Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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I will train my children in the ways of the Lord. I will make sure they are firm of faith, and free of mischief and wicked thoughts. In this way I show my love for them.

I employ the gift of passion to build my career. My enthusiasm is wholly concentrated on creating material benefits for the good of my people. I share with them the fruits of my labor.

I welcome good people into my life each day. I offer my friendship and form healthy relationships with those I love. My loving personality attracts those with good intentions. Each positive individual teaches me something new. In return, I do the same for them with my own positivity. God guides me in His plan and I accept that everything has a purpose. My love is given generously, and I am rewarded by returned affection.

I shall overcome all distress and never give up. My strength is in my faith and I will persevere until my goals are won. Even against all odds, I know I shall prevail.

Every day is a challenge to become a better person. I shall live in peace with others and should conflict intervene, I shall put out the fire of bitter rage and bring both sides to agreement. It is my duty to promote harmony as we all strive to fulfill God’s plan. I shall be a positive influence in establishing a happy life for all my brethren, dispelling their discordant voices.

I will open my mind wide and allow the breeze to fan the cobwebs inside.  Peace will engulf my being because I will it to be.  I decide what state of mind I let me be.  I am aware how brief life is.  I will live according to my convictions, accepting the responsibility they entail.  I do not shy away from the price of reaching within my capabilities, or to be misunderstood.  I always thought I was born to do great things.

I am strong and capable of success. I know life has many good things in store for me. My journey towards success may be challenging, but, I am never giving up my dreams. While some days are a struggle, most are a joy. I am smart and I am relentless in pursuing my personal goals.

Wealthy or not, I feel confident when I am face to face with people. It has a positive effect on the opinion they have of me. I love the feeling of self-esteem. It is my wealth to have that sense of accomplishment.

Today I enjoy excellent health in body and soul. I will not follow a path towards illness and poor health. Instead, I will concentrate on foods that provide sustenance and live in a way that promotes good health and positivity. My strong faith shall help me reach my ideal weight. Let my physical self be cleansed of all toxins. In God’s name I shall have peace of mind as I restore my strength and good health. Today I have an amazing sense of wellbeing.

God hates a lying tongue. I shall always seek the truth and speak it to others. I vow to be honest in all interactions with my fellow man.

I consider it wise to give away a portion of my wealth. I take pride in being able to help others. I will not seek to accumulate wealth for the sake of wealth, but use it to assist those who are in need. Any of my treasures on earth will vanish when I move on to eternal life. My treasure lies in joining the Lord for eternity.

I have great trust in what I can accomplish. I have great inner strength. I have the capacity to fuel the tiny spark of enthusiasm that shall, like kindle, grow into a roaring flame of achievement.

Today I gratefully accept all the riches and happiness the universe has to offer. I welcome all that life has to offer. I follow the plan God has for me and my faith grows stronger each day. His light shines bright to show me the way. I am content and eager to do good works here on earth.

I behold the law of God, for it is wise. His word revives my soul and leaves me feeling imperishable. In my dreams, the Lord came and showed me the Truth. Now I know that I have received His power and that His grace will follow me to the ends of the earth.

I define my power affirmations and they help me reach goals I have set in my life. I am guided in my quest to excel and know I shall achieve favorable results.

It is my duty to earn wealth through honest and dignified work. I need to create wealth so that I may share this abundance with the impoverished and less fortunate people. I am compelled to virtuously provide for others in accordance with my quest for eternal life.

I know I can put my agitation to rest. I will not let it destroy my composure. I will take a deep breath and then release my anxiety. I will focus on attaining success in this venture. So I shall muster my calm and courage, say my silent prayer to You and leave anxiety behind. The power to make good things happen lies in Your hands. I trust with all my heart and soul that You will let us achieve this triumph, Lord.

I am someone others can turn to for help. If they need advice on how to solve a problem, I will not simply give them the answer they want to hear. It is no favor to simply agree with what I consider a bad way to deal with their situation. I give my carefully considered response, but, do not insist they follow my advice.

I reach for the flame inside me to kindle the motivation.  I need it to become a guiding light for myself and inspire others to follow me.  One journey after another, I will take until I reach the final destination.  I will not grow weary of the endless trip.  Sometime soon, the end of my voyage will draw near.  Throughout it all, I am beginning to like the sights more.  There are always good things to appreciate and beautiful memories to store.

I feel fortunate to possess the vitality required to accomplish all I have to
do today. My dedication compels me to continue though many of the
tasks are mundane and can be delayed until another day. Tonight, as I
drift off to sleep, I’ll be proud of my perseverance in finishing each task
that was set before me.

I walk with grace and light treading through my body. My steps are steady and firm while my whole being is attuned to the inner power within me. I am liberated from the inferiorities and low self-esteem. I will suffer all these no more. I am a new person and I will love myself better.

I will follow my dreams no matter what other people say to me. I will let my spirit be diminished or weakened by other people and I am not afraid to proclaim my beliefs to anyone. I know that by staying steadfast in my plan that I can easily accomplish my dreams within the near future. I have God aiding me at every turn and I feel determined, strengthened and excited!

God has laid down a path for me to follow, and that path leads to success. I walk resolutely as my faith carries me. Each confident step I take is a step closer to accomplishing my dreams. My resolve is unwavering and strong. I am consistently moving toward a better mind, body and spirit! My confidence rubs off on other people, enhancing their lives. My confident demeanor shines out for the world to see!

The illumination of my soul gives me the gifts of love, faith and hope. Love is the greatest of gifts and faith brings me the certainty that my hopes and aspirations shall come to fruition. I can explore and build my dreams, bringing them to reality. There shall be no failure as my confidence continues to grow. I wash myself of impurities and rejoice in new beginnings.

Today I am brave and fearlessly defend myself and others. I am a strong leader, capable of facing great challenges head on.  I am courageous, daring and bold. My confidence in my abilities assures my success. I act swiftly and with control over any situation. In doing so, I empower those around me to do the same. I am unafraid for I look to God and He reinforces my courage. As the bible teaches me, love knows no fear.

I am careful to maintain a positive attitude about everything in my life. I focus on the qualities I love in my spouse and ignore the few that disturb me. They are dismissed from my thoughts as being insignificant. My attitude about my children is that they are 99 percent perfect and bring great happiness into each day. My positivity extends to neighbors and co-workers alike. For the most part, no one disappoints me in the way they respond.

I find salvation when I obey the laws of man, when they are in accordance with the laws of God. I submit myself to them and vow to fulfill them.

My clothing may be tattered, yet I maintain my dignity.  In poverty I find the kingdom of God and I am filled with richness of the spirit.  My heart is strengthened and filled with faith.  

From this day forth I will speak with caution. Only truthful words shall come forth from my mouth. I shall not engage in gossip or any malicious conversation to degrade my fellow man. I share only good news and bring good will to others. When I speak of blessings, I do so for the benefit of others.

I will take advantage of all opportunity that presents itself. No adversity can deter me from my aspiration to succeed. I will march forth armed by my confidence and faith and not be swayed by those who challenge me.

I am proud to toil for the betterment of myself. I am blessed to be able to toil for the betterment of my children. I welcome the opportunity to toil for sufficient riches to spread among those who are not as fortunate as me. I believe my future lies in doing all of these things. I do them gladly in the name of the Lord.

I have a positive attitude. I start each day with a smile whether the skies are sunny or cloudy. I teach my children to have a good attitude towards their friends and teachers. I believe the way to be successful is to put your best effort into whatever project is at hand.

I know the source of my joy is in my dedication to the Lord. I know the source of my faith is in the security He provides. My sense of purpose is in fulfilling His mission for me here on earth. The source of my hope is in the surety that eternal life shall be mine.

I look into the mirror of life and see a unique and valuable person. My good self-image is built not on beauty of face. It is built on strength of character and my good intentions towards other people in my world.

I respect my body and work hard to protect my health. I consume only natural foods and try to buy organic whenever I can. I exercise each day and get adequate sleep. I care for my body as the temple of God here on earth. My goal is to live long and perform good works here on earth.

My eyes take in the totality of each person I meet. I see the goodness in my brother.  I know that he will share his bread with me to satisfy my hunger and I will open my hand to give him food that he desires.

I appreciate my brethren forgive them their shortcomings. My compassion is freely given. Who among us is perfect? I respect their opinions even when opposed to mine. I believe that each person has value and is worthy of being heard.

I will bow my head in gratitude to the Lord who heals my body and forgives my iniquities. He has redeemed my life from the abyss of death and given me steadfast love and mercy. I am blessed with strength that courses through me and will sustain me in this mortal life. I will end each day with these words of prayer, Thy will be done.

I am confident all my hard work will be rewarded. I put forth my best efforts without giving in to defeat. Jesus never gave up hope and neither shall I. In my friendship with others I remain true and compassionate, never wavering in my faith. I know that all earthly trials will pass and I shall achieve my final destiny through hard work and sharing with others. Eternal life with the Lord shall be my most rewarding achievement.

I maintain my freedom and do not allow the opinions of others to control my actions. Only I must approve of what I do. I act in a manner that will please the Lord, for only His approval is of great concern to me.

I show a happy face to the outside world, keeping unpleasant thoughts to myself. When I bestow a smile on someone, I get a happy smile in return. I try to think of good things when I am with other people. I can influence the mood of the group in a positive way.

I see the face of the newborn babe and hear her soft cries. I count the ten little fingers and ten little toes. Holding the child in waiting arms for the first time. Cradling and protecting one of life’s most precious miracles is surely the greatest of joys.

I am burning with the fiery enthusiasm that invigorates my efforts to assist the needy and downtrodden that cross my path. I shall serve to enrich them through my humble efforts.

All my loved ones are the source of my joy. Sharing a meal of good food and good conversation with them is a pleasure. Providing good advice is both a responsibility and a privilege. Knowing I make them feel secure is a source of pride and satisfaction.

I am wise and will manage my wealth in the best ways I can find. I will handle and use money in a deliberate and precise way that will benefit me and those in need.

I am not desperate in seeking my desires. I allow ambition to lead me in the right direction. I allow only good things to influence me and enjoy daily experiences, at the same time learning from them. Nothing will prevent me from enjoying this day for it is a gift from God. My progress is always in the right direction and shall lead me to the final success.

I am willing to take a risk to achieve favorable results. I know that by taking a leap of faith, I demonstrate my trust in the Lord. Abundance is everywhere, and I am free to partake of it. My hard work earns wealth for which I am eternally grateful to God. My achievements allow me to bestow riches upon those living in poverty. My success inspires family and friends.

I possess all the material wealth of the world, therefore it is in my power to behold my brother in need. I open my heart and allow God's love to abide in me. I receive greater richness in return, even above all expectations. All the grace that I have given comes back to me tenfold.

Both my personality and way of life attract quality people and I easily hold them in my life. New doorways to opportunity open to me every day.

My heart shall not be gripped by paralyzing fear. It is only ignorance of unknown regions that will prevent me from venturing through. I know that the Lord will take my hand and His warmth and love will lead me safely through all danger. My thoughts will turn from fear to cling to my faith in God.