Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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Welcome to Positive Lifestyle

We hope that the resources on this site will help you soar higher and live a more positive, stronger lifestyle.

I shall strive to focus on all the good acts of others rather than on their faults. I will not favor those who do not promote my best interests. I am strong and smart and recognize what direction to take to attain a desirable future. I toil to earn my own success and know I can achieve the things that will enrich my earthly life.

I strengthen my bond with the Lord and spread His holy promise of eternal life. From this day forward, I shall spread the words of faith and hope to the multitudes. I follow Your laws and encourage others to do the same. Let my enthusiasm draw others into the circle of goodness that will bring them to the Lord. The truth I speak of has the power to save the world.

When I have been mistaken, it humbles me but I readily say I’m sorry and mean it.  Only in repentance can I seek the forgiveness I long to have.  The clouds in my vision have created the blur that pushed me to commit the wrong.  Now, in my lightened state and clarity of vision, I bow to You and seek the penance for my sin.

I am dedicated to any work required of me. I possess the talents and skills needed to perform any task. As I work, I pray that God fills me with the joy and pride that is the reward for completing this work. I also yearn for the confidence that I shall be nourished by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I celebrate my good health and vitality for I am prepared to pursue my dreams. They are more than fleeting thoughts. They are goals set to make my dreams come true.

My positive thinking is creating wondrous change in my body. It responds like a wilting flower to April showers. Each day I recite the positive thoughts inside my mind and they strengthen my resolve.

I cling to friends who give me affection. I bind myself to them because of our common love of God. I bask in the glow of their love and acceptance of my faults and weaknesses. I appreciate the steps they undertake to consciously help me to correct the error of my ways. I am truly fortunate to have friends who stand by me.

I shall be the light of my household. I guide my children in learning to revere the name of the Lord.

I stagger not, moving along adverse pathways, strewn with rough fork and turns. I welcome them as surely as the rays of the sun on my face. I watch the rise of dawn to reveal the day I have waited for so long. In awe I stand mystified to see the fruit of my ardent work. My challenges I will accept as my cross to bear. From success to success I will prevail! As I grow stronger in search of truth, so does my confidence sharpen to the fullest! Nothing will stand on my way, I declare. I am the master of my being. Today I take charge of my life and destiny. I swim with purpose to a tunnel of light. The positive glow resides in me. I will be hindered no more, as my purpose becomes a guiding hand. I bring all the goodness within my influence to achieve my goal.

I will keep my skills and talents sharp. I will add new skills to improve on my abilities. I am a valuable person today and strive to become even more of an asset to my chosen profession and my wish to serve God.

I take joy in surmounting the greatest difficulties in my life. I beat despair and conquer the darkness of hopelessness. I am the sturdy ship navigating the tumultuous waves towards safety on the shores of heaven.

My vision may be hazy but I know I will be able to see the way. I may stumble but shall never stray from the path. I have the certainty of His hands catching me if I fall and returning me to that correct path.

I have developed a sensible attitude about food. I see it as a way to keep myself healthy and strong. I enjoy meals and do not waste them. I select salads, whole grain foods and poultry in average-sized portions.  I take the time to enjoy my food, but, do not eat to the point of overindulgence.

I open my eyes and thoughts of love and happiness flood my mind. It is another beautiful day the Lord has given me. I use it to enjoy my own activities. I use it to reach out to someone who is mired in unhappiness. I try to lead him from his darkness to the light.

As I earn more wealth, I will retain my close relationship with God. I use honesty and dignity to amass my wealth. Not wealth, but God, shall always be my first master.

I soar to great heights as my spirit is lifted. My soul is like a weightless feather that floats as if suspended in time. I feel the bright rays of the sun. I feel the gentle wind at my back. I hear the rolling waves of the ocean. No barrier shall distort my goal. I walk in God’s grace and feel invincible.

I give good measure to others for I know it will be returned to me in the same manner. I honor my parents and respect my elders. This sets a good example for the youth I come in contact with.  I obey my leaders and treat them with courtesy. I respect my spouse and am thankful for the spirit of cooperation and harmony in  our home. This is the law that God wishes us to follow.

My life is a gift unfolding each day. I take care of it by nurturing the gift and keeping it healthy. I provide my body with nutritious food, proper exercise and adequate rest. I shield it from harm and protect it from the battering of elements of life. I focus on the beauties God has bestowed on me.

I am now so accustomed to my power affirmations that they have become a part of my daily ritual. I grow stronger as the result of positive living, confident that I will love God better each day. My sights are focused on positive thoughts, knowing that God is directing me to do those things that please Him. He will remove all barriers to my success and in the end, nothing is impossible because He is my light and my Savior. I dedicate all my achievements to Him.

I desire that my brothers be saved from the perils of the storm. I pray that thoughts of wealth and material gains are not the goal. Let their faith keep them safe from all harm as my faith keeps me. I am grateful for all my blessings.

I dream of success and when I awaken, I work diligently towards it. When each new day begins, I work diligently to achieve it.

Each day is a gift of living from God. I begin my day with appreciation that I can once more live through a glorious day in this universe.  I dedicate my day's work to my Lord. I will take note of all unfinished tasks and set to work on them. I will remember others as I perform my duties. I will invite them to share the good works and set tasks for them. I will explore other possibilities and consciously add them to my tasks. I rest only when the sun sets in the West. Then I shall rest and thank the Lord for a fruitful day.

I care for my physical being.  By making responsible choices to maintain good health. I nourish my body with good nutrition and adequate activity. I will not abuse my physical body, but rather protect my health to sustain a long life. I offer my existence to He who created me and surrender it only when He so desires.

My world is constant.  I have all the great things in life that I could possess.  I have modesty, health and a peaceful countenance.  I hope that these will never come to pass.  This, to You, I pray and give thanks.

I am adept at gracing our dinner table with a variety of healthy foods and serving them in an attractive setting. I create not only healthy bodies in our family, but also encourage a pleasant atmosphere in which we can share pleasant conversation along with our dinner.

When morning light breaks the darkness of the night, I will arise without hesitation to begin a day of work. I gain satisfaction from achievements I can make in my chosen profession. I am thankful to have work that gives me pleasure each day. I shall take pride in reaching the goals I set for myself. As the light of day fades, I find satisfaction in knowing I have done my best.

I am comely but that does not make me rich. I am intelligent but that does not make me rich. I am kind of heart and caring towards all my brethren. Those traits are among the greatest riches to be found on earth.

Each day is a gift of living from God. I begin my day with appreciation that I can once more live through a glorious day in this universe.  I dedicate my day's work to my Lord. I will take note of all unfinished tasks and set to work on them. I will remember others as I perform my duties. I will invite them to share the good works and set tasks for them. I will explore other possibilities and consciously add them to my tasks. I rest only when the sun sets in the West. Then I shall rest and thank the Lord for a fruitful day.

I feel empowered and strong when I commit myself to the Lord.  Nothing can stand in my way, as long as He is beside me.  Success is inevitable, no distractions will prosper.  I am bursting with the need to act and start doing things.

I will devote my spare time and my gold to make my aging mother's life comfortable. I shall bestow on her sufficient earthly goods to bring her comfort until the day she enters eternity. I do this out of my love for her.

I shall enjoy every minute of the time we have together now. I will not waste one minute wondering if I should have made other choices. I will not waste one minute thinking about what choices I will have to make tomorrow. I will grasp each hour we have today and wring all the joy that I can from each minute of it. I missed you during all the yesterdays and I may not have you all the tomorrows. We have each other now and cannot waste it.

I am revitalized by the grace of God as He touches my heart and soul. His voice directs me in pursuit of my dreams and great achievements. I struggle to shape a worthy future. My riches are family and friends. Each day dawning finds me eager to arise and begin working towards my salvation. Miracles are here on earth waiting to be enjoyed.

I will settle on a new kind of life. I am leaving the excessive lifestyle, the craftiness, the competition and the struggle for wealth accumulation. It is time to seek freedom from all the wrong choices I have made. I will not wait for tragedy to seek me before I tread the correct path to glory. I shall correct the misdeeds of the past and make myself accountable to Him. It is never too late to find myself in His mercy.

I shall be immune to the shadows of fear that threaten to overcome me. I shall go about accomplishing my intended tasks in spite of all obstacles. Nothing can keep me from the path that leads to my success. I do not walk that path alone, for the hand of God is there to guide me and He will dispel all fear.

I am completely satisfied with my inner and outer beauty. No matter what judgments people make, I am a beautiful creation of God with an unblemished soul that shines brightly with faith. I appreciate the beauty around me, in other people and in Mother Nature. Each individual fills a purpose in this life. I feel endowed with unique qualities and a loving heart.

I will make today much more than just an ordinary day. I will use today to rise up and take my future into my hands. I know there is a wealth of opportunities waiting for me to snatch up. I feel ambitious, strong, determined and powerful. I have the willpower to give up bad habits and to release negative thoughts. Today I will not walk, but I will run, run towards my goals!

I am adequately cloaked with wisdom and knowledge at this point.  I make awesome progress in pursuit of my objectives.  I let my mind command myself to the correct direction.  I just let myself flow and free my mind from worry.  I completely stay centered in my tasks accepting all the positive energies into my cells.

My vision may be hazy but I know I will be able to see the way. I may stumble but shall never stray from the path. I have the certainty of His hands catching me if I fall and returning me to that correct path.

I am surrounded by the mystery of life. I see miracles of life from the tiniest form. Perplexed I may be, but reverence for all things living is strong in me. I will continue to thank the Lord for my humble existence. It is awesome to be part of this glorious world.

I have been blest with a positive attitude, which affects everything I do in life. I know I will work assiduously at whatever task the Lord places in front of me. By doing so, I am assured of doing it with a high degree of skill. With the help of God, I manage each task, even those which are difficult. I never have a defeatist attitude no matter how challenging the situation.

I am a unique person with my own distinct personality. I am only similar to others in God's equation. I love being me.

I am confident that I can resist urgent demands made by others. It will free my time and my focus can be put to better use. By minimizing such disturbances, I will have more time to follow the dictates of my conscience and my God. I will delegate duties whenever possible and refuse inconsiderate demands for my time. I will place a higher value on myself and my time in a way that allows me to love myself and answer only to God.

I shall toil through the week and be rewarded for my labors. My compensation shall be great. All my thoughts will contribute to greater achievements. I garner all my strength to surpass the physical hardships. For what good is the desire if the flesh is weak? I ask the Lord to strengthen my spirit. Let me acquire the virtues I lack for I will apply them to success in glorifying God.

I am as the thoughts that I think. I shape my being on those things I desire, reflecting my dignity and faith. Nothing can deter me from seeking pure and kind thoughts.

I am capable of waiting patiently for those things I want and need desperately. I turn to God and acknowledge the fact that He has a plan for me. I continue doing the best I can. Miracles small and large do happen. Sometimes one happens for me and my patience is rewarded.

I am filled with God's grace for He provided me with insight to resolve divisive situations. I am granted the wisdom to restore harmony to any relationship. I am grateful for the courage to bring diplomacy to any   adverse situation. I take up this challenge with a strong spirit.

I cling tightly to the love of my Lord. Every day finds me more assured of a place by His side. I grow bolder as I follow the path of righteousness. I am eager to find the kingdom of eternal life. I express my faith by accomplishing the tasks designed for me. As I am tested, my endurance shall not weaken.

Today I recognize my part to play on this Earth. God wants me to spread His love so the world will be a better place. I shall not remain idle. I will venture out and improve my corner of the world. I am filled with the love of God and have the power to change lives and spread joy. I will make the lonely feel loved and bestow faith upon those who doubt. Nothing is too difficult when it is done to glorify God. I honor Him by performing charitable deeds and spreading His word among the multitudes.

All my words and actions are formed with my future in mind. Everything I do leads me to success. I speak and walk with confidence. It is rewarding to learn new things and put them into practice. I make the most of my God-given talents and use them to enrich my family and myself. I seek to be charitable when I see another in need. My creativity flows naturally. I shall know success wherever I go. Nothing is beyond my reach.

Wealth need not be an unattainable dream. I shall use my passion for my work to create prosperity. I shall handle my finances wisely. God gives resources I shall use to enrich myself and my loved ones. I shall not turn away from those in need, but use my riches to provide them with sustenance. I have a bright future to look forward to.