiness of the sun and leap out of bed to enjoy each experience the day will bring.

I command my thoughts to move in a positive direction. I shall spend my energies in a way to optimize each day. My abilities count and I will continue to use them for the benefit of others. I reach out for the dreams I hold. I shall strive to make my desires a reality with the guidance of the Lord.

My life is so enriched by the presence of beloved family and friends. I rejoice in their company. I am so happy and thankful to have them in my life. Mine is a contented heart, living in a beautiful world.

I have invested in the grace and spirit of God. The blessings given to me are amazing. I will share my profits with others in the name of God who bestowed them on me.

I take immense pride in my son who listens to rebuke and imparts the lesson to others. He is a delight to both his earthly father and his heavenly Father.

I am grateful for the way food draws family and friends together. It provides daily nourishment. I am grateful for the highlights of life that are celebrated with fancy foods and desserts. I am grateful for the wine that quenches our thirst and encourages us to toast each other in congratulations for our special accomplishments and occasions. All these have a purpose and enhance our celebration of life itself.

When I speak to people I allow my truth to come out gently but firmly.   I speak without corrupting others but building up the grace within, acknowledging the good works that they have done and correcting those with flaw.  I take measure of the other, looking through the depths of the eyes.  For I can hold my ground and stand with confidence, knowing that we are all equal, I am no master nor servants, as they are likewise to me.

I shall not endanger my health just by pursuing the road to success.  My wealth is not worth it if my health will be compromised.  I will change for the better, aim for a new, healthy life, with greater endurance and renewed energy.  Even now, I feel better already just reciting this positive thinking.

I will set aside those tasks that do not demand my own set of skills. I will delegate them to my staff and other subordinates. I resolve to spend valuable time doing those tasks that require my personal touch. I hereby free myself from the undue stress and anxiety that would result from these delegated labors.

I will not claim knowledge on all subjects, but will freely share the knowledge I possess for the betterment of others. I will not voice my opinion, but rather listen to the thoughts others have. I will respect each person’s point of view.

I know I have the strength to achieve success in my chosen field. I will never let obstacles stop me. I will simply get up and move on towards my ultimate goal.

I am growing more robust and strong with each day that passes. My body is nourished by my faith and my spirit is pure and undefiled. I have God dwelling inside me and that is sufficient to fully restore my health.

I shall not fear reproach or allow myself to be upset when I am slighted. I will speak my truth calmly and bear the ridicule when it comes. I am confident that I speak only the truth and remain merciful to those who would crucify me. I stand firm in the face of doubt. I speak with compassion because kind words will echo their way back.

Words fail me when I try to express the depth of my love for family and friends. They are my greatest blessings. I am grateful for having them in my life. I strive to always be deserving of their love and respect. I am humble in the face of all I possess and truly wonder at the greatness of Your power.  I will live each day embracing them with joy and gratitude.

I am earning vast amounts of money and am greatly overjoyed. I can use these riches to create opportunities for others.  This ocean of abundance shall not be for my personal use alone. Instead, I am eager to contribute to the  economy and offer jobs to those who have no employment opportunities. Through my numerous resources, I will be able to unselfishly provide service to others. I love doing philanthropic things while attracting more income and wealth.  Above all, I will bear in mind that I will remain steadfast to my own true master, who is the Lord.  I will not allow myself to be corrupted by money and power.

My pride in myself is not a false pride. I am proud of using my favorable traits to achieve success in my life. For my intelligence and talents are not something I earned. The success I gain by developing and using them are what I take pride in.

I gaze into a clear lake to see the silvery scales of a fish. There is a beauty in this creature as in all others. I see the noble horse doing the dance of dressage. There is a beauty in the interaction between dancing horse and the rider. I hope that I, like all these wonders on the earth, will be in His favor, both in appearance and demeanor.