Yes, you are influential and powerful.  Much more so than you realize.  You hold the power to not just change your life, but also the lives of countless others worldwide

How you approach the world and your day makes a huge difference.  If you start off your day on a positive footing, you are more likely to roll over and bounce back quicker from any mishaps that may occur.

How you frame and view your world really matters.  Is the glass half full or half empty?

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Though I may become weary, I will not fall. I seek to prevail over the ordeals and trials that I face. I will not boast of success, but my resilience will prove that I will be hard to conquer.  The Lord will lift me up when I trip and carry me along when I despair. I am like a child with an innocence and total trust in Him. I know that when I am weak, He gives me strength, and I am content to repose in the warmth of His love.

I bask in the glow of confidence within me. My days of searching are over.  My heart is overjoyed in  Your presence. I shine with the flow of abundant laughter and exuberant joy.  I am now the person I needed to become, the engineer of my fate.

I feel right when I care for others. Doing my share and giving to others balances my own life. The void within me is filled with a sense of completeness and I am greatly fulfilled.

I vow to bring cheer and uplifting words into every encounter. If something is difficult, having a good attitude will help me to approach it in a way that will be helpful. A disagreeable attitude is not something that I will allow myself to have. If my opponent approached me with an attitude, I will counter it with my own smile and friendly words.

My subconscious mind goes out to meet the other person I am about to meet. My new friend’s mind is ready to accept my person even before we are introduced.

I am a good cook and use my culinary talents to keep myself and my family satisfied. I am mindful of calories and which foods promote good taste and good health. I enjoy gathering around the table and sharing conversation along with the meals I prepare. I include an occasional treat, such as cake and ice cream to celebrate a birthday. I know that we do not need a rich dessert after every meal.

The fog has been swept from my eyes. I will rise from the darkness to a bright and successful place. New memories will be vivid. I will work to heal old wounds and prevail over all disappointments.

I have the freedom to tread the path I choose in life. I can walk through the valley and stop to lie down in the green pasture. I am free to follow the steep road and climb to the pinnacle of the mountain. I am thankful to have the choice of following either way without censure.

When I talk with people, I concentrate on their ideas and respond easily. It is like enriching my own thoughts and gaining additional knowledge on some of my unexplored concepts.

I take the time out of my busy day to devote to others. I value other people in my life. I want to be an understanding friend when they have a problem. I want to assist them. I am open to listening to the stories of pain in other’s lives. It gives me satisfaction to help people with my loving nature. Putting another person before me is a truly selfless act and exactly what God expects of me.  These are gifts I give in the name of God.

I patiently explain everything there is to learn about the work I delegate to others. I give encouragement to each worker by making my presence felt whenever guidance is needed.

I acknowledge my limitations but do not let them keep me from my chosen path. I am strong and energetic enough to withstand the failures and continue on to success. The road to success is the only one I will follow.

I shall, with guidance from God, build tributes to His glory here on earth. I conceive of an idea, develop it and work diligently to carry it to fruition. Be it a church, a non-profit organization to serve the people or any other monument erected in His name, I shall achieve it with the approval and help of the Lord.

One of life’s beautiful miracles is a new baby, born healthy and sweet, with an innocent little face and the whole future spread out before him. I know that one day such a miracle will come into my life, bringing all the blessings and responsibilities that accompany parenthood.

In my hour of need I call for mercy, I call to mind my power affirmations. My restlessness is subdued and a feeling of peace settles upon me. I heed the prayers and I am given the answers.  Strength and relief surge through my veins. Such is the power of mind and faith.

I feel the song of life emanating from the depths of the earth. I listen to the melody and my heart fills with wonder. The abundant beauty that surrounds me is humbling and gratifying. My being is lulled into calmness. The love and respect of my family fills my heart to overflowing. Yours is the splendor of creation. I kneel in total rapture and reverence. Praise be to Thee oh Lord.

The sweet scent of the flowers and the music of the chirping birds enrich each day of my life. My fellow man will smile on me and I shall smile back. My happiness overflows. God’s plan for me brings me great joy. I gladly commit myself to be His humble servant. All my duties spring forth from the wishes of the Lord. My heart is full with the pleasure of being an instrument of His faith.

When things go wrong, I thrive because I turn the worst possible situation around into a positive one. God gives me constant confidence in myself. I release all self-doubt and anxiety from my thought process. My mind is completely dedicated to my future aspirations and to enjoying my day. All the people around me have faith in me, and I have faith in them. Today is a day to be remembered!

I renew my faith and perspective daily and strive towards being transformed into God’s image. I accept gladly whatever fate You wish upon me.

Life is filled with such promise. I awake each morning in happy anticipation. Vibrancy surrounds me and opportunities abound. I whisper a prayer of thanksgiving for all my blessings as each day enriches me and reinforces my love of life.

I love to walk in the rain for it nourishes the earth below my feet. I love to hear the talk of happy people around me for they fill the day with interesting thoughts. I love to embrace my family for they are very roots of my existence. Truly I am blest by all good things life has to offer.

Today I completely acknowledge my power to do anything I can possibly wish for. I focus on what I want and I visualize it, knowing that my mind can make it a reality. I am excited now about the future, and looking forward to spending it with my family. I am filled with joy and expectations, and I feel incredibly positive about the future. Tomorrow is filled with endless possibilities and surprises!

I can get complete rest every night.  My sleep is undisturbed and deeply restful. I wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

I am interested in and follow news about discoveries scientists make when
researching newly found plants for medicinal purposes. The rain forest
is where many of them grow. As the rain forest shrinks in size, there is
worry that some species may disappear before they can be used to save
human lives.

The business world is a complex place. Some are impatient at the thought of another’s success. I believe my ability to be a good team player has developed my leadership qualities. I strive to bring people together to facilitate success of the entire group. I do not need individualized recognition to know I have done well.

I hope for a fulfilling future. I not only hope, but, take action to prepare for it. I follow my dream of a rewarding job in a field I find interesting. My hopes include not only success in the workplace, but, to also have the good will of my fellow workers.

I raise myself to new heights of achievement. I toil though I ache. My labors are performed to create good in the world. In this I find fulfillment. I am on the right path and can become who I am meant to be. I will achieve all I plan. When I began to follow the right path, I was no one. Now, I shall become everything I hope to be.

Today I thank God for the gift of my child. I love and value my child as I love and value myself. I always take notice of what my child says and give him the same attention I would accord an adult. I take care of his needs for love, attention and nourishment. I feed his body with nourishing food and his soul with the word of God. I devote my time to his gentle discipline and instill good morals in his ways. I am his first teacher and endeavor to fulfill my responsibilities. I love my child with all my heart and show daily affection in many ways.

I am filled with awe at the unfolding of a new day. My heart is filled with anticipation for the glory and grace that awaits me. I am grateful for the rewards I receive. You shower blessings upon me and I am thankful. I love my life and shall live it to the fullest. I follow whatever path You wish me to take.

I look at the person I meet and try to find the goodness within him. Even in the worst circumstances, I hope to find a measure of worth in each individual.

Inside I feel contented and reassured that God has everything in control. He has set my path in life, which I am following step by step. I know my future is full of great prosperity and joy.  Knowing this, my mind is free to create the uplifting thoughts that I lovingly bestow upon others. I feel fully aligned with the universe and all the abundance it offers me.

I am not desperate in seeking my desires. I allow ambition to lead me in the right direction. I allow only good things to influence me and enjoy daily experiences, at the same time learning from them. Nothing will prevent me from enjoying this day for it is a gift from God. My progress is always in the right direction and shall lead me to the final success.

Mother Nature’s efforts are on display in each lush garden and each lovely butterfly that flits from flower to flower. She brings sunshine to nourish it every day. She sends gentle rains to help it bloom. I stand in the shadow of a tall tree and behold the beauty of all the land.

Although my eyes do not see and my ears do not hear, still my mind reveals to me what I know is hidden deep in my heart.

My destiny is what I make it.  I have decided to complete the journey I started out on.  Failure is not acceptable.  My ultimate triumph is written in my heart. My success is inevitable.  I shall leap over the barriers that block my path. I will become the person I wish to be.

There is a wide range of possibilities I can see in the recesses of my mind.  I am in full control of my thoughts, even if they are sometimes too deep to fathom.  I allow my consciousness to explore the realm of ideas, seeing them take shape in my imagination.   I will turn on the energy and rule my brain to follow my desires.  I am the master of the forces inside me.

I have attained the education needed to be a teacher and spend my work days surrounded by children. I face each day and each class with a smile on my face. I receive smiles in return. I feel confident that I’m doing something important with my life. Each time a child grasps a new concept I take great pride in knowing I taught it. My life is so happy and full.

I have the ability to talk to others about spiritual matters. I take pride in my knowledge of God and how to lead a chaste life. I derive satisfaction by sharing the truth with my fellow man and pointing him in the direction of enlightenment.

I will shun the thoughts on those days that doubt seeps in. The routine nature of daily life can become tedious. I do not allow those moments of clouded vision to mar my happiness. I refocus myself and return to service in God’s name. I turn to God to banish the doubts.

My appetite for exercise is replacing my appetite for unhealthy food. I am tirelessly building a strong muscular body. I banish the fat to be rid of it forever. My will to prevail is strong.

I give my body the right amount of good food and my mind the proper rest in sleep. I value the peaceful hours of sleep to resuscitate my weary brain. I wake up refreshed and ready to start another day of work. I sustain my healthy habits and go through life full of zest and vigor.

I am filled with awe at the unfolding of a new day. My heart is filled with anticipation for the glory and grace that awaits me. I am grateful for the rewards I receive. You shower blessings upon me and I am thankful. I love my life and shall live it to the fullest. I follow whatever path You wish me to take.

I am a worthy person who has financial abundance gained through my own hard work. I did not inherit my riches. I strive to be a success in my field and a hearty income follows hard work. I do not keep my monies selfishly to spend only on myself. Rather, I take excellent care of my family, providing for all their needs. I invest wisely and of the proceeds, give to worthy charitable organizations.

Each day I give thanks for the food that is my daily bread. It nourishes my body and keeps me strong. Each day I give thanks for my prayers and meditations. They nourish my soul and keep me strong. It is my body that is sustained by the fruits of nature. It is my soul that is sustained by the presence of God.

My inner strength gives power to everything I do. I feel totally confident and capable in everything I choose to try. I am not afraid to step up and be counted. Nothing in this world frightens me because I know my faith reaches up higher than anything in the physical world. God is always around to protect me and bring me reassurance. I feel completely confident and at ease with myself. I know there is nothing that can ruin my positive frame of mind!

I have a deep sense of gratitude for everything good in my life. I feel that my faith is rewarded each day. I appreciate the beauty this world holds. I am fortunate to have my family and wonderful friends. I am thankful for my blessings and return the love and understanding I receive from all those who enrich my life.

I have always been secured in the warmth of your unfailing love. I return this love with equal fervor. My love will not wither or fade in the face of misfortune when it surrounds us.

I turn my gaze to the East and am rewarded by the sunrise. I turn my gaze to the West and am restored by the sunset offering a full night of rest. My daily tasks reward me with satisfaction. My daily prayers and meditation restore my peace of mind. I embrace the goodness all around me and give thanks for its existence.

I shall suppress all unpleasant and stressful images that my mind conjures up to confuse me. I will focus on positive things.

I shall stay calm in the face of adversity and turmoil. I shall find humor and use it as a way to enjoy life. I will be strong and courageous for myself and others. I shall take great joy in navigating the earthly journey and take pleasure in the good things it offers. I will remain strong through difficult times. I will share my strength with others who are dealing with troubles of their own.